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The Perfect Las Vegas Christmas Party Theme

How to Host a Las Vegas Christmas Party

Throwing a Las Vegas Christmas party is sure to be a huge hit for all involved. Look, you do not need a bunch of strippers and free-flowing cash for a Vegas Christmas party to be great!

Today we are looking at some fantastic ideas for how you can throw the ultimate Vegas Christmas party that has the vibe of Sin City all over it!

Las Vegas Christmas Party

That Vegas Theme!

How do you pull off a Las Vegas Christmas Party theme? Well, here are a few ideas to turn any place be it your home, a place you’ve rented, or wherever into the ultimate Vegas party zone!

You can get really creative with a Vegas-themed party and that is a huge reason why more and more people are having a bit of Las Vegas with their Christmas parties these days.

Anything Goes In Vegas (Costumes and attire)

A huge part of the fun of having a themed Christmas party is dressing up for the occasion.

With a Vegas Christmas party, as much as a cop-out as this sounds, anything really does go!

You could dress up like Mike Tyson due to his role in The Hangover and all the Vegas prize fights he has had. You could dress up as a Santa-themed Vegas girl!

People are free to wear what they want for a Las Vegas Christmas party and that is a huge reason why it is such a great theme.

Perfect Las Vegas Dressing Up Ideas:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Mobster or Gangster
  • Gangster Babe
  • Las Vegas Showgirl
  • Queen of Hearts
  • James Bond (classic black tuxedo)
  • Little Black Dress (accessorize with plenty of bling)
  • Vegas Diva
  • Rock Star
  • Cocktail Waitress

The Décor For A Vegas Themed Party!

Well, at the end of the day it is still Christmas and even in Sin City, during the holidays there is a whole bunch of tacky Christmas decorations around. Heck, some places in Vegas take real pride in how tacky their decorations are.

With a Las Vegas Christmas party theme, you want to try and walk that fine line between Christmas and Vegas. So have things that relate to Vegas, fancy lights, gambling, and so on, but Saint Nick it up a bit.

  • Lots of Red, Black, Gold & Silver balloons, you can even get playing card-themed balloons.
  • Large dice, poker chips, fake money, gold coins. Gold and Silver candles and lots of bling.
  • If you have a roulette wheel, put some tinsel and lights on it and Bada Bing, Bada Boom it is a Christmas roulette wheel.
  • Maybe having some iconic movie posters from films that are about Vegas like The Hangover or Vegas Vacation. Perhaps some posters of famous fights and events and places that Vegas is known for would be a real hit too.

Stuff like this will really help people get more into the Vegas spirit.

If you want all the Las Vegas party decor in one go, then you can buy a complete set with all the stuff you need for a kick-ass Vegas party.

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Without music there’s no party, so hire a DJ or ask a family member or friend to play the DJ and keep the crowd entertained.

  • Let the guests ask requests (to give this a nice twist, let the guest pay a few bucks for a request and donate the money to a charity).
  • A load of fun is including a Karaoke competition. This is an absolute winner, especially after a few drinks. Make sure there are some tacky prizes for the winners!

Fun Games To Play At A Vegas Christmas Party

I am sure some people picture a Las Vegas Christmas party as nothing more than a whole lot of debauchery, like the bachelor party from the movie Very Bad Things!

Well, you can have a bit of Vegas with your Christmas party and not have it get so crazy that you end up on the run from the cops and the mob!

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Christmas Roulette

You can get a roulette wheel for next to nothing these days, seriously a quick look on Amazon and you can find them for under 20 bucks!

You just need to jazz it up with some tinsel, a decoration or two, and BAM, you have a Las Vegas Christmas roulette game.

To make this extra fun, you could use a piece of Christmas candy as the ball.

Be sure to have some fun prizes picked out for people who manage to get lucky. Something Vegas-themed like Christmas-themed poker chips would be fun.

The Christmas Prize Wheel

Ok, so this is a bit similar to the Christmas Roulette, but there is more room to tinker with things with a Christmas prize wheel. This is very fitting for our Las Vegas Christmas theme and you can buy a prize wheel on Amazon that is blank.

You can then write down prizes or even better, dares that people have to do! They could win a chocolate bar, have to sing a song, pound down a shot, or do something else fun.

With this, you get to have a lot of fun as you think of what each spot on the wheel will offer.

Christmas In Vegas Movie Scene

This one can be a great deal of fun, especially after a few drinks!

The idea here is for people to split into groups and recreate a classic scene from a movie that is set in Las Vegas. The twist here is that they have to change the scene to make it relate to Christmas.

Granted, 99 percent of people are going to do The Hangover, but it is still fun to see what people can come up with.

A Las Vegas Card Table

Has home gambling become such a big thing that Amazon has literally everything you need to run your own casino from your home?

Thankfully, card tables are dirt cheap these days and well worth getting for your party. You cannot have a Las Vegas Christmas party and not have some kind of card game going on.

You do not want the hassle of having to chase people down when they owe you money! So, it is best to keep this fun and have people gamble with chocolate coins or fake money.

Give each player a handful of chocolate coins or something like that and host fun blackjack or poker games. Using a Christmas-themed card deck can also help add to the holiday fun.

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What Food To Serve At Your Vegas Christmas Party?

Good Eating, Vegas Style

A huge make or break for a party is the food. Thankfully with this Las Vegas Christmas party theme that we have going on, sorting the food is easy.

That Extra Bit Of Service

So, this is a bit hard to pull off, but if you can it could make your party pull of the Vegas theme even better. In A Las Vegas casino, the last thing they want is people to stop gambling, that is why there are always people walking around with trays of drinks and finger food.

If you could even do a few rounds yourself with a tray offering drinks and snacks it would go a long way to get people into that Vegas spirit.

This is especially true when they are taking part in one of the games that you have organized.

  • If you are feeling pretty flush with cash, you could even hire some people to wait on your guests and dress up like they were working on a Vegas casino floor!

Of course, that is a little extreme, but if you can pull it off, more power to you!

Finger Licking Good

Nope, we are not suggesting that you cater your Las Vegas Christmas party from KFC… although that would be pretty awesome.

A huge part of the Vegas experience in a casino or at a show is all the little finger foods that you get to nibble on.

  • Stuff like mini hotdogs, meatballs, tiny burgers, spicy chicken wings, crab cakes, and so on are sure to be a winner.

Even if you are not personally serving these up, having a few trays around with stuff like this on them is sure to be a big hit. Plus, food like this is usually very easy to prepare.

Ain’t No Buffet Like A Vegas Buffet!

While having finger foods around the place is great, you may want to go in another direction when it comes to the more “main” food that you will be serving at your Vegas Christmas party.

Many places in Vegas from the hotels, the casinos, and even the strip clubs love to brag about their buffets!

You can serve food up in big trays and call it a Vegas buffet. This way people can pick up a plate and help themselves.

As far as what to serve to keep with our Las Vegas Christmas party theme, you cannot go wrong with the classics.

  • Ribs and steaks are firm favorites at a Vegas buffet, but this can be a bit of a pain to prepare in all honesty.
  • If you want to splash out and really go over the top, then think Lobster & Crab. What the heck, now we’re on a roll, bring in the Caviar too!. Add some Russian Vodka shots and Champagne, Viva Las Vegas Baby!

If you can afford it then hiring a caterer, or asking a good friend to help prepare the food could also work out great.

  • Food like pizza, grilled chicken, shrimp, sausages, meatballs, fries, baked potatoes, potato salad, and so on also are classics that you can find in the majority of Las Vegas buffets.
  • Add a couple of salads, olives, a cheese platter, nice bread, and plenty of dips as well.
  • Easy desserts are ice cream with gold and silver sprinkles for that Vegas Christmas feeling and Vegas-themed cheesecake. Don’t forget to use sparklers to give it a bit more festive Vegas zing!

Having these is sure to be a winner, again dress it all up with a nice bit of holiday theming to keep people in the Holiday mood.

Having A Few Cold Ones

This is a Vegas party so you need to make sure that the drinks are always flowing.

When it comes to what kind of drinks to serve at a Las Vegas party, you can get away with offering what you want.

  • Beer, cocktails, martinis, harder liquor, it is all fair game in Vegas baby.

Don’t forget the bubbly!

Las Vegas Christmas Party

  •  I can’t think of a more festive Vegas/Christmas drink than a nice glass of bubbly. If money is no object then you can go for French Champagne, if it is then there are some pretty awesome American sparkling wines as well.
  • Making this even more spectacular, is building a Champagne tower out of Champagne glasses. This is truly awesome, totally over the top, and Vegas at its best!

The way you can give it a Christmas twist is with how you present it.

  • Use Christmas-themed glasses, they even have disposable plastic glasses with colorful LEDs. Something as basic as a keg with a bunch of tinsel and Christmas lights wrapped around it can also be a winner.
  • Many companies will have special Christmas-themed packaging or even Christmas flavors of beer and spirits during the holidays.

Be Sure To Cater For The Designated Drivers

While it may be tempting to go nuts on alcohol when you are organizing your Vegas Christmas party. Be sure to remember that there will be people who cannot drink as they are driving and also those who just do not want to drink alcohol.

  • Make sure you are also stocked with soda, flavored waters, juices, non-alcoholic beers & wine, and other types of drinks. You can even get zero alcohol sparkling wine to make a real festive drink.
  • During the holidays, many soda companies have Christmas-themed soda cans so that can be a great help in keeping things merry for the party guests.
  • If you have your own bartender then you could also make awesome non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) these look absolutely festive and bring a ton of non-alcoholic Vegas Christmas cheer.

Wrapping Up Your Vegas Christmas Party!

One of the best things about throwing a Las Vegas Christmas party is that it is so loose in terms of what is “Vegas” that you can really get creative with what you do.

While you will be focused on everyone having fun, make sure people are leaving the party safely.

It goes without saying, but drinking and driving is a no, no!

To help, you could try and organize carpools with people who are not drinking. You could even offer to call an Uber for people if they have had a few more than they intended to.

Oh, there is one last thing, one last very important thing that you need to know about hosting a Vegas Christmas party.

What happens at a Las Vegas Christmas party, stays at a Las Vegas Christmas party…. Unless it is hilarious, then feel free to tell anyone that will listen.

Happy holidays folks, have fun, and stay safe!

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