15+ Grinch Christmas Party Ideas

Host a Grinch Christmas Party

Today we are having some fun looking at how you can throw a Grinch Christmas party. From the classic 1966 animated special, the Ron Howard, Jim Carrey led live action spectacular, and the recent Illumination computer-animated movie, The Grinch is a true Christmas icon!

Here are some great ideas for you guys to make your Christmas party this year a little bit more “green”.

Grinch Christmas Party Movie Night

Creating Your Own Whoville

If you want to make sure your home is ready for your little Who-like guests, we have some fun Grinch Christmas party ideas to make sure your guests know exactly what the theme you are going for is.

Never Too Many Grinches!

You are bound to have more than a few buddies who want to dress up as The Grinch. The Grinch is actually a real favorite when it comes to costumes so it is not all that difficult to get one.

If you do end up having a few friends all wanting to dress up as The Grinch, just let them do it. Having a few people in the same costume is never a bad thing and it is sure to make people laugh.

Anyone who manages to dress up like a Who by the way deserves major cool points!

A Golden Age Of Grinch Apparel

You get way more Grinch clothing these days than you have ever done before. Christmas shirts, sweaters, jumpers, and so on are all readily available online and at most stores during the run up to the holidays.

So, when you tell your friends that you are throwing a Grinch Christmas party and they ask what they should wear. You can tell them they can wear what they want, but if they do want to embrace the theme, there are plenty of options when it comes to Grinch stuff for them to wear.

Make sure people know that this is not some kind of requirement to be granted entry to your party that way it keeps it fun and stops people from feeling pressured into dressing up.

Grinch Signs On The Wall

Grinch Quote

One fun way you can bring a bit of the spirit of the movies, book and TV special to your party is with the classic place signs. Have arrows with Mt. Grumpit, Whoville, and Grinch’s Lair written on them.

You could actually have a few of these spread around the house to make things more fun. People who know the story well are sure to get a real kick out of this.

Having other pictures of The Grinch, Max, Cindy Lou and the other iconic characters around the house will give your Grinch Christmas party just that little extra.

The Grinch At The Door!

A fun way to make sure people know that this is a Grinch Christmas party is to have an inflatable or cutout of The Grinch at the door when people come in.

Not only will this put a smile on their face (even if their heart is two sizes too small) you can have some fun with this yourself. Have a giant speech bubble next to The Grinch and change it up with classic quotes from the story throughout the night.

Covering The House With Grinch Party Supplies

Some people might want to make their own decorations and if you have the time for that and the Who like spirit to do it, more power to you!

However, one of the best Grinch Christmas party ideas for you is to just jump online or head to Walmart and you are bound to find Grinch party supplies.

A quick look online and you will find a ton of Grinch party supplies. We are talking plates, decorations, table cloths, and more!  Best of all, most of this stuff is pretty affordable too so it is not going to cost you a great deal of money.

Play The Soundtrack

Between the TV special and the two movies, The Grinch has a great set of classic and original Christmas songs that are great for a party.

You can get different Grinch soundtracks on CD, but the easiest thing to do is just head to Spotify and play a Grinch playlist that covers the TV special as well as the two movies.

Not only are these great songs that are from the movie, but many of them are also classic Christmas songs in their own right.

Even The Grinch Liked To Have Fun – Grinch Party Games

Sure, at the start of the movie, the fun The Grinch liked to have was kind of mean-spirited, but he came around at the end! Here are a few fun Grinch Christmas party ideas that will keep your guests as entertained as The Who’s during a Christmas parade!

A Special Christmas Viewing

The easiest activity you can do when you decide to host a Grinch Christmas party is to screen the movie. Thankfully, you have three to pick from! You can watch the classic TV special, the live action movie or the computer animated one.

To be honest with you, people will probably be more into the TV special or the 2000 live-action movie, but you cannot go wrong with any of them. Heck, you could go full Who on them and decide to screen all three!

A Very Grinchy Christmas Quiz

When it comes to any kind of Christmas party theme, a quiz is always a winner when it comes to a fun activity.

You can of course have a quiz that is all about The Grinch but you may want to throw in some other non-Grinch related Christmas questions too as not everyone at your party will be a Grinch super fan!

Pin The Tail On Max

No matter what version of The Grinch we are talking about, we can all agree that Max is super adorable. Rather than pin the tail on the donkey, we are taking that classic party game and making it all about Max.

You could even change it up and have the game be something like put the hat on The Grinch. If it is the whole family playing this, you can just play it for fun. If it is an adult’s party, then you could make it so people need to have a drink if they miss!

Grinchy Bingo!

Take the classic party game that is bingo and make it all about The Grinch. One way to play bingo is to make it more of an event, Have the caller try and act like the Grinch, and instead of numbers, have a more Christmas themed.

You can actually buy Christmas bingo cards or even a full Christmas bingo set for next to no money at all!

Grinch Or Not?

This is a fun game that is perfect for a Grinch Christmas party! The idea here is that you write down a bunch of quotes from the book, TV special, and movies.

You also have to write down some made up stuff too that does sound like it could have been from one of the movies or the TV special.

You or someone else reads them out and people have to say if they are actually from The Grinch or if they are made up, you can have some real creative fun with this one!

A Banquet Fit For All The Who’s In Whoville!

What kind of food should you serve when you are having a party themed around The Grinch? Well, that is exactly what we are looking at here as you want to make sure that your guests are leaving with a smile on their face, a heart full of love, and a nice big belly full of tasty food!

The Main Dish

Hmm, with a theme like a Grinch Christmas party, you are not really bogged down by having to serve up a particular main dish and that can be a very good thing.

With this in mind, party foods that are easy for people to pick up and put on their own plate are the way to go. Stuff like pizza, hotdogs, mini burgers, and things of that style will be a winner here.

You could always Grinch it up a bit by having some Grinch themed table decorations around the food.

Grinch Cookies

Grinch Christmas Party Food

As the Who’s are all about the sweeter aspects of Christmas, you have to have some Grinch-themed cookies on the go.

Most of you who have come here looking for Grinch Christmas party ideas will no doubt already know that green is going to be a major theme of the part.

With that in mind, try and make sure you use as much green food coloring as possible when making your cookies. It is worth noting that you can get a cool Grinch cookie cutter set which would be perfect for your party cookies!

Grinch Cupcakes

These are probably the cheapest and easiest Grinch themed snacks that you can offer at your party. You can buy these Grinch-themed cupcake toppers from Amazon for like two bucks!

Add a bit of green food coloring to the frosting and you have some fun Grinch cupcakes.

Drinks For Your Grinch Christmas Party

Grinch Christmas Party Drinks

When it comes to what kind of drinks to serve up at your Grinch party, as cheesy as this sounds, anything green is a winner here. When it comes to sodas, stuff like Mountain Dew, Sprite, and 7Up all have that “green” about them which we associate with The Grinch.

If you are a bit more of a wannabee bartender, you can always try your hand at making your own Grinch themed cocktails.

One way to go about this is to theme your cocktails around lemon and lime Kool-Aid. You can then add in whatever alcohol you want.

Better yet, have a bug punch bowl (with a heart on it for that Grinch theming) and then have a selection of alcoholic beverages next to it so people can make their own punch.

Final Thoughts

We have had a lot of fun today sharing with you some fun ideas to make your Grinch Christmas party make even your grouchiest relative or friend’s heart grow!

When it comes to Christmas franchises, The Grinch is an absolute classic. One of the best things about it is the way that no matter if you are a fan of the original book, the 1966 TV special, the 2000 live-action movie, or the recent computer-animated movie.

There truly is a version of The Grinch of everyone, it is something that spans generations and that makes it a party theme that everyone can enjoy.

We wish all you Who’s (and even you Grinchy types) the merriest of Christmases and make sure that you stay warm, stay safe and make sure no one drinks and drives!

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