20+ Luau Christmas Party Ideas for a Tropical Christmas

Host a Luau Christmas Party – A Tropical Hawaiian Christmas Party Theme

If you have ever wanted to host a luau Christmas party you have come to the right place.

There is more to hosting a Luau Christmas party than just playing Mele Kalikimaka on a loop and spiking the Hawaiian Punch! We have some tips to help you pull this off as well as some fun party activities, food ideas, and more!

Tips To Get People In The Luau Spirit!

Here are a few ways that you can make sure people are in the island spirit and ready to have a good time as soon as they arrive.

Hawaiian Name Tags and Leis

Once people arrive at the party, give them leis and name tags that have their names translated into Hawaiian.

This is a fun way to get them in the Hawaiian Christmas party spirit and it is a fun conversation starter for everyone too.

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Playing Hawaiian Music

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Look, we all know Mele Kalikimaka by Bing Crosby is going to be played at least 50 times during the night! This is something that is probably legally required if you are hosting a Luau Christmas party!

Just make sure that you have Hawaiian-themed music playing during the entire night to keep people in the tropical spirit!

Hawaiian Christmas Party Decorations

There is no point in inviting people to a Luau Christmas party if you are just going to have the standard Christmas decorations! What is tropical about that?

Well, go all in with the decorations. We are talking about a banner that says Mele Kalikimaka, flowers all over the place, and if you can, give people their own flower leis as they come in the door.

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If everyone is rocking Hawaiian gear, it will get them more in the Hawaiian spirit.

You can get a whole bunch of Luau Christmas party theme gear on Amazon for pretty cheap so be sure to have a look.

Oh, do not forget to have the Hawaiian Christmas tunes playing for the entire duration of the party too!

Hawaiian Santa and Hula Menehune

If you are hosting a Hawaiian Christmas party you cannot have someone strolling around looking like old Saint Nick!

Did you know that Hawaii has its own version of Mr. and Mrs. Clause? To be honest they look way more fun.

Hawaiian Santa still has a beard and a red hat, but he is also rocking red shorts and flip-flops and you can have a Hawaiian shirt or have him go shirtless.

Huma Menehune on the other hand should have a green grass-style skirt, the top can be red, green, or white, a red Santa hat, and a red lei.

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Fun Games To Play During Your Luau Party

Here are a couple of fun game ideas that you can have your guests play. These are sure to get some laughs (especially after a few drinks) and help keep the party flowing and people having fun!

Makepono Gift Exchange

Ok, so first of all, Makepono means a bargain, but this is a fun way to make sure each gets at your Luau Christmas party gets a little gift to take home at the end of the night or to get left in the taxi cab that takes them home as they stumble out of it when they had too much Hawaiian punch.

The idea here is that you have everyone bring a little gift, it does not have to be expensive. Actually, the tackier the more fun something like this usually is.

It is usually a good idea for the person who put this Hawaiian Christmas party together to have a few gifts in case some folks forget.

Anyway, the idea is that the people dressed as Hawaiian Santa and Huma Menehune start dishing out the gifts!

People always love getting gifts, but the extra fun here is to try and encourage people to trade gifts!

Not only can this get a few people something they would actually want. It is also a fun way to keep people mingling as the party goes on.

Catching Candy Cane Game

The idea here is that you use candy canes, not those little mini ones, but full-size ones. You then give each player a candy cane and scatter the rest on the table.

Each person that is taking part puts their candy cane in their mouth and then has to use it to pick up the other candy canes.

After a few drinks, this is way harder than it sounds! Once they have a candy cane picked up, they have to drop it in a cup.

The player with the most candy canes in the cup wins!

Coconut Race

Remember the game Balloon Race that you would play when you were a kid? Well, the coconut race is the same idea, but with a tropical twist.

People who want to play have to race each other with a coconut between their legs.

This is a ton of fun, especially after a couple of drinks. If a person drops the coconut they are out!

To keep this in the theme of a Hawaiian Christmas party, you could dress the coconut up to make it a bit more festive.

Have a fun little prize for the person who is the winner.

Limbo! How Low Can You Go?

Luau Christmas Party Limbo Dancing

The ultimate Hawaiian party classic is limbo and just because this is a Christmas party doesn’t mean we should ignore it!

You can get a limbo stick for pretty cheap on Amazon and you can put some flowers on it to give it a bit more of a Hawaiian feel.

Limbo is always one of those games that are better brought out when people have had a few drinks!

Luau Christmas Party Food Ideas

When people come to a Luau Christmas party, they expect to be well-fed.

Truth be told, you cannot go wrong with the classics when it comes to party food, no matter if you are going for a Luau Christmas Party theme or something more traditional.

However, if you want to keep to the Hawaiian Christmas party theme, these are some traditional Hawaiian-style foods you can offer your guests.

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Mele Kalikimaka Punch

We are starting with a drink and this is the classic Hawaiian punch! Basically, you can get this from the store pretty much premade these days.

You can make your own if you prefer and then you can decide if you want to add a little bit of alcoholic spice to it of course.

Having a few different varieties of punch during a Luau Christmas party is actually a must.

Alcoholic Favorites

Luau Christmas Party Cocktails

Of course, a few varieties of Hawaiian punch are a must, but be sure to offer other tropical favorites as well.

Drinks like a Blue Hawaii, Mai Tais, and of course, Pina Coladas are sure to go down a real treat.

These are easy enough to make and more than likely someone at the party will fancy themselves as a bit of a bartender! Places like Walmart sell Pina Colada and Mai Tai mix so it is not hard to do.

Tropical Taste, But Alcohol-Free

Not everyone is going to want to be drinking alcohol so make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks too.

A fun way you can do this is by offering Hawaiian “mocktails.” These are your classic cocktails but without alcohol.

This can be a bit tricky to keep an eye on and some people might get confused as to what has alcohol in it and what doesn’t so try to keep them separate.

You also cannot go wrong with a non-alcoholic punch and classic tropical sodas.

Related: Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

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Luau Christmas Party Food

While having a few main dishes is great, people will want to be snacking throughout the party so having a good selection of snacks on the go is a must.

For this, think of classic tiki bars and the kind of appetizers they offer people.

We are talking Hawaiian pork sliders, coconut shrimp with a selection of dips and one that is sure to be a winner is bacon-wrapped pineapple bites!

For people with a sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with having some tropical cupcakes with a little bit of coconut shaving on the top or the ultimate classic, pineapple upside-down cake.

Main Courses

While you will no doubt have a bunch of snacks on the go for your guests at all times, you may want a few “main courses” for people too much on while they are partying.

You could just get a bunch of pizza and call it a day. However, if you want to make it a bit more “authentic” to your Hawaiian party theme, stuff like guava jelly meatballs and guava chicken would be a great offering.

Most parties will end up just having a ton of pizza as everyone loves pizza, right? Well, pineapple on a pizza could technically fit into our Hawaiian theme.

However, even though this is not “Hawaiian” you may still want to have a few basic pizzas on offer, so your guests have a bit of variety to choose from.

Final Thoughts On Hosting A Luau Christmas Party!

At the end of the day a party, no matter what theme it has should be about having fun with your friends and family. It can be easy to lose sight of that.

Just focus on having a good time and it will all fall into place.

Heck, if all else fails just play Mele Kalikimaka for the 104th time and people will cheer and have a big smile on their faces.

Also, having fun is great, but always make sure that your guests are taken care of and get home safely, so arrange designated drivers, and call cabs, so that there is no drunk driving!

It is better to offer someone to sleep on your couch than let them drive after having a few!

Have a wonderful Hawaiian Christmas Party – Mele Kalikimaka to you all!

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