Top 15 Fiber Optic Christmas Trees 2023 [UPDATED]

Fiber optic Christmas trees do not only look beautiful, but they’re also amazing time savers!

No stringing of lights, and some fiber optic trees even have ornaments, so you can just assemble and plug it in!

To make it easy on you, we have listed the best fiber-optic Christmas trees below. Now you can really enjoy the Holidays!

6ft Fiber Optic Tree with Star Topper

6ft Fiber Optic Tree with Star Topper


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This 6ft Fiber Optic Tree with Star Topper is perfect for adding some holiday cheer to your home.

With 150 lights with various functions, you can create a beautiful light show that will impress your guests.

The tree also comes with a stand, so you can easily set it up and take it down as needed.

7 ft Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Juegoal 7 ft Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Christmas Artificial Tree, with LED RGB Color Changing Led Lights, Snowflakes and Top Star, Festive Party Holiday Fake Multicolor Xmas Tree with Durable Metal Legs


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This 7 ft pre-lit fiber optic Christmas tree is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the holidays without all the hassle.

It comes with color-changing lights, snowflakes and a top star, so you can create a beautiful display in your home.

The 270 light tips and sturdy metal stand make it easy to set up and take down, so you can enjoy your holiday season stress-free.

6ft Fiber Optic Color-Changing Tree

6ft Fiber Optic Color-Changing Tree


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This towering fiber optic tree is pre-lit with 209 LED lights that change color, creating a dazzling display.

The PVC steel construction and 32″ wide base diameter make it sturdy and stable, while the UL-listed adapter provides peace of mind.

Whether you use it as a festive holiday decoration or a year-round focal point in your home, this eye-catching tree is sure to impress.

3ft White Fiber Optic Color-Changing Tree

3 FT Fiber Optic Christmas Tree,Small Pre-lit White Artificial Christmas Tree, Tabletop Xmas Tree with Color Change Lighting, 8 Lighting Modefor Xmas Holiday Winter Home Party Decor


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This white fiber optic tree features 8 lighting modes in blue and purple and is 3 feet tall. It includes a lighted star topper and a metal stand.

The tree is also available in 4-foot-tall size.

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree with Frosted Branches

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree with Frosted Branches


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We love this tree with its snowy branches. The fiber optic lights shine through it, which gives a shimmering magic effect.

The tree comes decorated with berries, pine cones, and a lighted star topper. You can add your own decorations if you like, but it looks pretty amazing on its own too!

5 ft. Ice Blue Christmas Tree with Fiber Optic Lights

5 ft. Ice Blue Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 280 LED Multi-Colored Lights


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This fiber optic tree comes in an ice blue color instead of the more usual green color. When lighted, it gives off an ethereal vibe that’s pretty magical too.

Features at a glance:

  • 5-foot Ice Blue Fir Tree with fiber optic LED lights.
  • Lights with functions.
  • 180 branch tips.
  • Includes a tree stand.

18-inch Thomas Kinkade Holiday Sparkle Tabletop Christmas Tree

Thomas Kinkade Holiday Sparkle Tabletop Fiber Optic Christmas Tree


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This tabletop fiber-optic Christmas tree features a Christmas village and a moving train with working lights at the base.

The houses are inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s detailed paintings and light up.

This illuminated tabletop Christmas tree plays a medley of 8 classic Christmas carols as the train moves.

36-inch Thomas Kinkade Rotating Fiber Optic Tree With Color-Changing Lights

Thomas Kinkade Rotating Fiber Optic Tree With Color-Changing Lights


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This tabletop Christmas tree rotates 360 degrees and comes with ornaments and an illuminated star topper.

  • 36-inch Fiber optic tabletop tree
  • Rotating base with Thomas Kinkade Christmas scenes.
  • Includes ornaments and a lighted star topper.

7ft Fiber Optic Christmas Tree with LED lights

Goplus 7ft Fiber Optic Christmas Tree, Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lights, 8 Lighting Modes, 280 Branch Tips, Foldable Metal Base, Xmas Full Tree for Office Home Decor


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This tree has fiber optic branch tips and white LED lights.

  • 7ft tall
  • 180 LED lights
  • Iron tree base
  • Lights can flash, blink, wave, steady, etc.
  • Lighted star topper
  • Easy setup

Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Holly Berries

Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Holly Berries


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We love the red/green holly berry lights on this tree! It’s 3 feet tall, so perfect for a hallway, small rooms, and the office desk!

Black Christmas Tree with Fiber Optic Lights

Black Christmas Tree with Fiber Optic Lights


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This black tree is really suitable for fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, thanks to the candy corn mimicking lights in white, orange, and yellow.

The tree features a height of 6 feet, 220 branches with color-changing lights with 8 functions.

A metal stand is included.

4ft Artificial Christmas Tree Fiber Optic Premium Spruce

Looking for a smaller fiber-optic tree? This one is 4ft and decorated with lighted snowflakes and a star tree topper.

Goplus 4FT Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree, with Multicolor Led Lights and Snowflakes


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This 4 ft. artificial Christmas Tree features color-changing fiber optic lights with a metal tree stand.


  • Spruce tree.
  • 135 branches with fiber optics
  • Metal Stand
  • Includes a Lighted Star Tree Topper.
  • Decorated with snowflakes.
  • Base diameter: 24 inch
  • Height: 4ft
  • Also available in 3ft.

Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Pine Tree [7ft]

7ft Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Pine Tree with 280 4-Color LED Lights, 8 Sequences, Foldable Stand, Green


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Beautiful tree that’s easy to assemble and comes with 8 light Sequences: Only Fiber Optic Lights, Steady LEDs, Party Lights 1, Party Lights 2, Dancing Lights 1, Dancing Lights 2, Twinkle, and Starry Night.


  • The tree is made of dense PVC needles providing it with a fresh-cut look that will last all season.
  • Comes with a sturdy iron base to provide the best support.
  • Features 280 LED lights placed throughout the tree in 4 different colors and can alternate between different sequences.
  • The tree comes packaged in 2 different sections allowing easy assembly and storage.
  • Great for indoor and limited outdoor use (not weather resistant)
  • Suitable for offices, apartments, or any room in a house!
  • Dimensions: 7ft (l) x 3.5ft (w)

24 Inch Fiber Optic Tabletop Christmas Tree

e Crafty Pre-lit Mini Christmas Tree, Tabletop Artificial Fiber Optic Christmas Trees with Gold Base -24 Inch …


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This small fiber optic tree is perfect if you’re looking for a tree to place in a small room, hallway, kids’ bedroom, or as an additional tree.

The beautiful gold metal base gives the tree a luxurious look and will look great in any home decor.

The lights on this tree are bright and beautiful and can be switched on at the base.

  • Height: 24 inches
  • Width: 14 inches
  • Gold base
  • Comes in one piece, just straighten the branches and switch it on

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7ft 2 Color Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Goplus 7ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree, Premium Optical Fiber Tree, 8 Lighting Modes with 2 Colors, Ideal for Xmas Indoor Decor


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This fiber optic tree comes with lights in 2 colors, cool white and warm yellow, that can display 8 lighting effects. The tree is 7 ft. tall and includes a metal tree stand.

Also available in 5 and 6 feet.

Fiber optic Christmas trees are the best way to decorate your home for the Holidays. They’re available in different heights, and for every budget, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you!

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