10 Best Pink Christmas Trees | Hot Holiday Trend!

Pink Christmas Trees are perfect for Holiday parties, teen bedrooms, and anyone who loves pink and loves to stand out. We’ve found a few fabulous pink Christmas trees that will instantly transform your decor and look spectacular!

Whether you’re looking for blush pink Christmas trees, hot pink, or vintage pink, you’re sure to find one here!

Best Pink Christmas Trees

Embrace your holiday spirit with our carefully curated list of the best pink Christmas trees.

These beautiful and unique trees are perfect for adding a touch of glamour and fun to your festive Holiday decor.

6ft Prelit Premium Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree

SHareconn 6ft Prelit Premium Artificial Hinged Christmas Tree with Remote Control,Timer,and 330 Warm White & Color LED Changing Lights,950 Branch Tips,Perfect Choice for Xmas Decoration,6 FT,Pink


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This 6ft Prelit Premium Pink Christmas Tree is an ideal choice for Christmas decorations with its 950 branch tips and 330 multi-colored lights pre-installed.

The tree is made of environmentally friendly PVC material that is durable and fireproof, and it comes with a remote control that allows you to choose from 23 timer choices, 5 levels of brightness, and 8 different lighting modes.

The tree is easy to assemble with its 3 hinged sections and foldable metal base


  • Comes with 950 branch tips and 330 multi-colored lights pre-installed
  • Lush apperance.
  • Easy to assemble with 3 hinged sections and a foldable metal base, and comes with a remote control for customization


  • Some customers have noted that the tips could be more secure
  • Some customers have noted that the lights could be brighter

4ft Pink Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree Set


4ft Pink Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree Set for Home, Office, Party Decoration w/ 300 Branch Tips and Stand, 120 White Lights, Christmas Balls Set


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Upgrade your holiday decorations with this eye-catching pink Christmas tree set, perfect for those who desire a unique and modern touch.


  • High-quality PVC material for durability
  • Perfect 4ft size for limited spaces
  • Includes a variety of tree decorations and lights


  • Not recommended for spacious room setups

This 4ft Pink Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree Set certainly breaks with tradition, offering a vibrant and modern alternative to the typical green Christmas tree.

Suitable for various home spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, this 4ft pink tree will create a warm and romantic holiday atmosphere wherever it is placed.

Its compact size makes it an ideal option for areas with limited space, allowing you to get creative with the setup.

Moreover, the tree set includes a luminous tree top star, a string of 100 LED lights, snowflakes, and Christmas balls in various colors and sizes.

These additional decorations provide an all-in-one solution for creating a festive environment without the hassle of buying separate ornaments.

7ft Pink Pre-Lit Pencil Christmas Tree

Goplus 7ft Pink Pre-Lit Pencil Christmas Tree, Snow Flocked Artificial Slim Tree with 800 Branch Tips, 300 LED Lights, 8 Lighting Modes, Life-Like Hinged Xmas Tree for Indoor Home Office Holiday Decor


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Consider this Goplus 7ft Pink Pre-Lit Pencil Christmas Tree for a unique and eye-catching holiday centerpiece.


  • Lush, vivid appearance with 800 branch tips
  • Pre-lit design with 8 lighting modes
  • Durable PVC leaves and sturdy base


  • Slim pencil design may not suit everyone
  • May require extra fluffing for a fuller look
  • Could take time to choose the perfect lighting mode

The Goplus 7ft Pink Pre-Lit Pencil Christmas Tree offers a vibrant and festive addition to any home for the holiday season.

The 800 dense branch tips create a lush, full-bodied appearance, enhanced by the pre-lit warm white LED lights that bring a cozy and joyful ambiance to the room.

The durable PVC leaves ensure a long-lasting tree that remains fire and crack-resistant, while the sturdy cross-shaped metal base provides stability and support.

The hinged structure allows for easy assembly and storage.

Despite its slim pencil design, this unique tree will undoubtedly make a statement in any room. The variety of 8 lighting modes allows you to customize the tree to your liking.

Keep in mind, that it may require some extra fluffing to achieve a fuller look, and choosing the perfect lighting mode might be time-consuming.

Apart from these, this Pink Pre-Lit Pencil Christmas Tree is sure to bring festive cheer and a touch of elegant style to your holiday decor.

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6.5 Foot Pre-Lit Rose Gold Tinsel Christmas Tree


Puleo International 6.5 Foot Pre-Lit Rose Gold Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree with 300 UL-Listed Clear Lights


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This gorgeous rose gold tinsel tree is perfect for those seeking a unique and eye-catching centerpiece for their Christmas decorations.


  • Beautiful rose gold color for a unique look
  • Pre-lit with 300 clear lights for convenience
  • Easy setup with hinged branches and included stand


  • May not appear as full as some other artificial trees
  • Color may appear more silver than rose gold under certain lighting

The 6.5-foot Pre-Lit Rose Gold Tinsel Christmas Tree is a stunning alternative to traditional green trees that will certainly make your holiday decor stand out.

With its eye-catching rose gold color and 300 pre-attached clear lights, this tree saves you the time and effort of stringing your own lights, allowing you to focus on enjoying the festive season.

Its easy setup process, featuring hinged branches and an included metal stand, ensures that your home will be ready for the holidays in no time.

This artificial tree is also flame-retardant, hypoallergenic, and resistant to needle-shedding, making it a safer and more practical alternative to a fresh-cut tree.

On the downside, some customers have found that the tree might not be as full as they had hoped, and the top section could have a small area without lights.

Additionally, the color might appear more silver than rose gold in certain lighting conditions.

Nonetheless, this Puleo International Christmas Tree is an excellent choice for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their holiday decorations.

6ft Pre-lit Pink Christmas Tree


Yaheetech 6ft Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Incandescent Warm White Lights, Snow Flocked Full Prelighted Xmas Tree with 820 Branch Tips, 250 Incandescent Lights & Foldable Stand, Pink


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This festive pink Christmas tree offers an attractive and unique option for your holiday decorating needs.


  • High-quality materials
  • Pre-lit with warm white lights
  • Easy assembly


  • Some fluffing may be required
  • Snowflocking may create a mess during assembly
  • Not suitable for heavy ornaments

This 6ft Pre-lit Pink Christmas Tree is a delightful twist on traditional green holiday trees, featuring high-quality PVC branches and a sturdy metal trunk and stand.

The bendable leaves ensure easy shaping to achieve your desired look, and the ample incandescent warm white lights provide a cozy, festive ambiance.

Assembly is a breeze, as the tree body is divided into three labeled sections, allowing for quick and easy insertion of each part.

There’s no need to add extra lights, as they come pre-fixed to the tree.

While the stand is easy to connect, you may need to spend some time fluffing the branches to achieve a full appearance.

One downside to this pink tree is the flocking snow, which can create a bit of a mess during assembly.

However, once the tree is set up, this shouldn’t be an ongoing issue.

Additionally, while the branches are fire-resistant and strong, they may not be ideal for supporting particularly heavy ornaments.

Overall, the Yaheetech 6ft Pre-lit Pink Christmas Tree is a charming and eye-catching alternative for those looking to make a statement with their holiday decor.

7.5ft. Full-Shaped Pink Christmas Tree with Lights

7.5ft. Full-Shaped Pink Christmas Tree with Lights


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This stunning full Pink Christmas tree features 1300 branch tips, providing you with ample space to hang your favorite ornaments and decorations.

With its vibrant pink color, it will be sure to make a statement in any indoor or outdoor setting.

The tree comes pre-lit with 300 warm lights, instantly bringing warmth and coziness to your home during the festive season.

Setting up this Christmas tree is a breeze thanks to its hinged branches that effortlessly unfold into place.

The sturdy metal stand ensures stability and durability, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful tree year after year.

Pink Fir Christmas Tree

Pink Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

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This bright pink Christmas tree comes in 2 sizes, with a foldable tree stand and unlit. For lights, we recommend using LED lights as these come with low-heat bulbs.

The tree has a full shape with lightly frosted branches.


  • Available in 6 and 7.5 feet.
  • Branch tips: 1,477 with hinged construction.
  • Includes collapsible metal tree stand.
  • Tree Family: fir
  • Unlit.
  • Comes in 3 sections.

Tabletop Pink Christmas Tree with Lights and Ornaments

20" Mini Pink Christmas Tree, Artificial Small Christmas Tree with Lights, Tabletop Christmas Tree with Star Treetop,Bow Gift Boxes and Ball Ornaments for DIY Christmas Decoration Gifts (Pink)


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This mini pink Christmas tree is great for a table, desk, or bedroom. The tree is pre-lit and is also decorated with mini-ornaments, ribbons, and a star topper.


  • 20 inches tall
  • Battery-powered LED lights
  • Decorated with ornaments, ribbons, and a star topper.

Blush Pink Christmas Tree

Blush Pink Christmas Tree

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This Christmas tree comes in a lighter shade of pink than the previous trees. It’s blush pink with peachy tones and it’s a color that will look really pretty with rose gold ornaments.

The tree is available in 2 sizes and comes without lights.


  • Available in 6ft with 617 branch tips and 7 ft. with 937 branch tips.
  • Unlit.
  • Made from new and non-flammable PVC, so no odors.
  • Includes an x-shaped iron Christmas tree stand.

Hot Pink Christmas Tree

Hot Pink Christmas Tree

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This hot pink instantly brightens up the room and will look great in a girl’s bedroom. It’s an unlit tree, which is available in 4 sizes including a tabletop size tree.


  • Available in 4, 5, 6, and 7 ft.
  • Unlit
  • Includes metal stand
  • Tree family: pine.

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Best Pink Christmas Trees


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