Best Toys & Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys

Top toys and gifts for 4 year old boys. Gifts that every 4 year old boy would love to get. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift a birthday gift or a toy for that special occasion, these gift ideas will be a sure hit.

Top Toys and Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys

Toy Story 4 New Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

With the Toy Story 4 Movie out now, a lot of new Toy Story 4 toys have hit the market that 4 year old boys love to get! We have listed our favorite picks below:

Toy Story 4 Adventure Pack

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A set of 4 Toy Story posable action figures including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Forky and a teeny tiny Officer Giggle McDimples riding on Bo’s shoulders.

A Carnival poster is included with this unique Toy Story set.

Kids Rocking Hammock

Kids Rocking Hammock

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This kids hammock is compact and lightweight enough to easily fit and move anywhere, indoors or out. The sturdy, curved frame allows kids to gently rock as they hang out in the durable cotton hammock.

Perfect for reading, lounging, playing games, napping and more.

Sheriff Woody Deluxe Pull-String Action Figure


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Also a brand new Toy Story 4 toy is this Sheriff Woody Deluxe Pull-String Action Figure. Pull Woody’s string at this back to get him to talk.

Woody comes with over 30 sayings such as “Hey Howdy Hey” and “Hello How Are You Doing” and “Let’s Saddle-up for Adventure. Yee-Hah!”

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Hq Rocket

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The PJ Masks moon adventure rocket is on the hot toys list and a great gift for a PJ Masks fan. This awesome rocket makes real rocket sounds and features cool lights, lower the ramp and use the space rover to explore the moon.

Comes with an exclusive Gekko figure and an exclusive moon rover vehicle.

PJ Masks Boy’s 12” Bicycle


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PJ Masks fans will love to ride this bycicle with removable training wheels.

The bike comes with a sturdy frame in blue, red green and the handlebar plate features the whole PJ Masks squad.

KidKraft Building Bricks Kids Activity Table

KidKraft Building Bricks Kids Activity Table

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A fun kids activity table that they can use make their own creations and store their LEGO and toys. The table comes with 3 storage bins and 200+ building bricks.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

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The Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck is also on the hot toy list and one of the best gifts for 4 year old boys who love Paw Patrol. This mighty fire truck has an extendable ladder, features lights and sounds and has real water cannons.

Gears, Gears Gears FlightGears

Gears, Gears Gears FlightGears | STEM Gift for 4 Year Old Boy
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Kids build critical thinking,fine motor and STEM skills as they create their own moving, flying machines with this 44-piece set’s propellers, wheels, and more.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Epic Lair Playset

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Epic Sewer Lair PlaysetCheck Price on Amazon

The largest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles play set ever, this comes packed with features kids will have hours of fun with!

It’s 43 inches tall and has 4 levels and 7 rooms for training, relaxing or taking out the bad guys.

Features include Splinter’s dojo, Raph’s weight training room, Leo’s rotating weapon storage rack, Mikey’s arcade, Donnie’s backpack storage, rotating skate board ramp, catapulting basketball hoop and much, much more!

Fishing Pole for Boys Age 4


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A great non-toy gift idea for a 4 year old boy is this fishing pole! Well, it’s a actually a complete fishing gear kit for kids ages 4-8!

It contains a 65 inch fishing rod, tackle box stocked with gear, a minnow net and a beginner’s guide all packed in a super handy carry case.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

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The Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs is the ultimate Dinopedia that makes a great gift for a 4 year old dino lover.

A fun book suited for kids 4 to 8, with beautiful illustrations and a ton of interesting dinosaur facts.

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck

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Here we have a true classic toy, it’s the Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck. This mighty truck is built like a tank and is guaranteed for life!

Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set

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This children’s desk and chair set is fully height adjustable and comes with tons of storage, a pencil case, a bookstand, two hooks and a desk lamp.

It’s perfect for playing, crafting, drawing or doing homework and comes in blue, grey and pink.

PJ MASKS Deluxe Headquarter Playset

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Another Holiday Toy List item is this PJ Masks Headquarter Playset that features 3 levels of fun!

Included is a control center, hanging rings, working elevator for all levels, wrap around vehicle ramp and more.

A Catboy car and figurine is included. Compatible with all PJ Masks 3″ figures and vehicles.

Pokémon Power Action Pikachu

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For a 4 year old Pokemon fan we have the power action Pikachu. This is a motion activated, interactive toy with cool light and sound effects that talks when you squeeze it. Pickachu can power up when you shake it and features a light up tail and cheeks.

Chewbacca Interactive Toy by Hasbro

Chewbacca Interactive Toy by Hasbro | Chewbacca raises his arms, roars, moves and talks Wookiee! #starwarstoys | Gifts for boys age 4 Check Price On Amazon


Kids and parents alike have been waiting for the Chewbacca Interactive Toy since the NY toy fair this year.

So what’s this all about? Well first off, it’s a Star Wars toy of our favorite Wookie Chewbacca. Second it’s interactive and talks Wookie when you speak to it!

It does more than that of course! Here’s a quick overview of the Chewbacca Interactive Doll features:

  • Over 100 sounds and motions
  • Raises his arms and roars
  • Fun facial expressions
  • Responds in Wookiee when you speak to him
  • Cute sounds when you scratch his head
  • Much more

No doubt kids age 4 and up want this toy for Christmas this year, so make sure you get it before it’s gone!

Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Truck Ride On Toy

Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Truck Ride On Toy | Gift and Toys for Boys Age 4

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A Paw Patrol ride on toy that will thrill every 4 year old fireman in training! He can now ride around in his own Marshall’s fire truck and put out fires.

A hose, helmet and shovel is included. The ride on toy can make speeds of 2.5 mph and comes with a rechargeable 6v battery and wall plug.

LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box

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Kids can explore their creative side with this LEGO classic creative brick box. The box contains 484 pieces including a selection of wheels, windows, base plates and more!

The LEGO classic creative brick box comes with building ideas, but kids can build their own creations using their imagination.

Fryin Flyin Donuts Game

Maya Games Fryin Flyin Donuts

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A new and already very popular game this year is the Fryin Flyin Donuts Game.It looks pretty easy: Pick your ring color, throw the donuts in the frying pan and the first player to fry all his 4 donuts and fill the baker box wins.

But looks can be deceiving, because these donuts twirl and swirl in all silly kind of ways. Featured on NBC’s Today as a Hot Christmas Toy!

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 2-in-1 Tee Ball

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 2-in-1 Tee Ball that grows with your child - Includes height-adjustable tee, removable bat guide, bat, ball and base for storage. For kids ages 2-5

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With child obesity rates soaring, getting kids to be more active is a must. If your little one is interested in base ball the Fisher-Price Grow-To-Pro 2 in 1 Tee Ball will be a great start.

A bat guide is included, so kids will learn the basics, which will help promote their confidence. The tee is sturdy and height adjustable, so it will grow with your child.

Recommended for kids age 2-5

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

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The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy is the perfect fun, educational and interactive toy for children aged 3 to 6 (the seat and handlebars are adjustable). Fisher-Price have really outdone themselves with this as a child will have to peddle and steer to take part in the interactive fun.

This is like a kids exercise bike with three modes of play, Racing, Driving, and Gaming. They will need to race against cute characters, collect letters and make words, play games and take part in all kinds of fun, educational and challenging activities that will give them a mental workout too!

You easily connect the Smart Cycle to a tablet (there is a stand included) or to your  smart TV as long as it’s Bluetooth enabled or you have a Bluetooth device like a Fire TV Stick.

Once connected your child can see the characters they are racing against and the things they need to collect as they drive through the forest, sea side, town and much more exciting fun locations.

If you are looking for something that is fun, educational and going is going to get your child moving, this is the perfect gift for you.

Read our full Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Review Here.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi

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It can be hard to know what is the right smart interactive robot toy for your child, but at around 50 bucks, you cannot go wrong with the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi. Your child is going to fall in love with this guy the moment they see him! Movi has a ton of different facial expressions (over 60) and a variety of different colors so it looks like he is alive.

He can move all over the house thanks to his high tech wheels and he’s easy for your child to use. The cute bright objects on his head are actually buttons and these and the three on his chest are the only buttons your kid needs to play with him.

Movi is here to get your child to think about the world that is all around them, recognize shapes, learn how to follow instructions and in general just have a lot of fun while they are learning. With 3 different play modes and 6 different games for your child to play, they are never going to get bored of running around the house playing with Movi.

Read our full Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi Review Here.

Little Tikes My First Drone

Little Tikes My First Drone

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  • The Little Tikes My First Drone is a cool first drone for children aged two to five
  • Easy to fly, flying, turning & landing all by one touch control
  • Automatic hover function
  • Child safe propellers with safety guards and auto shut off
  • LED lights and cool sounds
  • Quick charge via the remote control

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin

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Say hi to Teddy Ruxpin! One of the toys of the 2017 ToyInsider hot toys list. Teddy Ruxpin is a smart, cuddly, educational and innovative toy. He features full color LDC eyes that can do over 40 different animations.

When Teddy talks or sings his animatronic lips move like he’s alive. Your child can control him by high tech touch sensors, he can tell cool kids stories and even has a sing a long mode.

Teddy Ruxpin has 2 play modes one with the free app and the other without the app. Teddy doesn’t need Wifi to be played with and can connect to a smart device using Bluetooth.

Musical Instruments For Boys

One of the make happy gifts for 4 year old boys as music brings happiness and joy. These musical instruments for kids are a great introduction to music. It’s a fun way of learning how to play a musical instrument.

Let’s Rock & Roll! (Click image for more info

Dinosaur Toys For Boys

Boys, dinosaurs, superheroes and fire trucks they were made for each other. Boys love anything dinosaur so you bet that any of these toys will be a total hit.

Outdoor Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

Great gifts for 4 year old boys that promote physical activities. Kids spend far too much time indoors playing games or watching TV. This inactive lifestyle is one of the main causes of a growing obesity problem among young people.

These cool outdoor toys will help children stay fit, active and healthy. A wonderful gift idea for any kid if I may say so.

Bikes For 4 Year Old Boys

Extra cool learning bikes for 4 year old boys. Bikes that will make them the coolest biker dudes in the neighborhood. All quality BMX freestyle bikes that come in cool colors.

Games For 4 Year Old Boys

Fun and educational games that are chosen by the visitors of our site as the top games for 4 year old boys. Playing games is a great opportunity to spend some quality family time together.

Paw Patrol Toys

These awesome Paw Patrol toys will make much welcomed gifts for the true Paw Patrol fans.

Are you ready for a ruff ruff rescue?

Art Sets For Boys

Art sets are fantastic creative gifts for 4 year old boys. From mega coloring and painting sets to an all in one kids easel. Just take your pick!

Christmas Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys

More gift ideas as you never can have enough of them. From a kids smartwatch, my first science set to a cool 3D glow in the dark solar system, these are all toys that make lovely Christmas gifts for 4 year old boys.

Ride On Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

Which 4 year old boy wouldn’t love to get one of these ultra cool ride on toys? Epic ride on toys that are the ultimate fun rides for 4 year old boys. No doubt about it!

Toy Trucks For Boys

This is a gift that never fails to impress, as boys love toy trucks. It’s as simple as that! Buy a boy a truck and he’ll start playing with it straight away. Call it the magical bond between boy and truck!

Science Sets For 4 Year Old Boys

The gift of knowledge where kids learn about science by doing all kinds of cool experiments. Specially developed science kits that are fun and inspiring for young boys and girls.

More Gift Ideas for Boys

Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys - Awesome gifts for boys age 4


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