Best Gag Gifts For Christmas

Are you looking for the best gag gifts for Christmas then look no further! We’ve selected a number of epic Christmas gag gifts that will make them all ROFL.

Toilet Timer

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Great gift for a Poo Crastinator! This toilet timer features an hourglass that runs out after 5 minutes for a not so subtle hint!

A Hole Paperweight

A Hole Paperweight

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This paper weight is the perfect way to poke a little fun at that pain in the A.. friend or co-worker. Just make sure they take it in good humor.

F Bomb Paperweight

F Bomb Paperweight

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Another paper weight that is sure to be the topic of many conversations in the office!

Christmas Tree Beard Kit

Christmas Tree Beard Kit

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Nothing says “Christmas” like a beard dressed up like a Christmas tree. Well it’s way cooler than an ugly Christmas sweater!

Mobile Phone Jail Cell


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A great gag gift for the phone addict in your life: a phone jail cell!

Bacon, I Am Your Father T-shirt

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A fun t-shirt that will get people talking is one of the best white elephant gift ideas. This one says “Bacon, I am Your Father” , which is a reference to a Star Wars Darth Vader/Luke scene.

Donut Hole Mug


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This donut hole mug makes a great gift for a donut lover or a cop!

“I’m a Hopeless Ramen-Tic” Bowl

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Great white elephant gift for the ramen lover is this bowl with built-in resting place for chop sticks.

Half Pint Glass


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A hilarious gift for a beer lover or that cheap friend who always wants to “split a beer”!

From the front, this looks like a normal glass of beer. From the side: not so much!

Pepperoni Pizza Sleeping Bag


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Living the pizza lifestyle in this novelty sleeping bag. Great when binge watching Netflix and eating pizza!

Dusting Slippers


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Yes, you can actually use these slippers to mop the floors!

Christmas Mistletoe Headband


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Wear this to an office party for some fun and kisses.

Prank Gift Boxes – Bathe and Brew

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Prank gift boxes are filled with ridiculous gifts — or so it appears!

The idea is that you put the REAL gift inside and let the recipient unpack while you sit back and watch their response on your “great gift”.

This is hilarious gift for the office or a coffee lover!

There are other prank gift boxes available. See them all here!

Potty Piano – Song Book Included

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This Potty Piano is a hilarious white elephant gift for Christmas, it even comes with a song book. Great gag gift for a piano or keyboard player.

Unicorn Squirrel Feeder


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Step 1: Fill feeder with food. Step 2: Hang the feeder using the string. Step 3: Grab camera, sit back and watch.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter


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A fun and practical gift for the pizza and/or bike lover is this bicycle pizza cutter made from stainless steel.

Giant Wine Bottle Glass – “I only have time for ONE glass of wine”

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The perfect gag gift for an avid wine drinker. The glass holds an entire bottle of wine and says “I only have time for ONE glass of wine”. There are 8 more to choose from.

Smell My Nuts Candle

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Always good for lots of laughter is this Smell My Nuts candle which smells of Banana Nut Bread, Toasted Coconut and Hazelnut.

The Gnominator Garden Gnome

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This Terminator inspired angry garden gnome will make a great Christmas gag gift for a movie lover or a gardener. The Gnominator is weatherproof and can be displayed both in and outdoors.

Crafting with Cat Hair

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Looking for a fun gift for a cat lover or crafter? This book has all kinds of cat fur crafts that can be made in under an hour.

I Pee in Pools Trucker Cap

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We dare you showing up in the gym or at a pool party wearing this hat.

Nice Underwear Doormat


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This doormat makes people smile as soon as they enter your front door.

No Trespassing Sign


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A funny sign for the home or garden is always a great gift. Here’s one to scare off any annoying sales people.

PROBABLY WHISKEY Enamel “Coffee” Mug


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A funny gift for a Whiskey drinker! This Probably Whiskey enamel coffee mug holds 16oz of your favorite drink.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety


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A smart and long researched psychological masterpiece on how to protect your cat from all the threats of modern society.

From gun safety to online predators this book will have the purrfect answer for that.

A great Christmas gag gift for the cat lover.

Sasquatch Soap in Tin


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A tin of soap for the camping or outdoorsy type or someone who likes to talk about Big Foot (or actually believes Big Foot exists).

Made from natural ingredients and essential oils.

Cookin with Coolio


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Finger lickin good recipes from Coolio the worlds first Ghetto Gourmet!

Eject Button Car Cigarette Lighter


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The Eject Button car cigarette lighter. When the nagging gets too much, sometimes desperate measures are needed.

Works perfectly as a cigarette lighter too!

The Prescription Coffee Mug


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This prescription coffee mug is a hilarious Christmas gag gift for a coffee lover.

Fifty Shades of Chicken

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A cook book full of really spicy chicken recipes!

Lightning Reaction Reloaded – The Shocking Game


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Lightning reaction reloaded is a hilarious party game. The idea behind this is to not get zapped when the suspenseful music ends.

Be the first to push the trigger button and you’re fine, be the last and you get a (completely safe) electric shock.

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game


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If you know an avid fisherman, then this potty fisher toilet fishing game will be a sure winner. The potty fisher comes with a bowl, fishing rod, mat and do not disturb sign.

Golden Toilet Coffee Mug


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The original ceramic toilet mug, a great gag gift for your coffee loving friends. Holds 12 ounces of coffee and is a great conversation starter as well!

Superman Socks with Cape


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The perfect gag gift for the guy who believes that kryptonite is the only thing that can harm him.

Got to love the little cape details!

Unicorn Farts Champagne Glass


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A funny champagne glass that says: “Those aren’t bubbles, they’re unicorn farts!”

Remote Control Fart Machine


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A state of the art remote control fart machine which features the latest boom box technology for 15 of the loudest farting sounds ever heard. This prank monster has a range of up to 100 feet!

Whoopee Cushion Self Inflating


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Whoopee cushions are fun for any office do, home or party venue. These self inflate and make a loud “poot” sound.

Comes in a box of 3.

Gag Gifts For Christmas

A selection of the best gag gifts for Christmas for those who enjoy a good laugh!. From cozy sexy festive undies for two an abusive gingerbread man to a farting reindeer. Gifts that will surely enhance the festive spirit!

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Gag Gifts For Men

Totally hilarious gag gifts for men with a sense of humor. Guys that appreciate a good laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously. These are all gag gifts they’ll remember for years to come.

Mullet on the Go Bobcat Mullet

Now this is not just a mullet….it’s a mullet you can style into a manbun or fancy curls. The ladies like it and will be over you like a bad rash.

Mullet on the Go - Bobcat Mullet

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Gag Gifts For Women

These are the very best gag gifts for women. If you need a gag gift for Christmas, a bridal shower an all girls party or any other occasion that calls for a funny gift then choose any of these. They will make a great impact for sure.

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Golf Gag Gifts

A couple of awesome golf gag gifts, which are guaranteed to put a big smile on the face of a golf player.

Exploding golf balls, Potty Putter Toilet Golf and an unputtable golf ball? You can’t go wrong with this!

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Kitchen Gag Gifts

Kitchen gag gifts are much loved gag gifts as most of us spend a lot of time in there. That’s why these funny gag gifts for Christmas would make a nice present for a Christmas party.

These are ideal gifts for someone you want to make smile!

Gag Book Gifts

Awesome gag book gifts that are totally insane. From cooking with master chef Coolio to dancing with cats, these books will all make hilarious reads.

Office Gag Gifts

The perfect office gag gifts for your colleagues at work and maybe for yourself as well.

Click image for more info.

Redneck Gag Gifts

Redneck gag gifts make the funniest gag gifts for Christmas. The redneck canned meat is my absolute favorite, this gift will make them ROFL laughing for sure!

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