Gifts For Young Men

This is a selection of some of the best gifts for young men. Finding gifts for young men can be a daunting task. What gifts do young men like? We asked ourselves the same question and didn’t know.

That’s why we decided to do an online survey to find out. Over 2500 young men did the survey and this is what came out. Enjoy!

Gifts For Young Men

Best Electric Razors For Men

A gift every young man loves to get. Three of the best electric razors for men on the market to guarantee a smooth shave everyday. Philips, Panasonic and Braun are the top brands when it comes to electric razors. You can’t go wrong buying one of these. The Braun even comes with a convenient clean and charge unit and the Philips Norelco comes with a 5 length trimmer attachment.

Best Laptop Bags For Men

It’s hard to imagine a world without laptops, young men need them wherever they go. College, university, the working place, leisure, you need your laptop and you want to keep it safe. That’s why we selected 6 of the best laptop bags for men. They are all cool & trendy and most of all quality laptop bags that make great gifts for young men.

Kitchen Essentials For Young Men

Going to college or having your own place is a big step in a young guys life. However this doesn’t mean the young man has to miss out on all the good stuff he was used to at home. Thanks to modern kitchen gadgets he can now make fresh coffee, delicious hot dogs and the best bacon & eggs breakfast sandwiches ever.

Best Wet Shaving Products

More and more young men love to shave the old fashioned way using a wet razor and shaving cream. It’s no surprise really as a wet shave feels fantastic and you’ll never get a closer shave.

The ritual of a wet shave is the perfect start to a new day. Benefits of a wet shave are: Almost no irritation and almost no ingrown hairs. And last but not least girls totally love a clean shaven man!

We selected some of the best wet shaving products for new wet shavers. The Viking Blade safety razor is one of the best wet razors on the market and the rest of their products are top quality as well.

Good tools are rule number one for a perfect wet shave!

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor

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Shave like a Viking! Here we have a razor for the manliest of 15 year old men! The VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor is a super sharp, but also very safe wet razor that has a really high end and cool look to it.

This is designed to give as close a shave as possible, but reduce the risk of nicks and cuts. It has a nice heavy handle so they have more control over their shave and it even comes with five blades so they’re going to get a ton of shaves out of this before you even have to think about replacing the blades.

It is being sold for a very reasonable price and it comes in a very nice looking box as well so it makes for a great extra gift.

The Best Shaving Soap

Another vital part of a perfect wet shave is the shaving soap you use. Cans are rubbish and will only irritate your skin because of the added chemicals.

What you need is a good additive free, natural shaving cream to make a rich and moisturizing lather. You apply the lather with a quality (preferably a badger hair) shaving brush and a hassle free shave with no irritation will be the result.

Fogless Shaving Mirror

The fogless shaving mirror is another wonderful invention, especially for the wet shaver. It can be a big pain when you have to shave with no visibility because the mirror is fogged up. Poor visibility can lead to missed spots or even worse cuts.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Now there is a shaving mirror that has a special coating which prevents it from fogging up. Amazing isn’t it a simple solution fixes an irritating problem!

Cool Car Accessories For Guys

One of the can’t go wrong gifts for young men are car accessories. Guys love their cars, if they could they would marry one. Cars mean freedom, girls and total coolness. You bet these cool car accessories for guys will be a total hit.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers – Best Gifts For Young Men

Another can’t go wrong gift, wireless Bluetooth speakers. One of the best gifts for young men who are music lovers. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you can always listen to your favorite music in absolute top sound quality.

Brands like Bose and Marshall are renowned for their high end speaker systems and superior sound quality. That Marshall speaker looks totally awesome and I would really love to have one.

Sports Game Tickets – Watch a NBA, NFL, MLB Game Live!

baseball tickets

One of the perfect gifts for young men! Nothing beats the thrill of watching a game live at the stadium. The atmosphere is almost surreal and unforgettable. No doubt that a ticket to a NFL, NBA or MLB game makes a great gift.

Finding the right ticket is easy, first select the kind of sport, second select the young men’s favorite team, then find a good opponent and book a ticket for a home or away game.

Find The Best Sports Tickets Here!

Fitness Watches For Men

One of the most popular gadgets and fitness gifts for young men are these cool fitness watches.  They make great gifts for sports, fitness and health minded young people. Fitness watches like the Garmin and the Fitbit can also track sleeping patterns. You might be surprised how active you are when you’re asleep!

Food Gifts For Men

Candy, hot nuts and snacks by the truckload! Delicious food gifts for young men who are always hungry. And that’s just about all of them!

Best Body Groomer For Men

A Body groomer for men is a versatile piece of grooming equipment. It is a gift that modern young men would love to get. The body groomer can shave, groom a beard, clip hair. Definitely one of the best gifts for young men!

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