Best Toys & Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys 2018

A list of top toys and gifts for 9 year old boys. The best Christmas gifts, epic birthday gifts, cool outdoor toys, the best Lego sets, science kits, drones, robots, Nerf guns and lots of other cool stuff every 9 year old boy would love to get.

All the gifts on this page were selected by 9 year old boys and their moms. We did an online survey to find out what kind of toys 9 year old boys like and what toys mom buys for them. Here are the results.

Kids Hover Ball Set with LED Light

Kids Hover Ball Set with LED Light - Toys and gifts for 9 year old boys #gifts



This hover ball game is fun for kids and keeps them active.You’ll get 2 goals and a LED lighted hover ball that hovers, floats and bounces around the room.  Don’t worry about your furniture, because the ball is covered in foam!

The game can be played indoors, so this is great for bad weather days.

LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit

LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit - 135 piece LEGO kit to create a fast, cool car with pullback action! Gifts for 9 year old boys



LEGO Technic building kits are great presents for 9 year old boys. It gives them a bit of challenge  and they’re building a fast car with pull back action.

This LEGO kit has 135 pieces and can be combined with the LEGO Technic BASH! 42073 building kit to create a Wack ‘n Bash combi car crash nodel!

Minion MiP Turbo Dave

Minion MiP Turbo Dave - Fun Balancing Robot ToyCheck Price On Amazon


If your child is obsessed with Minions well now they can have their very own with this fantastic Minion MiP Turbo Dave.

Dave is super adorable and Dave is actually pretty high tech, once connected to a smart device, he really does spring to life.

Your child can take full control of him, make him move around, use his fart blaster, learn STEM coding and give Dave a real personality. Which is made even better thanks to near 150 different sound effects.

If you child loves Minions and you want to get them something more than just a plush or a boring toy, this Minion MiP Turbo Dave is the way to go. Not only is Dave a lot of fun (and a sharp shooter with his Fart Blaster) he is also pretty educational as well.

Aura Drone With Glove Controller

Aura Drone with Glove ControllerCheck Price On Amazon


Wow that’s one cool drone! The Aura drone that can be flown by using its glove controller, yes your child can fly this drone by using their hands.

Flying a drone has never been easier and anyone can fly the Aura. High tech features like height & distance limiters, auto hover, auto take off and auto landing make flying it a total breeze. A security frame protects the drone and its propellers from bumps and mishaps and it can be flown both in and outdoors.

We’re sure that a kid will have tons fun doing epic stunts with the awesome Aura drone.

Lego Sets For 9 Year Old Boys

Lego is an evergreen toy and one of the best gifts for 9 year old boys. There are so many different cool Lego sets for 9 year old boys, the choice is sheer endless.

Lego Creative Toolbox

Lego Boost Creative ToolboxCheck Price On Amazon

Lego will never be the same again thanks to this awesome LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox set. Here your child is going to build five different things, but each one is interactive and in some cases feels like it has a mind of its own. This set is for children between age 7 and 12.

If your child has ever wanted their own robot friend well they can with this as Vernie The Robot and Frankie The Cat are two of the things they can build. Both of these are interactive and will feel just like a real robot!

The Guitar 4000 is for all rock stars from the future as it plays cool sounds and lets your child rock out. The Auto Builder is pretty crazy as your child builds it and then it can build small Lego sets. Last of all is the rover which is called the M.T.R 4, your child can send this all over the house on dangerous missions.

With the free downloadable app, the projects come to life in ways you just cannot imagine! This really is awesome and something any kid would be over the moon to get.


Books For 9 Year Old Boys

I was a little surprised, but 9 year old boys love to read. In the age of video games there’s still room for old school books. The books boys love are books that are exciting, funny or educational.

Books that are popular at the moment are Pokemon and Cook books for children. Both boys and girls love to cook which is really nice actually.

Cool Science Sets For Kids

Science sets for children are really popular, science kits teach kids about science in a playful way. By doing all kinds cool experiments they learn how things work and behave in science. These really are some of the best gifts for 9 year old boys.

Cool Beginner Drones For Kids

Drones are totally awesome! Kids love drones, dad loves drones, so a drone is an excellent way for the two to spend quality time together. All the drones selected here are beginner drones, they are easy to fly and great fun to play with.

Art Sets For Kids

An excellent gift for those rainy days when they can’t play outside. You don’t want them to spend all day staring at the TV screen so better let them stimulate their creativity.

These art sets for kids are really massive, they offer all the hardware needed for drawing, coloring and painting. Definitely one of the better gifts for 9 year old boys.

Toy Robots For Boys

Robots were high on the list of gifts for 9 year old boys. It’s not really a surprise as toy robots for for boys have come a long way. They are radio controlled and some of them like the Ozobot 2.0 can be programmed to perform certain tasks.

The Ozobot teaches young kids how to code and program in a fun way. It’s a really cool toy actually.

Outdoor Toys For Boys

It’s good for kids to play outdoors as many young children not nearly get enough physical activity. These cool outdoor toys for boys offer a good alternative to spending all day in front of the screen.

Nerf Guns And Accessories

Nerf guns make great gifts for 9 year old boys. As a matter of fact Nerf guns make great gifts for anybody as they are so much fun to play with. I’ve seen many dads enjoying a good Nerf gun battle with their kids.

Ride On Toys For Boys

These cool ride on toys for boys are another great way to stimulate a child to spend more time outdoors. Some of the top ride on toys are the Ezyroller which is a self propelled toy and the Razor Dune buggy which is an awesome battery powered ride.

Games For 9 Year Old Boys

Games are a great way to have some family fun time together. All the games featured here are games that 9 year old boys love to play. From Pie Face  to the special Monopoly Pokemon edition, these all make much loved gifts for 9 year old boys.

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Christmas Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

All the gifts presented on this page make wonderful Christmas gifts for 9 year old boys. However, we couldn’t resist adding these extra cool gifts to the list.

My personal favorites are the Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed Truck that can pull up to an amazing 200 pounds. The Celestron astronomical telescope also makes a fantastic gift for a young man with an interest in astronomy.

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Best Gifts for 9 year old boys - Here is a list of really popular gifts for 9 year old boys! These are the top toys, best presents for nine year old boys. #giftideas

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