Best Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys 2018

A cool collection of top gifts for 13 year old boys. What is a perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for a 13 year old boy?

The latest gaming accessories, sports gear, radio controlled toys. Let me think: Cool Lego sets, camping gear and anything that’s music related and needs to be plugged in.

This list was put together using the results of an online survey we did. We asked a group of 12/13 year old boys about their gift preferences, and this is what came out.

So here’s the selection of gifts for 13 year old boys.

Gifts for 13 year old boys

Cool Gaming Accessories

The hottest gaming accessories, cool wireless game controllers, gaming headsets and mechanical gaming keyboards.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Wii UCheck Price On Amazon

If you know a 13 year old boy who loves to play video games, then he’s going to love this HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset.

The first thing we have to mention is that this high quality headset is compatible with a PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and even the Wii U.

The Cloud Stinger gaming headset has a high quality microphone and the sound quality is fantastic. They can easily turn the volume up and down and with these on they really feel like they are in the game!

They are made with very soft memory foam that is super comfortable, even for the longest gaming sessions. Another plus is that these are made to be as lightweight as possible!

This is a gift that any 13 year old gamer is going to think is really cool.

Ultimate Gaming Computer Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming DeskCheck Price On Amazon

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is one of the most awesome looking and also practical ultimate gaming computer desks on the market right now. When it comes to gifts for 13 year old boys who are also gamers, you will struggle to top this.

This ultimate gaming computer desk is made from very strong steel and the kind of mesh design gives it a very cool industrial kind of look.

It can take a monitor that is around 27 inches and 40 pounds in weight. With speaker trays, storage for games, controllers, soda and a drawer for a whole bunch of knickknacks. This is a gaming desk that really does have all your kid’s bases covered.

The cool design and the fact it’s so strong makes this a great gift for any kid who loves to game, the price is amazing too, so it is going to give them many, many years of service.

Best Gaming Desk Chairs

Ergonomic Computer Gaming and Racing Chair by New Gaming

Ergonomic Computer Gaming and Racing Chair by New GamingCheck Price On Amazon

Here we have one of  the very best gaming desk chairs on the market right now! No matter if your gamer loves to play action games like Call Of Duty, MMO’s like League Of Legends or sports games, this epic gaming desk chair is going to make sure he can game in style and comfort.

It has a really smart design that makes it look like a racing car chair. The material is strong and easy to clean and the padding is nice and thick. So even after a three hour long gaming session, their butt will not be numb.

It can swivel 360 degrees and it can even recline back which is handy if they have been playing Call Of Duty for hours and pounding down the Pringles and Mountain Dew and need a nap!

This is a really cool gaming desk chair and you even have a choice of three colors, red, blue and white. For around 100 bucks, you cannot get a better gaming chair than this.

If your kid loves gaming, they will love this ergonomic gaming desk chair.

Best Portable Basketball Hoop System

One of the best gifts for 13 year old boys who love to play basketball. Fully designed for maximum fun and specially developed to fine tune a player’s technical skills.

Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Height Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop - The ultimate gift for basketball lovers!Check Price On Amazon

You really cannot go wrong with the Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System when it comes to gifts for 13 year old boys. This is just the best portable basketball hoop system for the backyard or the driveway.

The Pro Court portable basketball system is height adjustable so your child can have it at 7.5 feet if they are just getting started (or want to throw down some monster dunks!) and then it can easily be raised to 10 feet which is the right height for a basketball hoop.

With a large backboard and a solid steel rim this is a great way to encourage your kid to put down the controller and get outside to have some fun.

If you have a kid who loves basketball or sports in general, we are certain they will love this gift. Also it comes with a 5 year guarantee so you know that it is very high quality. This certainly is a gift that the whole family can enjoy!

Cool Games For Boys

Games are always a great gift. Games are an excellent way to spend some quality time with family and friends.

NFL Game Day Board Game

NFL Game Day Board GameCheck Price On Amazon

Next on our list of toys & gifts for 13 year old boys we have a game that most boys will love. The NFL Game Day game is a great way to get boys excited to play a board game. NFL Game Day is ideal for kids who love football and it does not matter what team they support as this game features all 32 NFL teams.

While based on football this is a strategy game where the idea is to get your team all the way down the field. You do this by developing a strategy, a strategy that involves offense cards, defense cards, a dice and some special cards as well.

This is the kind of game that looks like you need a Stephen Hawking style IQ to figure out, but it is surprisingly simple and even if you are not huge into football, you will still be able to have fun playing this with your kid. This is honestly a game your family will have a lot of fun with.

Hathaway Foosball Table

Hathaway Foosball TablesCheck Price On Amazon

You really cannot go wrong with foosball and when it comes to Hathaway Foosball Tables this is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen.

At 4 feet high it is the perfect size for not just them, but the whole family. The legs are super strong and will not buckle even when dad leans on it!  Steel rods with solid, but comfortable rubber grips control the players with real precision and when they score, the ball simply returns to the area behind the goal.

We are very impressed with how well made this is and the fancy graphics and awesome artwork on the pitch makes it look like something you would find in an arcade. This is not just fun for your 13 year old, but something cool the whole family can enjoy.

Best Star Wars Gifts For Boys

This is another gift that was high on the list. Star Wars is hot and there’s lots of cool stuff to be found. Like app controlled droids and almost life size action figures.

The cool Star Wars stuff on this page is just a tiny selection, we could easily have filled an entire page with Star Wars gifts. Maybe that’s a good idea for our next item.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth SpeakerCheck Price On Amazon

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker is the speaker you are looking for! Sorry we were trying our Jedi mind tricks on you.

Anyway this is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker that can connect to any kind of iOS or Android device. It is shaped like the Millennium Falcon and we really love how the actual speakers are made to look like they are part of the ship. This can pick up a device from as much as 30 feet away! Not only is the sound quality of this speaker very impressive but the back of it also lights up when it is in use.

Your kid can even use this as a speakerphone which we are sure they’ll find really cool. This is currently being sold at a very fair price so if you know a child or someone else who is a Star Wars fan they’ll go wilder than a Wookiee for this.

Awesome Outdoor Toys

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Check Price On Amazon

Electric scooters are totally cool gadgets and kids are so busy these days that they do not have time for a regular scooter! Well do not worry as the Razor E100 Electric Scooter is a low cost electric scooter that is actually pretty high quality.

To start with this goes up to 10 mph which is pretty fast for a scooter like this. Also the runtime of a single charge is around 40 minutes which again is pretty respectable for an electric scooter.

As teenage boys can be a little rough, they have made sure that this is quite robust as the frame is made from strong steel.

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K, Red

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K, RedCheck Price On Amazon

A fully motorized high precision Nerf gun with easy loading 100 rounds hopper. Yes this awesome Nerf Nemisis can fire 100 rounds without reloading!

Its motorized blaster fires rounds at a speed of a whopping 100 ft per second with amazing precision. This is a Nerf gun that’s specially designed for older kids and grownups. The Nerf Rival Nemesis is available in Red and Blue, so you can play in easy to recognize teams.

Best Beginner Electric Guitar Package

13 year old boys love music. 13 year old boys would love to make music and 13 year old boys would love to play the electric guitar. That’s why we selected the best electric guitar package for beginners.

Epiphone Les Paul Beginner Electric Guitar Package

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player PackageCheck Price On Amazon

If your 13 year old has dreams of becoming a rock star then the Epiphone Les Paul Beginner Electric Guitar Package is a great gift idea. With this best beginner electric guitar package they are getting everything they need to start their journey to selling out a 50 thousand seat stadium.

They get the gorgeous looking Les Paul Guitar, a great sounding amp, cables, shoulder strap, clip on tuner, carrying bag and it also allows them to download free guitar lessons which cover everything from heavy rock to country to smooth jazz!

This really is an awesome Christmas gift for a 13 year old boy and at just over 200 bucks this pack is an absolute steal as the guitar on its own is around $200! So you are getting an amp and a ton of extras with this beginner electric guitar package.

Even if your child already plays the guitar this would make for a fantastic upgrade, as well as something great for a first time rock star! You can pick between ebony, vintage sunburst and heritage cherry sunburst for the design and looks of the guitar.

Alesis Nitro Electronic Drums – Best Beginner Electronic Drum Set

Alesis Nitro Electronic DrumsCheck Price On Amazon

Getting your kid a drum set sounds like it may cause you many headaches. But we really do feel that the Alesis Nitro kit electronic drum set that can also be used with a headset is one of the best gifts for 13 year old boys.

This beginner electronic drum kit can do everything a regular drum set can, but it takes up a fraction of the space and thanks to the cool little computer it can teach your child how to play as well as let them perform all kinds of awesome special effects.

The Alesis Nitro drum kit has a snare, 4 toms and 4 cymbals as well. Your child is really going to be able to rock out like a rock star with this thing! While it can be just simply plugged into a speaker so they can play. They can also plug it into a computer and use all kinds of cool drum software with these drums.

Akai MIDI Keyboard Controller

Akai MIDI Keyboard ControllerCheck Price On Amazon

This is not a standard keyboard like we had back in the 80’s. The Akai is a composer, it lets you create your own awesome music and sounds. From Techno to House, Trance to all other electronic music genres the Akai can do it all. It has keys, but it also has drum pads and all kinds of other cool sound effects.

In fact this is a drum computer combined with a synthesizer that can be controlled via your computer. From here with the included software different sounds and effects can be loaded to the instrument. A huge part of the fun with this is just messing around with it and figuring out what all the different buttons do. Not just that, but also figuring out what you can make them do!

If your child has an interest in music or creating music then this will be an awesome gift that they’re really gonna like. The price is also very reasonable especially if you look at how much it offers.

It’s also a great way to inspire their creative side. Plus with the Akai Midi Keyboard Controller they can wear headphones every time they play it!

Christmas Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys

The best Christmas gifts for 13 year old boys. All the gifts above do make awesome Christmas gifts. However we  decided to put some absolute best sellers in to the mix.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Photo PrinterCheck Price On Amazon

Now here is something pretty cool and interesting. The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is something that is really fun.

The idea is that they connect their smartphone to this portable photo printer via Bluetooth. Then by using the free to download software they can print any photos they take with their phone.

This awesome compact printer requires no ink as it is all in the actual film! It is very high tech, but it works like a charm. Within a few seconds, your child has a fun little photo that they can stick anywhere they want!

It could not be any easier to use and it is so compact it can easily fit in their backpack. With the set, you get all you need to get started as it comes with 10 sheets of paper. You can buy bundles that come with extra paper which is worth thinking about if your child is going to blow through the 10 sheets that come with it.

Black, red and white are the colors that this can come in so pick one that you know will fit in with your kid’s style.

Jackery Bar Pocket Sized 6000mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger

Jackery Bar Pocket Sized 6000mAh Ultra Compact Portable ChargerCheck Price On Amazon

The Jackery Bar Pocket Sized 6000mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger is one of the better Christmas gifts for 13 year old boys as it will make sure their phone and tablet are always ready for action!

For the price, this compact sized portable charger packs a lot of juice. It can charge their phone three times and even something as powerful as an iPad once! It takes up next to no space which along with the very strong body and design, makes it ideal for being just tossed in their backpack.

This ultra compact portable charger has a USB connector for charging and even a little LED light so they can see where they need to plug their phone in the dark.

We think the orange color is cool, but it is also available in gold, silver, and black. This is something they are going to get a ton of use out of.

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger – 2 Pack

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX TaggerCheck Price On Amazon

Kids love to have Nerf wars, but one of the worst things is the picking up of all the Nerf darts! Even days after the war you find Nerf darts in all kinds of places over your house and yard.

Well the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack does away with the darts as they will be shooting lasers at each other. Not real lasers like you see in Star Trek. But infrared lasers that will cause lights, sounds and even vibrations to happen to the other player who is shot. Kids are going to just love these and as they are officially Nerf branded they will be willing to give them a real chance, even though they do not have the standard Nerf darts.

These guns require 6 AA batteries each and boy do these eat batteries! We recommend buying a few sets of rechargeable batteries so you always have a set on standby.

Adidas Stadium Team Backpack

Adidas Stadium Team Backpack Check Price On Amazon

When it comes to gifts for 13 year old boys that are cool, fashionable and also very practical. You really cannot go wrong with this Adidas Stadium Team Backpack.

With the Adidas logo front and center, your child is going to think this backpack looks very cool. It is made from very strong material and has a large main compartment. It also has a smaller front pocket right at the bottom and the sides of the backpack have two pockets which can come in handy for a water bottle.

There are 13 different colors you can choose from such as university red, bold blue, collegiate navy and team orange. This really is an awesome backpack and certainly something a 13 year old boy will really like.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat - A beanie hat with built in bleutooth speakers, so you can listen to music, take calls and keep your ears warm!Check Price On Amazon

This Bluetooth Beanie Hat is one of the better Christmas gift ideas for 13 year old boys. It looks very stylish and it’s is also very comfortable for them to wear.

Your kid is going to look really cool in this, but making them look awesome is not all this hat does. By the magic of Bluetooth, they can connect this to their phone, iPod, MP3 Player or whatever and then use the internal speakers to blast music right into their ears!

This even works as a speaker so they can talk hands free which is a great and practical feature of this Bluetooth beanie hat. The Bluetooth in this hat can pick up a signal from up to 30 feet away which is very impressive.

With 45 different designs and the fact you can throw it in the washing machine when it gets a little ripe, this Bluetooth beanie hat is one of the better gift ideas for 13 year old boys.

The Manual to Manhood

The Manual to ManhoodCheck Price On Amazon

We know that most 13 year old boys are “too cool” to read a book, but The Manual to Manhood is something that they are going to actually really like. This is a book that has some fantastic tips that will help any young man. Tips like, how to talk to girls, how to change a tire, cook a steak, throw a football, behave a traffic stop and many more great tips!

What we love about this book is that it can be taken two ways. One is that your child will read this and actually take some of these tips to heart which is great. The other is that they will read this book and just get a real good chuckle out of it. Many people swear by this book, but we think a big part of its charm is that you do not know if it is serious or if some of the tips are a little tongue in cheek!

In conclusion we hope to have given you some useful gift ideas for 13 year old boys.

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