Top Christmas Toys 2023 – Here Are The Toys Kids Want This Christmas!

What are the top Christmas toys for 2023? Every year the major retailers release their Holiday toy lists for Christmas, and every year these toys sell out…FAST, or their prices rise to insane amounts!

We got the scoop on the hottest Christmas toys this year and have listed them all below.

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Top Christmas Toys 2023 – Top Picks (So Far!)

We’re starting with the top picks for the must-have toys for this Christmas season. These are predicted to be on the kid’s wish list this year!

STAR WARS Chopper C1-10P Interactive Droid

STAR WARS Chatter Back Chopper, Ahsoka Animatronic Toys, 40+ Sound & Movement Combos, Interactive Toys for 4 Year Old Boys & Girls


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Featuring the iconic droid from the Ahsoka live-action series on Disney+, the STAR WARS Chatter Back Chopper is an engaging and interactive toy that delights kids with its over 40 sound and movement combinations.

With poseable arms and responsive features to background noises, this animatronic toy offers hours of imaginative play, making it a fantastic Christmas gift for children and Star Wars fans alike.

Ages: 4+

L.O.L. Surprise! Magic Flyers Flying Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise! Magic Flyers: Sweetie Fly- Hand Guided Flying Doll, Collectible Doll, Touch Bottle Unboxing, Great Gift for Girls Age 6+


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The L.O.L. Surprise! Magic Flyers are adorable and each flying doll has a unique look and set of fashionable wings that enable them to actually fly.

Your child will be excited to play with this interactive toy, as they guide it using just their hand under the Magic Flyer’s feet.

Ages: 4+

Batman Gotham City Guardian Playset


DC Comics, Batman, Gotham City Guardian Playset, 4-in-1 Transformation, Exclusive Batman Figure, Lights & 40+ Sounds, Kids Toy for Boys & Girls


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Batman Gotham City Guardian is a 4-in-1 Playset with 3 Batman vehicles and transforming Mech Batman.

It features 40+ sounds LED lights and an exclusive 4-inch Armored Batman action figure, perfectly fitting into the cockpit of the vehicles for even more fun.

The Batman Gotham City Guardian Playset is an excellent choice for fans of action figures and superheroes, providing hours of imaginative play and excitement.

Ages: 4+

Fisher-Price DC Batwheels Toy Car Race Track Playset


Fisher-Price DC Batwheels Toy Car Race Track Playset, Launch & Race Batcave with Lights & Sounds, Bam The Batmobile & Redbird Vehicles, Ages 3+ Years



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The Fisher-Price DC Batwheels Toy Car Race Track Playset offers a Batcave-styled playset with three floors of play, an elevator, and a Batcomputer, among other cool features.

With its bright lights and captivating sounds, it brings the excitement of racing and chasing to life for your child.

One of the highlights of this playset is the kid-controlled race and launch action. A lever lets children launch vehicles from the Batcave or send them racing down the spiral ramp.

Ages: 3+

VTech JotBot


VTech JotBot

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VTech JotBot is a fun and educational toy that will spark your child’s creativity while teaching problem-solving and coding skills.

It features 280+ drawing, problem-solving, and coding activities with drawing chips that are versatile and customizable with built-in designs and blank chips.

The numerous guided activities offered by the JotBot keep kids engaged and excited to learn as they solve mazes, draw the other half of pictures, connect the dots, and so much more.

Plus, the easy-to-use Guidebook provides your little artist with endless inspiration in the form of drawing codes that they can program into the JotBot for a customized and memorable experience.

Ages: 4+

Spidey and His Amazing Friends Webspinners Playset

Spidey and His Amazing Friends Hasbro Marvel Web-Spinners Web-Quarters, Kids Playset with Action Figure, Vehicle, and Accessories, Super Hero Toys, Ages 3 and Up


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The Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web-Spinners Web-Quarters is a large playset that stands 27 inches tall and includes various play areas on all sides.

The playset features a central spinning transformation chamber, a command center, a garage, and more, and comes with a 4-inch Spidey figure, a 7-inch vehicle, and 4 accessories.

With 50 sounds and phrases from the show, Spidey’s head’s eyes that light up, and its interactive features, this toy is sure to provide hours of imaginative and exciting play.

Ages: 3+

TMNT Mutant Mayhem Pizza Fire Delivery Van

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem Pizza Fire Delivery Van by Playmates Toys


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This Mutant Mayhem Pizza Fire Delivery Van is based on the hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem movie and features room for all four turtles and even Splinter.

The pizza launcher is motorized and adjustable, allowing up to 8 pizza pies to be fired at the baddies.

Collect all the TMNT Mutant Mayhem action figures and accessories from Playmates Toys to enhance the play experience.

LEGO DREAMZzz Fantastical Tree House

LEGO DREAMZzz Fantastical Tree House 71461 Features 3 Detailed Sections for The Heroes of The Dream World, Building Toy for Kids Ages 9+ with Big Imaginations


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Based on the hit new TV show, this building set features three detailed sections where the heroes of the dream world convene, along with a lookout tower and an epic swing.

With over 1,200 pieces and four mini-figures, this set offers endless hours of imaginative play for kids aged 9 and up.

Whether they’re building the tree house in party mode or defense mode, your kids will love exploring the world of LEGO DREAMZzz and becoming heroes in their own right.

Ages: 9+

Dog-E Interactive Robot Dog

Dog-E by MINTiD Interactive Robot Dog with Colorful LED Lights, 200+ Sounds & Reactions, App Connected (Ages 6+)


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Dog-E is an interactive robot dog with colorful LED lights, 200+ sounds and reactions, and app connectivity.

Through the minting process, the all-white Dog-E comes to life and reveals a unique combination of personality traits, so no two Dog-Es are ever the same.

Dog-E’s unique personality influences how it behaves and responds to your kids, and it can communicate with them using its tail.

The included app allows kids to track Dog-E’s needs, feed it, and even throw it a treat.

L.O.L. Surprise Mega Ball Magic

LOL Surprise Mega Ball Magic - 12 Collectible Dolls, 60+ Surprises, 170 Value, 4 Unboxing Experiences, Squish Sand, Bubbles, Gel Crush, Shell Smash, Mix/Match Fashions Limited Edition Gift, Girls 3+


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The L.O.L. Surprise Mega Ball Magic is a fun toy for kids aged 4 and up. With 4 new ways to unbox, including smashing, bubbling, crushing, and squishing, this toy provides hours of fun and surprises.

Kids can unbox 12 dolls, 12 outfits, and 33 mix-and-match accessories, with 60+ surprises and more L.O.L. Surprise balls than ever before.

Magic Mixies Moonlight Magic Crystal Ball

Magic Mixies Moonlight Edition Glow in The Dark Magical Crystal Ball with Interactive Pet. 80+ Reactions, Sounds, and Lights. Bundle Includes Two Bonus Mist Refill Vials and 2 Mini Cauldrons to Share


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With this magic crystal ball kids can create their own fortune-telling mixie. The mixie is an interactive pet with over 80+ lights, sounds, and reactions and it also glows in the dark.

The crystal ball lights up and can be used as a soothing night light for kids.

Ages: 5+

Elmo Slide Plush Interactive Toy

Sesame Street Elmo Slide Plush, Officially Licensed Kids Toys for Ages 2 Up, Gifts and Presents by Just Play



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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift that will get the whole family moving and grooving? Look no further than the Sesame Street Elmo Slide Plush!

This interactive toy features the beloved Elmo character singing and dancing to the catchy “Elmo Slide” song, encouraging kids to get up and dance along.

With two modes of play, including a fun game of “Elmo Says,” this bilingual toy is perfect for active, imaginative playtime.

Plus, it’s made with sustainable materials for a more eco-friendly option.

Ages: 2+

VTech Drill & Learn Workbench

VTech Drill & Learn Workbench


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This exciting toy workbench comes with a working drill, hammer, wrench, and more, allowing kids to engage in imaginative play while developing their fine motor skills.

With interactive buttons and a variety of songs and phrases, this toy is both educational and entertaining.

Ages: 3-6 years old

X-Shot Insanity Motorized Rage Fire Blaster

X-Shot Insanity Motorized Rage Fire by ZURU 72 Darts, Air Pocket Technology Darts, Dart Storage, Motorized Blasting Power, Auto Feeding Belt, Tripod & Scope, Outdoor Toy for Boys, Girls, Teens, Adults


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With its motorized blasting power, auto-feeding belt, and air pocket technology darts, this blaster is sure to provide endless hours of outdoor fun for boys, girls, teens, and adults alike.

Plus, with its tripod and scope accessories, as well as its modular dart storage units, this blaster is fully customizable to suit any battle scenario.

Combine the Motorized Rage Fire with other Insanity blasters to create the most EPIC blaster you have ever seen!

Ages: 8+

LEGO Star Wars A New Hope Yavin 4 Rebel Base

LEGO Star Wars A New Hope Yavin 4 Rebel Base 75365, Star Wars Playset Featuring a Command Room, Medal Ceremony Stage, Y-wing Starfighter, 12 Star Wars Figures and More, Fun Gift for Kids Ages 8 and Up


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With its highly detailed command room, pilot briefing room, medal ceremony stage, Y-wing starfighter, and 12 Star Wars figures, this playset is sure to transport any fan of the classic Star Wars saga to the iconic Yavin 4 Rebel Base.

Plus, with its 1,066 pieces and modular design, this LEGO set is perfect for building together with friends and family.

Enhance the creative experience with the LEGO Builder app, which has zoom and rotate viewing tools and lets you track progress and save sets.

Ages: 8+

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Playset

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage Playset with 2 Die-Cast Cars - Top Christmas Toys 2023


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With storage for up to 50 cars and thrilling racing and stunting challenges, this enormous toy garage is sure to inspire hours of imaginative play.

Plus, the included 2 1:64 scale vehicles mean the action can start right out of the box.

Ages: 5+

Blipper Electric Mini Bike

Droyd Blipper Electric Mini Bike - Electric Bike for Kids Ages 13 & Up - 250W Mini Bike w 12.5MPH up to 12.5 Miles - Electric Bike for Kids up to 60 Mins Run Time w 16in Tire, 24V 10Ah Battery


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This mini e-bike will provide a thrilling yet safe experience for kids!

It features a brushless motor, an easy-to-use accelerator, large tires and a max. speed of 12.5 mph.

It comes almost fully assembled (you only need to assemble the handlebars) and fully charged, so kids can hop on and go!

Ages: 13+

Paw Patrol The Aircraft Carrier

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, Aircraft Carrier HQ, with Chase Action Figure and Mighty Pups Cruiser, Kids Toys for Boys & Girls 3+


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This Paw Patrol aircraft carrier features a command center and 2 launch pads. The carrier transforms into a 2 feet long rescue center so the Paw Patrol pups can be launched into the mission.

The play set includes Chase and his new Mighty Pups vehicle. Other figures and vehicles from the Mighty Pups range are sold separately.

Ages: 3+

Barbie Dreamhouse 2023

Barbie Dreamhouse 2023, Pool Party Doll House with 75+ Pieces and 3-Story Slide, Barbie House Playset, Pet Elevator and Puppy Play Areas​


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With its three-story spiral slide, pet-friendly features, and customizable play spaces, this deluxe dollhouse is sure to inspire endless fun for kids ages 3 and up.

Plus, with over 75 accessories and a sleepover transformation that can accommodate up to four dolls, this playset is the ultimate gift for any Barbie fan.

Ages: 3+

Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp

Magic Mixies Magic Genie Lamp with Interactive 8" Blue Plush Toy and 60+ Sounds and Reactions. Perform The Magic Steps to Unlock a Magic Ring and Reveal a Blue Genie Mixie from The Real Misting Lamp


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The magic genie lamp features an interactive magic plush inside that kids can unlock by rubbing and knocking on the lamp.

The genie (blue or pink) will rise in a mist of smoke and kids can start playing with it in 3 different modes – Wish Granting Mode, Play Mode, and Chat Mode.

Together the magical lamp and the genie feature 60+ lights, sounds, and reactions.

This toy will be a surefire winner this Holiday Season!

Ages: 5+

VTech Storytime with Sunny

VTech Storytime with Sunny


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VTech Storytime with Sunny is an interactive toy lamp that will transport your child into a world of endless imagination! With its animated face and seamless movements, this magical companion will captivate their attention for hours on end.

Packed with an astounding 300 activities spread across 4 disks, it offers more than five hours of pure delight through enchanting fairy tales, timeless classic songs, guessing games, and even a one-of-a-kind poem creator.

And don’t forget about the invaluable bonus – daily routines! Sunny teaches healthy habits, good manners, and mindfulness exercises.

Ages: 3+

Furby Animatronic

Furby Purple, 15 Fashion Accessories, Interactive Plush Toys for 6 Year Old Girls & Boys & Up, Voice Activated Animatronic


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Take your child’s playtime to the next level with the Furby Animatronic! This voice-activated, interactive plush toy responds to 600 commands and is sure to keep your little one entertained for hours.

With color-changing ears and five unique play modes, Furby will blink its eyes, chat, sing songs, dance around and even laugh at times – it’s like having a real furry friend right in your home!

Ages: 6+

Abducktion Game

Abducktion: A weirdly Strategic Duck Kidnapping Game, 15-Minutes of Light Strategy of Ducks, a UFO, and Mind-Bending, Shape-Finding Logic!


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Abducktion is a fun and strategic game where players need to “kidnap” ducks in a specific formation. You need to use logic and strategy to rearrange your ducks before your opponent does to win the game.

Ages: 12+

Melissa & Doug Wooden BBQ & Pizza Oven Playset

Melissa & Doug Wooden Deluxe Barbecue Grill, Smoker and Pizza Oven Play Food Toy for Pretend Play Cooking for Kids


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Get ready for a sizzling good time with the Melissa & Doug BBQ play set!

Made from high-quality wood that can withstand even the most intense culinary adventures, this play set is designed to ignite your child’s imagination while promoting social interaction and fine motor skills development.

Watch as your little one becomes a master chef in their own backyard BBQ party or pizza night extravaganza.

The included assortment of wooden and felt play food allows them to explore different flavors and cuisines while encouraging healthy eating habits through imaginative play.

Ages: 3-6 years old

Hot Wheels T-Rex Chomp Down Track Set

Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set City T-Rex Chomp Down with 1:64 Scale Car, Knock Out the Giant Dinosaur with Stunts


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The Hot Wheels T-Rex Chomp Down Track Set is here to take playtime to the next level!

Prepare for heart-pounding excitement as your child launches their favorite Hot Wheels cars through the slam launcher, aiming straight at a towering T-Rex ready to be knocked out by their daredevil stunts.

Not only does this set feature a jaw-dropping 9-inch loop that adds an extra element of thrills, but it also connects seamlessly with other Hot Wheels City sets, allowing your child to create an entire metropolis filled with high-speed adventures.

Ages: 4+

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Final Battle Building Kit

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Final Battle 76261 Building Toy Set, Marvel Collectible Based on The Climax of The Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie, Multiverse Marvel Playset with 3 Versions of Spider-Man


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Based on the climactic showdown from the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie, this 360-degree Marvel playset features 9 iconic LEGO Marvel mini-figures, including 3 different versions of Spider-Man, Electro, Doctor Strange, Green Goblin, Ned, MJ, and Doc Ock.

With numerous play-and-display features, including 3 Minifigures supports for midair action, a removable roof that reveals Sandman’s hand, and a soft web to envelop mini-figures, this set is sure to provide hours of fun for young superheroes aged 10 and up.

And with the added bonus of the LEGO Builder app for digital fun, this set is the perfect gift for multiverse movie fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of Spider-Man.

Ages: 10+

Supersized Gel Blaster Starfire XL

The Supersized Gel Blaster Starfire XL - Built-in Glow-in-The-Dark Starfire Technology - Longest 150+ Foot Range - Extreme Power & Adjustability - Fastest Blaster with 150-250 FPS - Ages 14+


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Nerf Guns are fun and all, but this Starfire gel blaster takes it up to the next level: It shoots glow-in-the-dark gellets!

And for any moms worried about staining clothes etc.: the gel dries up and leaves no stains or mess!

Perfect for those dark winter nights!

Ages: 14+

Gabby Cat Friend Ship Cruise Ship Playset

Gabby Cat Friend Ship Cruise Ship Play Set - Hot Christmas Toys 2023


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This Gabby’s Dollhouse Cruise Ship Playset features a pool, a smoothie bar, a photo booth, and a dining room with a chandelier that can be transformed into a DJ booth with a disco ball after dinner!

The set includes Gabby Girl and Mercat Figures for hours of pretend-play fun!

Ages: 3+

LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance

LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance 42158 Advanced Building Kit for Kids Ages 10 and Up, NASA Toy with Replica Ingenuity Helicopter, Great Gift for Kids Who Love Engineering and Science Projects


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This building kit is great for kids who love science and technology.

It comes with an app that teaches them about Mars and the NASA Perseverance Rover.

The kit has over 1,100 pieces and the rover can move in all directions and has a movable arm.

The LEGO Builder app guides kids through the building process and lets them save their progress.

Ages: 10+

Fisher-Price Jumperoo Activity Center

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Colorful Corners Jumperoo Activity Center with Music Lights Sounds & Developmental Toys


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This wildly fun infant jumper and activity center rewards your baby’s every jump with playful music, lights, and sounds, encouraging them to keep bouncing and strengthening those gross motor skills.

With a spinning seat and a variety of hands-on activities all around for your baby to explore, plus three height adjustments to grow along with your little one, this Jumperoo is perfect for babies who are able to hold their head upright unassisted and who are not able to walk or climb out of the product.

Plus, with a removable musical frog for travel play and a machine-washable seat pad for easy cleanup, this activity center is the ultimate gift for any baby in 2023

Ages: 6 months+

LEGO Harry Potter 2023 Advent Calendar Building Set 76418

LEGO Harry Potter 2023 Advent Calendar 76418 Christmas Countdown Playset with Daily Suprises, Discover New Experiences with This Holiday Toy Featuring 18 Hogsmeade Village Mini Builds & 6 Minifigures


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The holidays are coming, and with them, the most magical advent calendar around – the LEGO Harry Potter 2023 Advent Calendar!

This year it’s themed around Hogsmeade Village including The Three Broomsticks Inn, the Hog’s Head Inn, Zonko’s Joke Shop, and Honeydukes candy store

This set includes 6 amazing mini-figures, including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Aberforth Dumbledore, and Madam Rosmerta.

Plus, it comes with iconic items from the Harry Potter movies that any fan will love.

Age: 7+

Monster Jam Garage Playset and Storage

Monster Jam Garage Playset and Storage with Exclusive Grave Digger Monster Truck, Lights and Sounds, Kids Toys for Boys and Girls Ages 3 and up


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Looking for the perfect gift for the Monster Jam fan in your life? Look no further than the Monster Jam Garage Playset and Storage.

This set includes a racing ramp, an exclusive Grave Digger Monster Truck, lights and sounds, and storage for 25 trucks.

The Monster Jam Garage Playset is over 4 feet wide and 2 feet high – making it the perfect addition to any playroom or bedroom.

Plus, who doesn’t love watching their favorite monster trucks race around and perform stunts?

Age: 3 – 13

Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker

Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker, 170 Stylish Beads, 10 Bracelets, Storage, Friendship Bracelet Making Kit, DIY Arts & Crafts Kids Toys for Girls


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The Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker is a DIY bracelet-making kit with 170 stylish beads, including gold chains, emojis, faceted, peek-a-boo, striped beads, and letter stickers. 

Kids can create and recreate up to 10 bracelets, easily swapping out beads for endless styles.

The kit also includes storage to keep the jewelry-making kit organized for stress-free cleanup, making it an ideal Christmas gift for kids who love arts and crafts.

Age: 8+

Top Christmas Toys for Babies & Toddlers

Kids this age do not really have a Christmas list for Santa just yet, so most parents give them toys that are fun and educational.

Learning toys and building blocks will always be popular for kids in this age category, as well as stack-up toys and bath toys.

These toys are popular for Christmas this year for babies and toddlers.

–> See the full list of Top Christmas Toys for Babies and Toddlers.

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Crawl & Play Activity Gym

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Crawl & Play Activity Gym, Transforming Infant to Toddler Tummy time Play mat and Crawl Tunnel with Toys


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The Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Crawl & Play Activity Gym is the perfect way to help your infant or toddler develop essential skills and have fun at the same time.

The activity gym features a tummy time play mat, a crawl tunnel with toys, and a transforming design that grows with your child.

The brightly colored mat and toys can capture your little one’s attention, while the crawl tunnel helps them develop gross motor skills.

Age: 0+

Little Tikes Learning Lane Activity Walker

Little Tikes® Learn & Play™ Learning Lane Activity Walker™, Sit-to Stand, Walking, Sounds, Learning, Sound Effects, Gift & Travel Toy for Babies Infants Toddlers Girls Boys 9+ Months


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The Little Tikes Learning Lane Activity Walker is perfect for encouraging early walking and teaching shapes, colors, and letters.

Kids 9 – 36 months will love the sit-to-stand design, walking, and sound effects. This fun toy is sure to keep your little one entertained while learning!

Age: 9 months – 3 years

Flybar Bumper Car

Flybar Bumper Car


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The Flybar bumper car is suitable for kids aged 18 months and up and lets them zoom around the house while they chase, race, spin, and bump with the easy-to-use joysticks

It features a 6v battery that delivers speeds up to 1mph, an LED light strip that flashes, and it can spin 360 degrees too.

Age: 18 months+

Top Christmas Toys for Kids Age 3-5 Years Old

See our full Christmas Toy Guide for Preschool Kids

Finding toys for preschool kids ages 3-5 years old is getting fun. Kids want the stuff they see on TV or perhaps on play dates and will let you know what they want!

According to the big retailers, these are the hottest Christmas toys for kids this age!

Little Tikes Story Dream Machine

Little Tikes Story Dream Machine Starter Set, Storytime, Books, Little Golden Book, Audio Play, The Poky Little Puppy Character, Nightlight, Gift and Toy for Toddlers and Kids Girls Boys Ages 3+ years


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The Little Tikes Story Dream Machine Starter Set is an interactive toy that brings storytime to life with colorful lights and sound effects.

It includes three Little Golden Book stories, The Poky Little Puppy, Tawny Scrawny Lion, and The Saggy Baggy Elephant, and a character that adds light effects in nightlight mode.

The toy doubles as a white noise nightlight and helps preschoolers develop their reading skills and word recognition

Ages: 3+

I Am Groot Groove ‘N Grow Groot

Marvel Studios I Am Groot Groove 'N Grow Groot, 13.5-Inch Interactive Action Figure, Responds to Music and Sounds, Super Hero Toys for Kids 4 and Up


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The Marvel Studios I Am Groot Groove ‘N Grow Groot is an interactive action figure that is perfect for preschoolers who love Marvel superheroes and dancing toys.

With a push of a button, Groot grows from 13.5 inches to an even taller 18 inches and responds to music and sounds with his iconic “I am Groot” phrase.

This toy is not only fun and silly but also helps preschoolers develop their motor skills, imagination, and creativity.

Ages: 4+

Air Hogs Super Soft, Flippin’ Frenzy RC Car

Air Hogs Super Soft, Flippin’ Frenzy, 360 Spinning Action, 2-in-1 Stunt Vehicle Remote Control Car, Kids Toys for Kids 4 and up


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Looking for a 360-degree thrill ride? Check out the Air Hogs Super Soft, Flippin Frenzy RC Car.

This 2-in-1 vehicle can switch from a red muscle car body to a sleek blue sports car with just a flip. Plus, its zero-damage wheels allow you to do flips, drops, rebounds, and more without worry.

Age: 4+

Bluey Hammerbarn Shopping Playset

Bluey Hammerbarn Shopping Playset, 4 Level, 22" Tall Playset with Working Lift and Trolley Return, Including Lights and 45+ Sounds


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The Bluey Hammerbarn Shopping Playset is an enormous playset standing over 22″ tall with 9 different play areas loaded with fun features across 4 levels.

It comes with exclusive figures – Hammerbarn Bluey and Shopping Bingo, a garden gnome figure, and a whopping 15 play pieces.

With over 45 sound effects and lights, kids can activate sounds and phrases from the Bluey TV show by pressing the Paw Button.

The playset also features a real working lift to place Bluey and Bingo in so they can ride up and down to the different levels and a trolley return that spins around as it returns to the ground floor

Age: 3+

Top Holiday Toys for For Kids Age 6-8 Years Old

Kids this age have many, many things on their Holiday toy list. Unwrap joy this holiday season with our collection of top toys for kids aged 6-8.

From action figures to building sets, find the perfect presents here.

See our full Christmas Toy Guide for Grade School Kids

LEGO Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Forever Shuri’s Sunbird Building Set

LEGO Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Forever Shuri's Sunbird 76211 Building Toy Set for Kids Boys and Girls Ages 8 and up (355 Pieces)


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This amazing LEGO set lets you recreate Shuri’s Sunbird aircraft from Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

It comes with 4 mini figures of Shuri, Iron heart MK1, Nakia, and Attuma, so you can play out all your favorite scenes.

The attention to detail is incredible and a perfect way to bring the movie to life.

Age: 8+

Build and Grow Tree House Craft Kit

Creativity for Kids Build and Grow Tree House Craft Kit - Treehouse Playset Toy for Boys and Girls, Classic Toys for Kids


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The best way to get your kids outside and away from screens is with the Build and Grow Tree House Craft Kit.

They can build, paint, decorate, and grow their own wooden tree house, complete with 3D wooden tree house puzzle cut-outs, mini toy critters, stickers, easy-grow chia seeds, grow trays, water droppers, faux leaves, and paintbrush.

Age: 6+

Thames & Kosmos Candy Vending Machine STEM Experiment Kit

Thames & Kosmos Candy Vending Machine STEM Experiment Kit | Build a 2-ft Tall Toy Vending Machine | 10 Experiments with Gravity, Motion, Math | Coin Sorting Bank | Engineering & Math Lessons


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Looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your kids about gravity, motion, and math? Look no further than the Thames & Kosmos Candy Vending Machine STEM Experiment Kit!

This 2-ft tall toy vending machine sorts coins, dispenses candy or other small prizes and doubles as a coin bank.

With 10 different experiments included, your kids will learn about engineering and math concepts in a hands-on way.

Age: 8+

LEGO Friends Emma’s Art School Building Kit

LEGO Friends Emma’s Art School 41711 Building Toy Set Including a Mini Art Studio for Girls, Boys, and Kids Ages 8+ (844 Pieces)


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Creativity has never been so much fun! With the LEGO Friends Emma’s Art School Building Kit, your little ones can explore their imaginations and build their own art school.

This colorful set includes craft classrooms, art studios, a variety of art toys, and three LEGO Friends characters. 844 pieces.

Age: 8+

Top Holiday Toys for Tweens 8-12 Years Old

Boys and girls this age have an interest in the more expensive toys. 12-Year-olds are at the age that they may not want actual toys anymore (they grow up so fast), so finding gifts might be a challenge.

Here are some of the popular gifts and toys for kids ages 9-12 years old.

Check out our full Holiday Toy Guide for Tweens here.

NERF Extreme Challenge Digital Target

NERF Extreme Challenge Digital Target - Target Board with Impact Targets, LCD, Lights and Sounds


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The NERF Extreme Challenge Digital Target Board features 12 Impact Targets and 1 Moving Target to Bullseye, as well as six LED lights, an LCD screen, and two speakers that add to the excitement of gameplay.

With four unique single and multiplayer game modes, this toy provides endless hours of fun and is sure to be a great toy for tweens who enjoy testing and practicing their aim for Nerf Battles!

Ages: 8+

LEGO Star Wars: Ahsoka Ghost & Phantom II 75357 Star Wars Playset

LEGO Star Wars: Ahsoka Ghost & Phantom II 75357 Star Wars Playset Inspired by The Ahsoka Series, Featuring 2 Buildable Starships and 5 Star Wars Figures Including Jacen Syndulla and Chopper


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This action-packed playset features two buildable starships, the Ghost and Phantom II, inspired by the Ahsoka series, and comes with 5 Star Wars figures, including General Hera Syndulla and Chopper the droid.

With over 1,394 LEGO pieces, this set is perfect for fans of all ages who love to build and play.

Plus, with the LEGO Builder app, you can zoom in and rotate a 3D digital version of the real-life construction models as you build, track progress, and save sets.

Ages: 10+

Cra-Z-Art Light Up Beauty Studio Makeup

Cra-Z-Art Light Up Beauty Studio Makeup


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The Cra-Z-Art Light Up Beauty Studio Makeup is perfect for tweens who want to experiment with different looks.

With 28 eye, lip, and cheek colors and a Selfie Clamp Light, this all-in-one beauty center has everything your tween needs to create their own unique style.

The included Makeup Tutorial & Story Cards make it easy for them to follow along and learn how to apply their makeup like a pro.

Age: 8+

Ravensburger GraviTrax PRO Giant Set

Ravensburger GraviTrax PRO Giant Set - Marble Run and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up - Amazon Exclusive


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The GraviTrax Pro Giant Set is the perfect way to interest your kids in STEM!

With 409 pieces, they can build 7 different track layouts that are both challenging and fun. The 2ft x 4ft building area is big enough for them to really explore their creativity. Plus, the instructions are easy to follow, so they can start immediately.

Age: 8+

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope – Standard Edition


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Introducing Mario Rabbids Sparks of Hope for Nintendo Switch – a game perfect for kids ages 10 and up.

In this game, you’ll choose from 9 different Super Mario characters to build a team and work together to save the Sparks. With exciting gameplay and lovable characters, this is a game that the whole family can enjoy.

Age: 10+

Thames & Kosmos Ultra Bionic Blaster STEM Experiment Kit

Thames & Kosmos Ultra Bionic Blaster STEM Experiment Kit | Construct a Robotic Foam Dart Blasting Glove | Challenging Build, Learn About Mechanical Technology & Engineering


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The Thames & Kosmos Ultra Bionic Blaster STEM Experiment Kit is a great way for kids to learn about pneumatic systems and the physics of air.

The kit includes a robotic foam dart blasting glove, 6 foam darts, and an instruction booklet. The glove fits different hand sizes, and no batteries are required.

Age: 10+

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