Smart Gear Pony Cycle Review


What Is The Smart Gear Pony Cycle?

We know coming into this Smart Gear Pony Cycle review, you may think that this is just like any other ride on toy. However it is far more than that.

The Pony Cycle has been designed so that your child feels like they have their very own horse. A horse that can actually be ridden and not cost mom and dad a fortune to feed or have to be cleaned up after!

What Can Kids Do On This?

The Smart Gear Pony Cycle differs from a regular rocking horse or pony because it’s not just stuck in the one place. With this though they can actually move the pony all over the house or the backyard.

The people who designed this have made it so that when your child bobs up and down, kind of like if they were riding a real horse or pony it will start to move forward.

There are handles on the Pony Cycle so they can steer it left or right, or maybe even take it over a big jump if they are being chased by the local sheriff!

A really cool thing about the Pony Cycle is the fact that kids are moving this with their own body power. An excellent way for a child to stay fit and burn off some energy! The other advantage of this toy is that it’s not reliant on batteries or electronics.

One feature that we really like about the Smart Gear Pony Cycle is the way the wheels are designed so that the pony can only go forward. This way you do not have any concerns about your child rolling backward and hurting themselves.


What Is It Made From?

One of the most impressive things and one that we really want to get across to you in this Smart Gear Pony Cycle review is just how soft it is. Wooden rocking horses may look nice, but your kid will have a sore butt after just a few minutes. This one has an actual saddle that is made to be comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

The actual pony is made from strong materials (metal and plastic) that can handle a lot of abuse. The outside has a very nice and soft finish so your child is going to love giving the pony cuddles and stroking him.

It also means that if they are wearing shorts their legs will not get rubbed raw like they would if it were a plastic or wooden rocking horse.

Smart Gear Pony Cycle in Light Brown
The Smart Gear Pony Cycle in Light Brown. Other color options available.


Is The Pony Going To Trash My House?

Thankfully this pony is well behaved so he will not eat all your food or leave his mess all over the place. But as well as this his wheels are nice and smooth. Your child can ride this on hardwood floors and the pony will not leave a single scratch behind!

So it is perfectly safe to be ridden around the house, as long as your child’s riding skills are up to par. If not, you might want to think about moving some of the expensive ornaments!

There Are 2 Different Versions Of The Smart Gear Pony Cycle

The Smart Gear Pony Cycle has two different versions. One is for children aged 3 to 5 and the other 5 to 9. You also have a choice of chocolate, brown and light brown.

Smart Gear Pony Cycle Ride on Toy


  • Looks adorable
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • It is very well made
  • Two versions available (children aged 3 to 5) and (children aged 5 to 9)
  • The Pony Cycle comes in three different colors (chocolate, brown and light brown)
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • Fur feels nice and soft
  • Is powered by your kids momentum!
  • Cannot roll backward so it is safe


  • It is a little on the expensive side
  • Dad might want to ride it and pretend he is a cowboy!


Smart Gear Pony Cycle White Unicorn
Smart Gear Pony Cycle White Unicorn



Kids Will Have A Great Time!

The Smart Gear Pony Cycle is the ultimate ride on toy for little boys and girls who have always wanted their own horse!

We really cannot think of any reason why a kid would not love this and we want to close our Smart Gear Pony Cycle review by letting you know this. No matter if they are riding around pretending to be a princess or pretending to be a cowboy, kids are going to love this and have many, many fun memories of riding on it as they get older.

For children who rather ride a Unicorn, there’s also Smart Gear Pony Cycle White Unicorn ride on toy available.

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