15 Best Fake Christmas Trees 2021 That Look REAL

Fake Christmas trees have come a long way from the scrawny little things they used look like a few decades ago. Nowadays, you will find beautiful fake Christmas trees that look like a fir, balsam or pine with realistic looking branches and needles.

Best Fake Christmas Trees

Following are the best fake Christmas trees for your home based on consumer reports, reviews and owner feedback. The Christmas trees range in price from around $50 to $500, so there’s something for every budget.

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9 foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

9 ft. Norwood Fir Christmas Tree with Lights

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A 9 foot tree like this one does require a bit of time to fluff, but the result is nothing of amazing. No bare spots, comes with plenty of lights and there’s enough space at the bottom for the gifts.

Features at a glance:

  • 9 ft. Norwood Fir Green Spruce Christmas tree
  • Includes sturdy tree stand
  • Pre-lit with 900 warm white lights.
  • Steady/constant light functions.
  • 2128 PVC branch tips.
  • Full shape
  • Also available in 5 ft, 6 ft, 6.6 ft, 7 ft and 7.6 ft.

15 Foot Frasier Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Lights

15' Itasca Frasier Christmas Tree with 3240 LED Warm White Lights with Stand

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This 15 foot Christmas tree is magnificent for large rooms or hallway next to the stairs of course. It’s a very dense, full tree with 13,400 branch tips and comes pre-lit with 3,240 LED lights.

Features at a glance:

  • 15 ft. Frasier fir Christmas tree with lush foliage and full shape.
  • 3,240 Warm Italian LED lights.
  • 13,400 Branch tips
  • Foot switch controller for lights.
  • Metal tree stand included.
  • Extra bulbs

9 ft. Feel Real Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Dual Color Lights

Feel Real Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Pre-strung Dual-Color LED Lights and Stand | Frasier Grande - 9 ft

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Some times you just can’t make up your mind: do I want white or colored lights on my Christmas tree? This Frasier Grande tree comes with dual color lights, so you can switch from white to multi-color whenever the mood strikes.

The Christmas tree itself features Feel Real technology, so you’ll get branches that look and feel real. In fact, many people who bought this tree said it comes as close to real as you can get.

Features at a glance:

  • Frasier Grande Christmas tree with feel real branches
  • This 9 ft. features 5,867 branch tips.
  • Branches are hinged for easy set-up.
  • Pre-strung with 900 LED lights with dual color and 10 lighting functions such as steady, twinkling and chasing.
  • Includes foot switch to control the lights.
  • Also available in 6 ft, 6.5 ft, 7 ft and 7.5 ft.

Includes a metal stand, so all you need is a beautiful tree skirt and you’re done!

7.5 ft. MARTHA STEWART Blue Spruce Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

MARTHA STEWART Blue Spruce Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5 Feet, Multicolored Lights

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Martha Stewart has an amazing line of trees with sizes ranging from 5 feet up to 9 feet and different styles like flocked, spruce or white. We picked this handsome 7.5 t. blue spruce with multi-color lights that’s also available with clear lights and in other sizes.

Features at a glance:

  • 52 inch base diameter.
  • Includes 600 multi-colored lights.
  • Unique blend of PE and PVC tips for realistic look and feel.
  • 2,932 Branch tips.
  • Includes metal Christmas tree stand.
  • Garland wrapped pole, so no gaps and spaces.
  • Available in 6.5, 7.5 and 9 ft.

7.5 ft Frasier Christmas Tree with Pine Cones

7.5 ft Frasier Christmas Tree with 1000 Clear Lights

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This full width artificial Christmas tree is 7.5 foot tall, 65 inched wide and comes pre-strung with 1,000 clear warm white lights.

It comes in 3 sections, so you can set it up quickly.

Fluffing is required (as with most Christmas trees), but this tree will look amazing once done.

Features at a glance

  • 7.5 ft
  • 65 inches base diameter
  • 1,000 UL listed clear lights
  • 3719 tips
  • Feel Real tree
  • Metal hinged construction
  • Comes in 3 sections
  • Includes metal tree stand

What we like about this tree is that it’s not a typical symmetrical tree. The outer branches are made from a “feel real” material, which gives it a very natural shape and look.

Our only negative observation would be that it’s only available in a 7.5 ft tall version.

While this is the size most people prefer, it does not cater for everybody.

7.5ft Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with Foldable Stand Unlit

Budget Pick!

7.5ft Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with Foldable Stand

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Features at a glance:

  • 7.5 ft tree with 1,346 branch tips.
  • Also available: 9 ft Christmas tree with 2,028 branch tips.
  • Includes folding tree stand made from steel.
  • Compatible storage bags are available separately

This is called a premium Christmas tree, but it certainly has a budget price! We were astonished to see it has over 3,800 reviews and it is a bestseller.

This Spruce tree features a full-bodied shape with lush branches. It comes with hinged construction in 3 sections and is easy to set up (really!).

It takes about 45-60 minutes to fluff and it’s something you really need to do to get the beautiful end result in the picture!

The tree comes without lights, so you get to choose your own.

A 9 foot version is also available. Learn more here.

7.5′ Frosted Green Pine And Spruce Christmas Tree with Lights

7.5' Frosted Green Pine And Spruce Christmas Tree with 1000 Lights

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This spruce pine tree comes with frosted cashmere tips that create lots of volume. The frost makes it look wintry and the lights give it a beautiful warm glow.


  • 7.5 feet tall
  • Base diameter width 61 inches
  • Hinged construction
  • Full shape, lush foliage
  • 1,561 tips
  • 1,000 LED lights
  • Includes tree stand

7.5ft Pre-Lit Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7.5ft Pre-Lit Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

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This Douglas fir tree features 2254 branch tips for a stunning full appearance.

Full features:

  • 700 incandescent lights
  • 7.5 ft tall
  • 50 inch wide at base
  • Hinged branches
  • Also available in 6.5ft and 9ft

Full Shape Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Cashmere Tips and Clear White Lights

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This luscious pine tree features branches made from a mix of PVC with cashmere tips, which gives it an amazing full effect.

The tree comes pre-lit with incandescent lights and sprinkled with pine cones. A tree stand is included.

There are 3 sizing options to choose from:

  • 6.5 feet with 911 branch tips and 650 lights
  • 7.5 feet with 1867 branch tips and 750 lights
  • 9 feet with 2347 branch tips and 900 lights

This is a very popular tree with over 1400 reviews and an average star rating of 4.6, which we contribute to the amazing quality and price.

7.5 ft. Downswept Douglas Tree with Clear Lights

7.5 ft. Downswept Douglas Tree with Clear Lights - Best Fake Christmas Trees

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This non allergenic Christmas tree is available in 6 sizes including a 12 foot Christmas tree! The tree comes pre-lit with clear lights and sturdy folding metal stand.

The branches are down-swept, which gives a more natural appearance.

Looking for deals on Christmas trees? See all Christmas trees 50% OFF or more here!

9 Foot Fir Green Christmas Tree Unlit

7 Foot Green Fir Fake Christmas Tree
This Artificial Christmas Tree is also Available in 12 and 14 Foot.

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This artificial Christmas tree is a reviewers favorite that has been around for more than 6 years! It’s available in 5 sizes including taller ones like 12 and 14 foot!

The tree comes unlit and includes a sturdy tree stand.

People who bought this tree praised it for the easy assembly, said it looked very real and lush! Some even said the only thing missing was the pine scent!

What we really like about this fake Christmas tree is the price. It’s good quality tree for a low price!

7.5 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree with 750 Multi-color Lights

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Pre-strung White Lights and Stand | Dunhill Fir - 7.5 ft

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  • 7.5 ft tall, 59″ width
  • 750 multi color lights with bulb lock
  • 2514 tips
  • Metal tree stand included
  • Branches are attached to the center pole

Mountain Fir Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Mountain Fir Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Multi-Color Lights

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It’s not often that I come across a pre-lit Christmas tree with multi-color lights and with such great reviews!

However, if multi-color lights are not your cup of tea, this Christmas tree is also available with clear lights or even unlit, so you can choose your own Xmas lights.

This particular tree comes in a 7.5 ft height, but other sizes are in stock including 9, 6.5 and 4.5 foot.

6.5′ Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill 6.5-Foot Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree - Best Fake Christmas Trees
Available in pre-lit (LED Lights or Incandescent lights) and unlit and sizes 4.5ft, 6ft, 6.5ft, 7ft, 7.5ft and 9ft. See this tree on Amazon

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This fake Christmas tree by Balsam hill is not only available in a variety of sizes (including a tall 9 Foot), you can also choose from unlit, pre-lit with clear lights and pre-lit with LED lights.

This 6.5 foot tree has an impressive 2,144 tips and has a blue/green color that looks very realistic. Check out all the options for this tree HERE.

7.5′ Pre-Lit Grandview Glittering Artificial Christmas Tree, Warm White LED Lights, Green

Price: $159.00 at Walmart

7.5' Pre-Lit Grandview Glittering Artificial Christmas Tree, Warm White LED Lights, Green

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Designed with silver glittery branches, this Christmas tree has 1460 branch tips and 400 pre-strung warm white LED light. This comes with a metal tree stand to provide a reliable support base.

The tree stands 7.5′ tall and 56 inches in diameter and is ideal in medium and larger rooms.

6’Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

6' Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree
This bestselling Fake Christmas Tree is crafted with 1,000 tips and comes with a sturdy metal base.

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Although the word “premium” suggests a hefty price tag, we found the price of this quality 6 ft tall fake Christmas tree more than reasonable, if not cheap.

It’s a full bodied tree crafted with 1,000 tips, which gives the illusion of a genuine pine tree.

Features solid metal legs and comes unlit, so you can decide what Christmas Lights you want to use.

With over 700 reviews, averaging a 4 star rating and a bestseller like this one, you can’t go wrong.

Carolina Pine Pre-lit Christmas Tree 6.5 ft

Carolina Pine Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree 6.5 Ft - Best Fake Christmas Trees
Carolina Pine Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree 6.5 Ft

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The Carolina Pine tree is pre-lit with 650 clear lights and flocked pine cones. This fake Christmas tree looks very realistic and high end, but comes with modest price tag.


  • Full shape
  • Base Width: 54 inch
  • Number of Bulbs: 650
  • Bulb Type: Incandecents
  • Number of Tips: 929

Lighted Outdoor Spruce Faux Christmas Tree

All Weather – Suitable for Outdoors!

Lighted Outdoor Spruce Faux Christmas Tree

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This completely outdoor safe Christmas tree features real-needle technology and is decorated with pine cones and berries for a natural look. There’s a choice of 2 heights: 7 foot and 8 foot tall and both come pre-lit with warm white LED lights.

Features at a glance:

  • Real needle technology for a natural “fresh cut” look.
  • Decorated with pine cones, red berries and LED lights.
  • Warm LED lights with 8 light settings.
  • Floor on/off switch with light memory.
  • Arrives in 3 sections and pre-shaped.
  • Includes metal stand with ground anchors.
  • Available in 7 foot tall outdoor Christmas tree with 640 lights.
  • Available in 8 foot tall outdoor Christmas tree with 944 lights.

Where to Buy The Best Fake Christmas Trees?

There are many stores around the web that sell artificial Christmas trees, but these 3 are my favorites:

  • Walmart  – Lots of choice and their prices are usually the lowest or compatible with Amazon’s. Be on the look out for 2-day free shipping deals!
  • Amazon – A big selection of fake Christmas trees and excellent customer service. A lot of sellers offer free shipping, so that’s always good!
  • Wayfair – Almost overwhelming choice, great customer service.

All these stores have an excellent reputation and good return policies should you need it.

Benefits of an artificial Christmas tree

  • Buy the best artificial Christmas tree and it will last for years
  • No watering, so less maintenance than a real Christmas tree (great for forgetful people!)
  • One less thing on your Christmas to do list
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for people with allergies
  • No clean up of messy needles and sap.
  • An artificial tree is a long-term investment as where a real Christmas tree comes with a recurring yearly cost.

Fake Christmas Tree Buying Tips

Start with your own preferences and write them down. What qualities are you looking for in a Christmas tree?

For example: I hate stringing lights on the tree, so a pre-lit Christmas tree would be on the top of my list.

Other qualities you might want to consider:

  • LED vs traditional lights
  • Clear white vs multi-color lights.
  • Color of the tree
  • branches that are strong enough to carry heavy ornaments
  • Or maybe you want an unlit Christmas tree
  • Etc.

What’s the Right Size for a Fake Christmas Tree?

The Christmas tree size depends on your room and the height of your ceilings. The average house has an 8 foot ceiling, so a 6 or 7 foot Christmas tree works best.

You will want to leave some space between the tree and the ceiling and perhaps you’ll want to put a Christmas tree topper or angel on top too!

The best width for a Christmas tree also depends on the size of your room. A narrow tree with a base diameter of up to 28 inches will fit most spaces.

If you have plenty of room looks at Christmas trees with a diameter of 40 inches and upward for a full luscious look.

Type Of Tree

Next consider the type of tree. Do you like a blue spruce, Fraser fir or perhaps something totally different like a pink Christmas tree or fiber optic Christmas tree?

Check with the rest of your family for their preferences and come up with ideas for a Christmas tree you’ll all love.

Set a budget for the tree and stick to it.

You will save money when you’re not buying a new tree every year, but that does not mean you should go overboard.

There are some very good trees for sale right now that have excellent buyer feedback, but are still very affordable!

Now you have all the info you need to buy the best artificial Christmas tree, so you can start shopping!

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Best Fake Christmas Trees That Look REAL

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