15 Christmas Activities For Children

Today we are looking at some of the most fun Christmas activities for children that won’t break the bank! The holiday season is getting closer and closer and the actual event of Christmas is usually well planned in advance.

However there is the rest of the Christmas vacation you have to get through and if Chevy Chase taught us anything in Christmas Vacation, it can be brutal!

Having to keep everyone entertained and happy can be a difficult task. Well, do not worry about the kids driving you nuts for two weeks as today we are looking at some of the most fun Christmas activities for kids!
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Christmas Coloring – Christmas Activities For Children

Christmas Coloring

All kids love coloring and you can make it even better, it’s all about how you spin it. First, grab some Christmas coloring books from your local dollar store or print some Christmas coloring pages from our site.

While kids do enjoy coloring, what you can do to make this extra exciting is use this as an activity leading up to Christmas and tell the kids that the pictures they are coloring are going to be for Santa!

You can even go a step further and get them to do ones for the reindeer and elves if they get super into it. We love this as it is fun and also not going to cost you much money at all.

Making Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

If you have kids and a large family, you know the pain of trying to get them to write in a Christmas card, and more often than not you will end up doing it all yourself.

However, if you get your kids to actually make the cards, you will be amazed at how much they get into it and they will even sign it, as the last thing they want is mom or dad taking credit for their work.

This is a fun way to get them even more excited for the holidays and it is a nice treat for the friends and family members who receive them.

We are sure they will cherish these cards your kids make for many years.

Check Out The Neighborhood’s Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas Decorations


Going out for a walk around the block to check out the decorations and lights is not just fun, it’s a also great screen-free activity!

Let The Kids Decorate Their Own Little Christmas Tree

This has to be one of the top activities on this list, for a child this sure is the highlight of the holiday fun!

Buy one of those small artificial Christmas trees at your local dollar store or Amazon, you could even buy a small real Christmas tree in a pot.

Then let the children decorate it with some shatterproof ornaments and battery-operated Led lights. No doubt they will be very proud to have their own decorated tree in their bedroom.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Build A Snowman

Most parents will be filled with dread at the thought of any Christmas activities for children that draw inspiration from Frozen. But if you are lucky enough to live in an area that Jack Frost visits, do not waste it!

Get outside and enjoy the snow as a family. Go sledding, see who can build the most epic snowman, and have a good ol’ fashioned family snowball fight!

Snow is a great way to get the whole family outside and it is also a great excuse when you have finished to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Baking Christmas Cookies

Kids love to help out in the kitchen especially when you’re baking treats like classic Christmas cookies, Christmas cakes or cupcakes.

Making Christmas treats to snack on is very easy these days. Most stores will offer some kind of basic Christmas cookies or cupcakes kit that is very easy to do. Actually with your support, kids most of the time can do this on their own. Sure there will be a ton of mess, but that is all part of the fun.

Watching Christmas Movies Together

Watching Christmas Movies

Now here is a really classic Christmas tradition. There is nothing better than getting comfortable in the living room, a huge bowl of popcorn and a ton of other snacks and then kicking back with a Christmas movie.

You can do this a couple of times a week and most streaming sites like Netflix have a ton of Christmas movies or you can pick up a new or pre-owned movie really cheap.

Things like Home Alone, Charlie Brown, Mickey’s Once, and Twice Upon A Christmas are just a few suggestions to get you guys started.

A Nice Family Walk – Christmas Activities For Kids

Really! This is what some of you are saying right now. But there is something magical about going out for a family walk during the holidays.

Most areas have something extra special about them when they are covered in snow or if you live somewhere warm, you are bound to still have houses and areas of your town covered in festive lights and decorations.

Go out and enjoy this kind of thing, you can make it extra fun by making sure you have some nice warm drinks and cookies ready for you guys when you get home.

A family walk is just another way to do something good together as a family.

Give Something Back

Now at first, this may not sound like one of the most fun Christmas activities for children. But giving something back to those less fortunate is a great way to show a child the true meaning of Christmas.

We are not saying that you have to go and volunteer at a soup kitchen all week (but if you do; more power to you!).

However, something like making a gift box for Toys For Tots or taking some food to the local food bank is a fantastic way to show your kids that thinking of others, is what Christmas should be all about.

Decorating The House

Decorating the House

Far too many parents just decorate the house themselves these days! If your kids are old enough, get them involved and let them put things on the tree, hang decorations above the fire and just give the house some of their own Christmas style.

Even if your child is not quite old enough to actually put decorations up, still get them involved by letting them pick the decorations and share their ideas on where they can go.

If you are worried about your Christmas decoration budget, head to the local dollar shop where you will find a ton of budget-priced Christmas decorations that will make your home look all festive and awesome.

Christmas Arts And Crafts

Christmas Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can be pretty much anything and if you want a true classic when it comes to Christmas activities for children, this is it.

So what kind of Christmas arts and crafts are we talking about here? Well, that is entirely up to you. You guys can have some fun by making your own Christmas decorations. Or maybe you can make super silly Santas or make your own Christmas box? Whatever you can think of, do it!

There is no limit when it comes to Christmas arts and crafts. If you are not really an artsy type of person, do not worry. You can buy many different Christmas arts and crafts kits these days.

Have A Family Day Out

Yes, you could do this any time of the year. But there is something extra special about having a family day out during the holidays. Sure most places are crowded, but this kind of hustle and bustle is what Christmas is all about.

So what kind of things should you be looking to do on a family day out?

Well, that is up to you and your family, but anything that is fun like going bowling, going to the movies or the Nutcracker followed by a few games at the local arcade is a great way to get out as a family and enjoy each other’s company.

Christmas Gaming

A family who games together stays together… or something like that. Christmas is a wonderful time for you guys to play together.

Get the family around the table in front of the fire, put some Christmas music on, and have a game of Monopoly!

If things go great, the Christmas spirit might take over you all and no one will flip the game off the table!

In all seriousness, playing games together is a really fun way to spend time together at Christmas and a great way to get people to put down their electronic devices.

Go To A Christmas Show – Christmas Activities For Children

Most towns will have some kind of Christmas show on over the holidays. It can be a group singing in the mall, a town parade, a special Christmas fair or even a nativity at your local church.

No matter what it is, we bet there is some kind of Christmas show happening in your area during the holiday season.

It’s so easy to say ugh, let’s just stay in. But make the effort to get out there and have some fun with other people in your neighborhood.

Be sure to keep an eye open for any events that your community center, church, and other organizations are doing over the holidays.

These Christmas activities for children are something that they will remember and cherish for many years to come.

We hope you like our ideas for Christmas activities for children. Check out our Christmas bucket list ideas for more Holiday fun!

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