Top 7 Pencil Slim Christmas Trees 2018

Pencil slim Christmas trees are very suitable if you like a minimalist look or perhaps if you lack the space for a full tree. These trees available in several heights, styles and colors, so you’re guaranteed to find one to suit your taste and budget.

Check out our selection of Pencil slim Christmas Trees below, which all got at least a 4 star rating by customers.

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7.5ft Flocked Pencil Slim Christmas Tree

7.5ft Flocked Pencil Slim Christmas TreeCheck Price on Amazon


This green with snowy branches Christmas tree has a slim shape that’s very eye catching. It’s not perfectly symmetrical, which gives it a realistic appearance.

The tree comes in 3 sections plus a sturdy tree stand and it’s easy assemble. A green pencil Christmas tree (without flocking) is available here.

Dimensions: 25″(width) x 90″(Height)

7ft Flocked Pencil Slim Christmas Tree with Stay Lit Lights

7ft Flocked Pencil Slim Christmas Tree with Stay Lit LightCheck Price On Amazon


This pencil slim Christmas tree is a great choice for any small apartment, room or corner. Featuring 350 branch tips and 300 stay lit lights.

The tree also has a frosted or flocked look that makes it look cozy and wintry. 7ft tall with a 20″diameter base.

White Pencil Slim Christmas Tree (Pre-lit)

White Pencil Slim Christmas TreeCheck Price On Amazon


This Winter park Pre-lit Pencil Christmas tree comes in 3 sizes (5.5, 7.5 & 9 Ft) with a choice of clear or multi-color lights.

Buyers raved about the quality of the tree, with one customer even commenting the tree looked great on it’s own with just the lights on.

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4.5ft Pre-Lit Pencil Kingswood Fir Tree

4.5ft Pre-Lit Slim Kingswood Fir Tree - Pencil Slim Christmas treesCheck Price On Amazon


This pencil Christmas tree has 150 beautiful stay-lit multi-color lights. The branches are hinged and have a really dense foliage.

The tree is a replica of a mountain grown fir and looks really beautiful when decorated.

7.5 ft Kingswood Fir Pencil Slim Christmas Tree

7.5 ft Kingswood Fir Pencil Slim Christmas Tree - Flame resistant and non-allergenicCheck Price On Amazon


This Pencil Tree is 30 inch wide at the base and comes unlit. The branches are pre-attached and hinged for a quick and easy set-up!

This is one the cheapest pencil slim Christmas trees that’s also flame retardant and non-allergenic.

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Lighted Pencil Pop Up Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

Lighted Christmas Tree in Green/red for Small SpacesCheck Price On Amazon


If you have a really small space, like a condo, this slim tree is a great buy! It’s easy to set up and take down (it’s a pop up Christmas tree!) and can be stored under the bed as one reviewer noted!

The LED lights are powered by batteries (3 AA required) and can be switched on/off with a timer.

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6ft Pre-Decorated Pencil Christmas Tree in Red/Gold

Pre-Decorated Pencil Christmas TreeCheck Price On Amazon


What’s pre-lit, pre-decorated, easy to set up and affordable? This tree that’s what! It comes with 250 lights and 82 decor pieces. Unfortunately the star topper is not included, but here’s a very similar one.

Oregonian Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

Oregonian Slim Artificial Christmas TreeCheck Price On Amazon


This Oregonian Artificial tree is available in 7 ft and 9 ft with 88% Feel Real branches, which gives it a very life like look.

This pencil Christmas tree comes pre-lit with 600 lights (900 for the 9 ft version) and an on/off foot pedal.

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