Top 8 Pop Up Christmas Trees

Pop up Christmas trees a great choice for anyone with not a lot of time on their hands, but who still want to decorate for the Holidays.

Luckily there a few choices when it comes to easy Christmas tree decorating and you will even find pop up decorated Christmas trees that look great!

Here are the best pop up Christmas trees available right now and with good ratings and reviews.

Fully Decorated Pop-up Christmas Tree

Fully Decorated Pop-up Christmas Tree

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This ready decorated Christmas tree can be ready in just a few minutes.

Just put it in the stand, pull it up and plug it in! The tree comes with ribbons, bows, ornaments and 300 lights.

Plaid Pop-Up Christmas Tree

Plaid Pop Up Christmas Tree

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This buffalo plaid pop up Christmas tree 7.5 ft tall and decorated with plaid ribbons, 450 lights, burlap bows and red ornaments.

It’s perfect if you love farmhouse style Christmas decor.

Pop Up Christmas Tree Decorated

6 ft Christmas Spruce Prelit Poinsettia Pull Up Tree - Pop Up Christmas Trees Decorated

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This 6 foot Christmas tree comes pre-decorated with 200 lights, red poinsettias and red and gold ribbons and ornaments. 

It’s a pull up tree that you can literally pull up from the floor, plug in the power cord and have a Christmas tree ready in minutes.

Can you imagine the clean up after the Holidays? You can just collapse the tree and store it till next year!

If want to, you can add your own Christmas tree topper, but I think it looks pretty amazing with the bows at the top.

In fact, I think this one of the best looking pop up Christmas trees available!

Want a larger pop up Christmas tree? There’s a 7 foot version available here!

Pop Up Christmas Tree with Holly Leaf Accents

6 ft Green Pine Pop Up Christmas Tree with Holly Leaf Accents and Lights

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A green pine pop up tree decorated with holly leaves and 350 lights.

Pop Up Christmas Tree in Green/Red

Pop Up Christmas Tree in Green and Red

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This pop up Christmas tree comes decorated LED lights and red and green tinsel. The lights have a 6 hour timer and are battery operated, so no tripping over wires.

This tree works very well in small spaces and can also be placed on a covered porch.

5ft Collapsible Tinsel Tree

5ft Pop up Tinsel Christmas Tree

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Collapsible tinsel trees, like this pop up tinsel Christmas tree, are an easy solution for last minute Christmas decorating on a budget.

You can place several of these trees around the house to brighten up small places and corners or group them together.

These trees are stable and won’t fall down. Available in Silver and Green.

Lighted Holiday Poinsettia Pull-Up Christmas Tree

Pop up Christmas Tree with Poinsettias

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This pull up Christmas tree is just over 4.5 foot high and measures 19 inch in diameter. It’s decorated with large, bright red poinsettias, 100 white lights, gold snowflakes and greenery.

A beautiful traditional looking tree that transforms your home instantly!

7.5ft Deluxe Pop-Up Christmas Tree in Red/Gold

7.5ft Deluxe Pop-Up Christmas Tree in Red and Gold

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One of the tallest pop up Christmas trees I could find, this one stands at 7.5 foot tall and 36 inch in diameter.

The tree is decorated with French ribbons and bows, swirl ornaments, poinsettias and 450 lights in a red and gold Christmas theme.

6 ft Snow Frosted Blue/Silver Pull Up Christmas Tree

6 ft Snow Frosted Spruce Prelit Pull Up Christmas Tree

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Perfect for Winter Wonderland decor, this pull up Christmas tree is decorated in blue and silver.

The tree has flocked branches and is decorated with ornaments, lights, ribbons and a bow as a tree topper!

6 ft Pre-Lit Pop Up Decorated Silver/Gold Artificial Christmas Tree

Pre-Lit Pop Up Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree Silver-Gold

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A 6ft decorated with gold and silver ornaments, ribbons and poinsettias. The tree comes pre-lit with 350 clear lights.

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