Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you tired of the hassle and mess that comes with a real Christmas tree? Look no further! In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the most realistic artificial Christmas trees that will bring holiday cheer into your home without any of the drawbacks.

Say goodbye to shedding needles, watering woes, and constant vacuuming.

Get ready to be amazed by the lifelike appearance and feel of these stunning evergreens that are sure to make your holidays merry and bright!

Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

We’ve curated a list of the most realistic artificial Christmas trees for you to truly enhance your holiday decor. Browse through our top picks and find the perfect tree to make your home feel festive and fabulous.

King of Christmas Cypress Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Cypress Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree


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The 7.5-foot Cypress Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit from King of Christmas is a high-quality tree that is designed to look like the real thing.

The tree is full and has a diameter of 64 inches with 1,638 branch tips.

The hinged sections make it easy to set up, and the tree is non-allergenic and flame-retardant. 

What we like about this tree is that there are several sizes available and you can choose from LED lights or unlit.


  • Realistic appearance
  • Fullness
  • Easy setup
  • Non-allergenic
  • Flame-retardant
  • Free shipping and returns within the US


  • High price
  • Some reports of shedding needles

Overall, it is an excellent choice for those who want a realistic and easy-to-set-up artificial Christmas tree.

National Tree Company Pre-Lit ‘Feel Real’ Downswept Christmas Tree

National Tree Company Pre-Lit 'Feel Real' Artificial Full Downswept Christmas Tree, Green, Douglas Fir, White Lights, Includes Stand, 6.5 feet


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Experience the winter wonderland feeling with this realistic-looking and easy-to-set-up artificial Christmas tree by National Tree Company.


  • Highly realistic ‘Feel Real’ branch tips
  • Pre-strung with 650 white lights
  • Hinged branches for easy set-up and storage


  • Lights are not LED
  • May require time for proper shaping
  • Some lights may not work upon arrival

This 6.5-foot National Tree Company’s Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree boasts an impressive realistic appearance, thanks to its ‘Feel Real’ technology and molded branches. You’ll feel like you’re bringing the beauty of nature indoors without the hassle of a real tree.

One of the best features of this tree is the pre-strung 650 white lights that remain illuminated even if a bulb goes out. You can enjoy the holiday ambiance without worrying about constantly checking and replacing bulbs.

It also comes with a sturdy metal base, ensuring it stays in place throughout the season.

However, it’s essential to note that this tree’s lights are not LED, so they may get warm and don’t blink.

Additionally, setting up and shaping the tree may take around 45-60 minutes to achieve the desired full-bodied look.

Some users reported experiencing non-working lights upon arrival, but the majority of the lights should function properly.

In conclusion, the National Tree Company Pre-Lit ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Full Downswept Christmas Tree is an excellent choice for those who want a highly realistic and easy-to-set-up artificial tree without dealing with the mess and maintenance of a real tree. Keep in mind the minor cons mentioned above, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a memorable holiday atmosphere in your home.

National Tree Company Norwegian Spruce


National Tree Company 'Feel Real' Artificial Christmas Tree - Norwegian Spruce Tree - 7.5 ft


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The National Tree Company’s Norwegian Spruce is an excellent choice for those seeking a lifelike, durable artificial Christmas tree with a realistic appearance.


  • Remarkable realism with Feel Real branch tip technology
  • Easy setup and storage with hinged branches
  • Fire-resistant and non-allergenic material for safety


  • Lights and decorations not included
  • May require 45-60 minutes to shape
  • Expensive compared to competitors

The Norwegian Spruce by National Tree Company stands out among artificial trees, providing a realistic and detailed impression through the use of Feel Real branch tip technology. Boasting 1,325 branch tips, the tree effectively mirrors the look and feel of a natural spruce.

Setup is no hassle with convenient hinged branches, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. However, you will need to devote some time to shaping the tree to achieve maximum lushness and fullness – plan on spending around 45-60 minutes.

Crafted with fire-resistant and non-allergenic materials, this tree is a safe addition to your home, while standing 7.5 feet tall with a 58-inch diameter at the base. It’s important to note that lights, decorations, and ornaments come at an additional cost, as they are not included in the tree.

In conclusion, the National Tree Company Norwegian Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree offers an impressively realistic design, an easy setup process, and high-quality materials for safety.

While it may require a bit more time to shape and additional expense for decorations, this tree is a top choice for those aiming for a natural and attractive holiday centerpiece in their home.

Balsam Hill 7.5ft Prelit Classic Blue Spruce

Balsam Hill 7.5ft Prelit Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Incandescent Lights


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This stunning Balsam Hill 7.5ft Prelit Classic Blue Spruce will elevate your holiday decor with its realistic look and easy setup process.


  • Lifelike appearance with 2960 branch tips
  • 1000 incandescent bulbs that last for 3000+ hours
  • Easy setup with light connections and hinged branches


  • Quite heavy at 54 pounds
  • Incandescent lights may run hotter than LED alternatives
  • Higher price compared to other artificial trees

From the moment you set up your Balsam Hill 7.5ft Prelit Classic Blue Spruce, you’ll appreciate the realistic design and stunning details. The blue-green needles and sturdy brown branches mimic the beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce, creating a lifelike appearance that’ll surely impress your guests.

You can count on this artificial tree to cast a warm, inviting glow in your home, thanks to the 1000 clear incandescent bulbs that promise to stay lit for over 3000 hours. The tree is also equipped with light connections in the trunk and hinged branches that fold outward, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup.

While this Balsam Hill masterpiece may be on the heavier side at 54 pounds and come with a higher price tag compared to other artificial trees, the premium quality and attention to detail make it worth the investment. Additionally, although incandescent lights may run slightly hotter than LED alternatives, they do provide a timeless and classic holiday glow that’s hard to resist.

In conclusion, the Balsam Hill 7.5ft Prelit Classic Blue Spruce is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, realistic, and easy-to-set-up artificial Christmas tree to transform your home into a holiday wonderland.

Fraser Hill Farm 9-Ft. Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree


Fraser Hill Farm 9-Ft. Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand, Tall & Foldable Heavily Flocked Christmas Tree with Realistic Foliage & Clear Smart Lights

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This realistic and beautifully flocked artificial Christmas tree from Fraser Hill Farm will make your holiday season magical without the mess of a real tree.


  • Extremely lifelike foliage and heavily flocked finish
  • EZ Connect feature for easy assembly
  • Pre-strung with 800 clear Smart lighting


  • Heavy snow flocking can be messy
  • May be bulky and challenging to store
  • Price can be high for some budgets

The Fraser Hill Farm Mountain Pine flocked artificial Christmas tree truly stands out with its natural-looking A-line silhouette and extremely lifelike foliage.

The all-metal-hinged branch construction makes this tree not only beautiful but also durable, ensuring multiple holiday seasons of use.

One major advantage of this artificial tree is the convenience it offers.

The EZ Connect feature simplifies assembly by auto-locking each tier into place, leaving you with more time for decorating.

Moreover, this 9-foot tree comes pre-strung with 800 clear Smart lighting, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of tangled string lights each year.

Though the heavily flocked finish truly gives the appearance of freshly fallen snow, it can also be quite messy.

As you set up the tree, you might notice that the flocking sheds, which can be frustrating but manageable with proper care.

Additionally, the size of the tree might make it slightly challenging to store during the off-season.


If you’re in search of a realistic and snowy artificial Christmas tree, the Fraser Hill Farm 9 ft. Pre-Lit Mountain Pine Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree is a fantastic choice.

Its lifelike design, hassle-free setup, and clear Smart lighting make it easy to create a beautiful holiday display in your home.

However, be prepared to handle some flocking mess and consider storage options for this large tree.

National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5ft Artificial Christmas Tree

National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5 Foot Artificial Holiday Prelit Christmas Tree w/750 Clear Lights, Pinecones, 1399 Branch Tips and Metal Stand


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This realistic Carolina Pine tree adds a touch of winter magic to your home, making it a perfect choice for the holiday season.


  • Highly realistic & lifelike appearance
  • Pre-lit with 750 white lights
  • Easy setup with hinged branches


  • Requires considerable time for shaping branches
  • Quite heavy to handle during setup
  • May not appear as full as advertised

Stepping into your living room, you can’t help but admire the National Tree Company’s Carolina Pine Artificial Christmas Tree. Its lifelike appearance captures the essence of a real tree, making it an excellent addition to your festive decor. You and your family will marvel at the majestic stature of this 7.5-foot-tall tree, with its wide profile and hundreds of individually crafted branch tips.

The 750 pre-lit white lights add a warm glow to the tree and make your holiday ornaments shine even brighter. You appreciate its hinged branch system that allows for an effortless setup and convenient storage when the season ends. Keep in mind that you’ll need to dedicate 45-60 minutes to properly shape and fluff the branches, but it’s worth it for the desired full-bodied look.

Constructed with hypo-allergenic and fire-resistant materials, the Carolina Pine tree ensures a safe and joyful ambiance for your holiday celebrations.

Its sturdy metal base adds stability, allowing for a secure display in your living room or dining area. You are glad you chose this tree, as it’s built to bring years of festive cheer to your home.

The National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5ft Artificial Christmas Tree is a fantastic choice for those seeking a realistic and festive addition to their holiday decorations.

While it requires some time and effort to fluff the branches, the end result is a beautiful and enchanting tree that will enhance your holiday experience for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top brands for realistic artificial trees?

There are several reputable brands that manufacture realistic artificial Christmas trees. Some popular ones include Balsam Hill, National Tree Company, and Frontgate.

Each of these brands offers a wide selection of trees in various sizes, shapes, and levels of realism. When searching for the perfect tree, it is essential to consider your preferences, budget, and the space you have available in your home.

Which artificial tree has the most natural look?

The most natural-looking artificial Christmas tree is subjective and depends on your personal taste. Many people praise Balsam Hill’s realistic trees for their exceptional attention to detail.

They use a mix of molded polyethylene (PE) and PVC needles, which helps provide a more authentic appearance.

However, other brands like National Tree Company and Frontgate also offer realistic trees. Take your time browsing their selections and reading reviews from others to help find the perfect fit for your home.

Are pre-lit artificial trees better than unlit ones?

The choice between pre-lit and unlit artificial Christmas trees depends on your preferences and needs.

Pre-lit trees come with built-in lights, making the decorating process more manageable and convenient. You won’t need to worry about untangling and stringing your lights, which can save time and energy.

Additionally, many pre-lit trees feature energy-saving LED lights, making them cost-efficient in the long run.

On the other hand, unlit trees allow you greater flexibility in choosing your lights and adjusting the lighting style. If a strand of lights fails, you can easily replace it without affecting the tree itself.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest in setting up and decorating your tree.

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