15 Advanced Lego Sets For Adults

Today we are taking a look at advanced Lego sets for adults. There are more adults buying and building Lego sets than ever before and we think that is awesome. These are a good mix of the best Lego sets for adults, complex Lego sets that in all honesty a kid might not be interested in.

Building things with Lego is not just a lot of fun. It’s also a fantastic way to unwind, relax and in general turn your brain off after a hard day at work or running around after the kids.

So have a look down below at some truly amazing complex Lego sets for adults.

LEGO Architecture Collection: The White House 21054 Building Kit

LEGO Architecture Collection: The White House 21054 Model Building Kit, Creative Building Set for Adults, A Revitalizing DIY Project and Great Gift for Any Hobbyists, New 2020 (1,483 Pieces)

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This is the new White House building kit just released in August 2020. If you scroll down below, you’ll notice we also have the old version, which is a lot smaller and a lot less pieces.

This new version is certainly more advanced and it can be divided into 3 sections, so you can see it more detailed.

The set features the Executive Residence, West Wing, East Wing, and connecting colonnades of The White House, the fountain plus the Rose Garden and Jacqueline Kennedy Garden.

It’s a beautiful building kit for the adult LEGO fan!

LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Helmet 76165

LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Helmet 76165; Brick Iron Man-Mask for-Adults to Build and Display, Creative Challenge for Marvel Fans, New 2020 (480 Pieces)

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Test your construction superpowers with the LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Helmet!

The iconic design of Iron Man’s Helmet is cleverly reproduced with 480 red and gold LEGO bricks and graphics stickers to evoke memories of classic Marvel Avengers movie scenes. The helmet  stands on a sturdy base with nameplate.

LEGO Art Building Set Star Wars The Sith

LEGO Art Building Sets Star Wars The Sith

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New from LEGO this year are the art building sets for adults. There are 4 different themes available:

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • The Beatles
  • Iron Man
  • Star Wars

Creating this artwork is fun, creative and relaxing and when done you can display it on your wall.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station

LEGO Ideas International Space Station

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Brand new in 2020 is the LEGO Ideas International Space Station! This building kit is a 864 piece replica of the ISS (International Space Station and it looks very authentic.

It features 8 adjustable, rotating solar panels and a poseable Canadarm2 mobile servicing system. The ISS also includes 3 miniature cargo spacecraft, a buildable miniature version of a NASA Space Shuttle orbiter,and 2 astronaut micro-figures.

The LEGO Ideas International Space Station building set comes with a display stand and a 148-page booklet with facts on the real ISS and the genesis of its LEGO counterpart.

Lego Eiffel Tower Set by Lego Architecture – Advanced Lego Sets For Adults

Lego Eiffel Tower Set

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The Lego Eiffel Tower set is one that we really like and one of the best pieces in the Lego Architecture line. This is a truly great representation of the Eiffel Tower. We love the metal, almost kind of steam punk look to this and are sure it is something you will display on your shelf with a lot of pride.

Anyone who thinks architecture is cool or who just loves France will really like this. At 321 pieces and an age recommendation of 12 and up. This is a Lego set that’s not going to be all that hard to make. So if you want a set that is fun to build, but is not going to take you a few days to complete then this one would be ideal for you.

Like other Lego Architecture sets this one comes with an information booklet that tells you some fascinating facts about the Eiffel Tower.

Lego Architecture Capitol Building by Lego Architecture


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We wanted to start this advanced Lego sets for adults list with something truly incredible and that is the United States Capitol Building, which is one of the larger Lego sets.

This incredible set contains over 1000 pieces and once built it contains the dome, north and south wings, the lawns and everything else that makes the Capitol Building such an iconic piece of architecture.

The Lego United States Capitol building kit is just such a classy Lego piece and a piece you will not just have a lot of fun building, but also showing off to anyone who comes around. One cool bonus of this set is the little book that gives you some interesting information about the Capitol Building and its construction.

Lego London Tower Bridge by Lego Creator – Advanced Lego Sets For Adults

LEGO London Tower Bridge

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This 4925 piece Lego London Tower Bridge set is one of the crown jewels in the Lego Creator line. This is truly epic and it is going to take you quite a while to build, but that’s a huge part of the appeal of a large Lego set like this. Once built we can guarantee you that you will have a huge sense of accomplishment.

In this complex Lego set for adults you of course get The Tower Bridge, but what is really cool is that it can actually open up. As well as The Tower Bridge, you get some great accessories with this set. The most notable ones are the London style black cab and the large red double decker bus.

If you want a little bit of London life in your house then this is a great way to get it. This is one of the best Lego sets for adults which is recommended for people who are aged 16 and over.

Lego Sydney Opera House by Lego Creator

Lego Sydney Opera House

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This is one of the most spectacular advanced Lego sets for adults we’ve ever seen. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic, most complex architectural structures in the entire world. Now you can have it in your very own home and you do not have to be a super villain and shrink down the actual thing to do so. You can build it yourself thanks to this over 2000 piece Sydney Opera House set.

This is a unique set that is a lot of fun to build and if you’re a serious Lego collector then you will love some of the pieces this comes with. It comes with dark tan Lego pieces which are very rare and it also features the even rarer blue stud baseplate which was available for the first time in this set.

The Lego Sydney Opera House set is for ages 16 and up this really is one fantastic complex Lego set that would be perfect for a Lego collector. The Sydney Opera House is also available in the Lego Architecture line.

Lego Architecture Sydney Opera House – Complex Lego Sets For Adults

Lego Architecture Sydney Opera House

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Lego Volkswagen Beetle by Lego Creator Expert

LEGO Volkswagen Beetle

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Whoa dude! Let’s go to beach and hang out and party in this awesome Lego Volkswagen Beetle. This is based on the iconic 1960’s VW Beetle design and they really couldn’t have captured it any better.

Made with 1167 Lego pieces this is one of the coolest Volkswagen Beetles on the planet. It has a cool blue color, special fenders, a VW logo and a few other special pieces like the windshield or example. This is a great advanced Lego set for adults and the kind of thing that people will have to look at a few times before they realize that it’s actually made out of Lego.

The Lego Volkswagen Beetle is great for not just Lego collectors, but people who are into cars as well. Like other Lego Creator sets this one here is aimed at people who are aged 16 and over.

Lego Architecture New York City Skyline

LEGO Architecture New York City

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The Lego Architecture New York City skyline building set is one of the best advanced Lego sets for adults and would make for a great set for an adult looking to get back into making things out of Lego. While impressive this is made of only 598 pieces so it is one of the easier to build sets on this list. But that does not make it any less special.

This awesome set features some of the most famous New York City landmarks. There’s The Statue Of Liberty, Flatiron Building, World Trade Centre, Empire State Building and The Chrysler Building. It really makes a great display set and as a nice bonus it comes with a little booklet that gives you some great information about these iconic buildings.

The Lego New York City skyline building set is recommended for people aged 12 and older so if you have an older child this would actually be fun for you to build together.

Lego Parisian Restaurant by Lego Creator Expert

Lego Parisian Restaurant

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Talking about advanced Lego sets for adults, this sure is one! This Lego Parisian Restaurant set is classed as an “expert set” and that is because it is made with over 2000 pieces and a real challenge to build. We are sure this is something that will make it very popular with people who really love to build Lego sets that offer a real challenge.

We just love this set. They have really done an amazing job with this. Just look at all the little details such as the chef, the lady on the scooter, the waiter and just the overall general style of the restaurant that lets you know this is Paris.

This is one of the most detailed complex Lego sets for adults on this list and the back of the set is just as impressive as the front as there’s a large staircase which leads to more seating.

If you love a bit of a challenge then we highly recommend this set. As it is one of the harder Lego sets it is recommended for Lego Master Builders aged 16 and up.

Lego Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit – Best Lego Sets For Adults

Lego Creator Expert Ferrari F40 Kit

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Next we have one of the best Lego sets for adults who love super cars. The Ferrari F40 is one of the coolest looking and fastest cars on the planet and unfortunately feels out of reach for most of us as it costs a couple of hundred thousand bucks. Well not any more thanks to this amazing, Ferrari F40 Kit that is part of the Lego Creator range.

Ok so let’s start with the obvious, this is one incredible looking Lego kit and with over 1000 pieces it is going to be a real challenge, but still a lot of fun to build. It has many cool features like opening doors, actual racing seats, Ferrari logo, an proper engine hidden in the rear and much more.

This really is the ultimate Ferrari F40 building kit it looks so good that at first glance you do not realize this is built out of Lego! This is recommended for people aged 16 and up and it really would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves Ferrari or just cars in general.

Lego White House Set by Lego Architecture – Advanced Lego Sets For Adults

Lego White House Set

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If you want to see the White House in all its glory before then you can do so with this awesome Lego White House set.

As part of the Lego Architecture range this is aimed at people who would like to get back into Lego and build something a little more classy and elegant. At 560 Lego bricks this is not one of the most advanced Lego sets for adults, but you will still have a lot of fun building it.

One of the things that we really love about this Lego set is how the base finishes it off nicely and gives it a real elegant look. In all this is just a fantastic Lego set that really captures the White House very well.

The Lego White House set is aimed at people 12 and up. If you have young kids then they would actually be able to give you a hand with this. An added bonus with this set is a fascinating little booklet that gives you some background information about the construction of The White House.

Lego The Shield Helicarrier by Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego The Shield Helicarrier

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Last of all on our list of advanced Lego sets for adults is the amazing Lego the Shield Helicarrier which is from the movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. We can assure that this Lego set is not for kids! It is aimed at people aged 16 and over and contains a phenomenal 2996 pieces so you will certainly need to spend some serious time putting this together.

This has so many cool features that it would be impossible for us to tell you about them all, but some of the highlights are: 3 Quin jets, 3 fighter jets, 2 fork lifts, a gas truck and a few other accessories that will help keep the Helicarrier running.

You also get five Lego mini figures with this set. Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Maria Hill. You even get an awesome little SHIELD stand that the figures can go on. With flashing lights, rotating blades and much more this really is one of the most amazing Marvel Lego sets ever created!

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