Top 5 Gift Ideas For Cyclists

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Gift Ideas For Cyclists

These are gift ideas for cyclists that all cyclists want and unquestionably need to have for a great cycling experience time and time again. If you have a cycling enthusiast in your family or friendship circle you will love these great Christmas gift ideas for cyclists and they will too.

1. Hydration Packs

Christmas gift ideas for cyclists - hydration packs

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Being an avid cyclist myself, I hate getting dehydrated when I indulge in one of my biking  journeys as it cuts my journey short and that irritates me because I love those long cycling experiences!

For lengthy rides every cyclist needs to sustain proper hydration, which is why my wife actually got me a hydration pack and my cycling experiences have been revitalized , lengthier, less tiring and simply more pleasurable.

Hydration packs come in all kinds of sizes and manner and attach to both street and mountain bikes with no difficulty at all and will definitely make for a pleasant surprise.

Here are the epitomes of hydration packs in the cycling world: Hydration packs

2. Bike Helmet Mirror

Christmas gift idea for cyclist-Bike Helmet Mirror

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This is not only ideal for protection, a bike helmet mirror allows a cyclist to be more mindful of their surroundings simply by making them see where they have been and what may be impending.

This is one of those presents that add that extra value because it can be home-made (everyone appreciates a homemade item because it came directly from the heart of the person giving the gift).

It’s cheap and it is fun to make and trust me the cyclist will go bonkers for it. You will need a few materials that will set you back an astounding two dollars. For details on how to make a bike helmet mirror at home visit

If you rather just buy a bike helmet mirror, check out this selection here. Prices range from $10-$20

3. A Bike Multi-Purpose Tool

Gift ideas for cyclists - bike multipurpose tools

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This beneficial device is a compact tool for emergency repairs on the trails or roads. They are typically equipped with various varieties of screwdrivers, Allen and hex wrenches, tire levers and other repair items. They make the perfect gift for a cyclist that has safety at the pinnacle of his concern. Here are some great Multipurpose tools that some of my buddies can vouch for.

4. An Indoor Exercise Bike

Christmas gift ideas for cyclists - indoor exercise bike

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Quite an expensive gift but for the serious cyclist when the weather is dreadful enough to avoid the great outdoors, a decent work out can still be achieved with an indoor trainer. Alternatively a bicycle trainer stand is a lot cheaper (like this one here)and you can still ride your own bike!

5. Bicycle Christmas Tree Ornament

bicycle ornament

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This one is a very creative one that my daughter got me for Christmas about 5 years ago and ever since it’s been dear to my heart! We still put it up every Christmas, because it holds tremendous sentimental value to me.

Just get your hands on a tree ornament that includes a cyclist and get their name and year etched on it for around $4 dollars at a local engraving place. Altogether you will spend like $15 but the cyclist that gets it will deem it priceless because it is so unique.

Check for great bicycle ornaments that can be personalized.

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