Magnetic Bracelet for Women – Gift for Health Conscious

Wave goodbye to the days when a magnetic bracelet for women was so unattractive that you didn’t wanna be seen wearing one. Thanks to Willis Judd you can now enjoy all the health benefits of a magnetic bracelet without hiding it from the outside world.

Magnetic Bracelet for Women

Willis Judd Womens Love Heart Titanium Magnetic Bracelet Adjustable


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I love the charming and quirky design of this bracelet and especially the lovely titanium and gold colored hearts make it a real eye-catcher.

The bracelet is made of high tech super strong pure titanium, it weighs only 10 grams so you hardly notice wearing it.

Each link has a powerful 3000 Gauss magnet inside (Gauss is the way the strength of magnets is measured). 3000 Gauss is the equivalent of a magnetic superpower, so you get the maximum health benefits.

The magnetic bracelet is 7.5 inches long and 0.3 inches wide, it’s hypoallergenic and comes with a convenient link removal tool.

The link removal tool makes it easy for you to adjust the bracelet to your own requirements. So there’s no need to burn extra money to have your magnetic bracelet adjusted at your local jeweler.

The Willis Judd magnetic bracelet for women is a little stunner, it comes in a pretty black velvet gift box and will without a doubt put a smile on your or the recipient’s face.

So next time that handsome guy tells you he is strongly attracted to you, you know it must be magnetic.

Live. Laugh. Dream. Smile.

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