Wellness Gifts for Women

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Got that friend, mom or sister who could use more zen and less stress? These wellness gifts for women hit the right note and give her that much needed health boost!

Wellness Gifts for Women | Wellness Gift Ideas For Her

Wellness Planner

Ban.do Wellness Planner

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This sleek journal helps her plan and maintain her wellness and health goals and comes with 5 sections and playful stickers.

Beauty Steep Tea Bag Eye Masks

Beauty Steep Tea Bag Eye Masks - Health and Wellness Gifts For Her

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After a hard day at work it’s nice to relax in the bath tub or a comfy chair with these tea bag eye masks. The bags are filled with 3 different blends of tea that will wake up tired eyes.

Perfect when she’s spend the day staring at a screen.

Amazonite Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Amazonite Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet is made from porous lava rocks, on which you can pour essentials oils.

The rocks emit little bursts of calming scents that relax during the day.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat


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If she loves her yoga, this mat will make a great gift. It’s non-slip and odorless and contains NO latex, PVC, or any heavy metal.

Tranquil Water Fountain

Natural Stone Fountain | Wellness Gift Ideas

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With this water fountain she can create her own tranquil space even in small rooms or spaces.

The calming sound of water is perfect during meditation, Yoga or reading. Made from natural stone.

Amethyst Gemstone Facial Roller

Amethyst Gemstone Facial Roller | Health and Wellness Gift Ideas for Women

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Massaging the skin with a facial roller increases circulation, decreases puffiness and relaxes tight facial muscles. Pop this in the fridge beforehand for a cooling action that’s wonderful on a hot summer day or for someone who’s suffering from hot flashes.

Happy Place Diffuser With Lava Rocks

Happy Place Diffuser with Lava Rocks | Wellness Gift Ideas

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This handcrafted diffuser is made from ceramics with lava rocks on top. Choose from a beach or outdoors version that come with corresponding scents.

Wine Soaps – Set of 4

Wine Soaps - Set of 4 | Wellness gifts for women

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A unique wellness gift for her: this set of 4 handmade wine soaps that turns her morning shower into happy hour!

The soaps are crafted from ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil with scents such as Chardonnay (citrus) and Pinot Noir (plums, berries and apples).

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp | Wellness Gift Ideas

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A Himalayan salt lamp keeps the air fresh and gives a soothing glow. This one is made from 100% natural salt and is fitted with a wooden base.

Kombucha Jar & Brew Kit

Kombucha Jar and Brew Kit | Health and Wellness Gift Idea

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With this brew kit, she can make her own delicious and healthy Kombucha. Detailed instructions and recipes are included.


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Wellness Gifts for Women - Wellness Gift Ideas For Her