Best Gifts For Insomniacs That Help Them Sleep

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Here’s a great list of gifts for insomniacs. If you know someone who’s suffering from insomnia you probably know that this absolutely sucks and that they can use a gift to help them catch those zzz’s.

Sleep Comes Easy Set

Sleep Comes Easy Set - Gifts for Insomniacs

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Failing to relax before bedtime is one of the reasons people suffer from insomnia.

Lavender is a well-known relaxant and is used a lot by people who have trouble getting to sleep in the first place.

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate comes with many uses for health, beauty and home and is also well-known to relax muscles and sooth aches and pains.

This set contains products with both these ingredients and a host of other natural ingredients to soothe, relax and induce sleep.

Ideally you would turn off any blue screens like tablets and phones at least an hour before bed and than use the products in this set for much needed self-care!

Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs


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Annoying lights from the outside is another reason people just can’t sleep. Ideally you would sleep in a completely darkened room to black out any lights, but sometimes circumstances prevent that from happening.

A soft sleep mask makes a great gift for an insomniac and is also perfect for someone who naps during the day.

Blackout Shades


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These blackout shades are fantastic for blocking sunlight and they also reduce noise.

Weighted Blanket


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While a weighted blanket may seem to some people as “the latest thing”, there are many more calling it a life saver.

These blankets are perfect for people who suffer from insomnia due to anxiety or PTSD. The weight calms you down, feels like a warm hug and it also prevents tossing and turning, so you’ll sleep better.

The Nocturnal Journal


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The Nocturnal Journal helps insonmiacs explore what keeps them up at night, and why using prompts, illustrations and half-formed creative ideas that they can explore and bring peace of mind.

The perfect gift for journal lovers and anyone seeking emotional wellness, self care, and a clearer mind.

White Noise Machine


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A white noise machine drowns out noise and is perfect for light sleepers. This one has a great sound quality and comes with several white noise sounds, fan sounds and nature sounds.

Best of all: the sounds are not playing on a loop!

Funny Insomnia Mug


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To make light of the situation a funny mug might draw a few laughs with the recipient.

Of course make sure the person you give this to can appreciate this gift. Also, don’t use it to drink coffee, but go for herbal tea instead.

Pajama Set for Women


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A soft and comfortable pajama set is essential for a good night’s sleep.

Made from lightweight modal and available in 17 colors.

Pajama Pants for Men


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This comfy sleep pant comes with a drawstring and is made from a soft cotton blend.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


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Whether or not Himalayan salt lamp purify air is up for debate, although a lot of the over 14,300 reviewers who bought this particular lamp said it did.

What it does do is create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere and soft glow that does promote sleep.

Moon Beam Sleep Aid

Moon Beam Sleep Aid - Gifts for Insomniacs

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Deep breathing is a good practice for people who have trouble sleeping. However concentrating on breathing can be hard for someone who is coping with anxiety or restlessness.

This lamp solves that problem! It works by projecting a halo on the ceiling that grows and shrinks with breathing in and out.

And it helps you slow down your breath from 11 times to 6 times a minute to promote sleep.

We think it’s genius.

Rest CBD Oil

Rest CBD Oil - Gifts for People Who Have Trouble Sleeping

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One of the most popular ways to get a good nights sleep is taking CBD oil. It promotes deep, restorative sleep, but does not contain THC, so there’s no high and you don’t wake up groggy.

Just few drops under the tongue before bedtime is enough to feel good again.

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