15 Cool Friends TV Show Gifts

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Could we BE any more surprised that’s been 25 years since Friends aired? We are still watching the re-runs and came up with a lot of Friends TV show gifts for all the millions of fans still out there!

There’s a lot of cool and funny Friends merchandise out there, so pull up a chair and let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The One With The Turkey Mask

Giant Turkey Mask - Friends TV show Gifts

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Remember when Monica apologized to Chandler for cutting off a piece of his toe while wearing a turkey mask? 

If you know someone who needs a bit of cheering up, shimmy over to their place wearing this mask for guaranteed success.

And don’t worry, the sunglasses are made of mesh, so you can see when you’re going.

Central Perk Neon Light

Central Perk Neon Light - Gifts for Friends Fans

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Turn your living room into your own Central Perk with this Central Perk neon light. Now all you need is a brown Chesterfield couch.

FRIENDS Calendar 2020


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An officially licensed Friends calendar for 2020 with pictures from the funniest scenes. One of favorite scenes is on there too.

Hint: “Could I be Wearing Anymore Clothes?”

Includes 100 calendar stickers.

Friends TV Show Ornament


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An official Hallmark ornament featuring the Central Perk coffee cup.

Friends Door Frame


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One of the most remembered Friends decor props is the yellow peephole frame that hung on Monica’s purple door. 

We found a good quality replica that looks great on any door.

Be careful though: you might want to paint your door purple next!

Friends Monopoly


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The Friends version of the classic Monopoly game with custom board pieces to play with.

The One with All the Recipes Unofficial Cookbook


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A funny cookbook with recipes inspired by the popular sitcom. You can now serve up meals like “Engagement ring lasagna” and “Perfect Pox Peach Cobbler.”

Great idea for your next Friendsgiving party!


See? He’s her lobster.
— Phoebe, Friends, Season 3: The One with the Flashback

You’re My Lobster Plush


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A Friends lobster plush to give to your lobster.

Friends 25 Year Anniversary Mug


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This Friends anniversary mug displays all the famous quotes from the show. Brings a smile to your first when you’re having that first morning cuppa.

Friends Trivia Game


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Over 600 questions from your favorite Friends moments in season 1-10, perfect for Friendsgiving or family game night! 

LEGO Central Perk Building Kit

LEGO Ideas 21319 Friends The Television Series Central Perk - Friends TV Show Gifts


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Could we BE any more excited to build our own Central Perk? It’s 1070 pieces and includes 7 figures. Yes, Gunther too!!


How you doin’?
— Joey Tribbiani, Friends, Season 1: The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate


How You Doin’? Gifts

Joey’s line when he met Rachel in the first episode of Friends and one he would repeat many times to our delight. You can find lots of stuff with the “How You Doin’?” line.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Official How You Doin’? Doormat


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Official How You Doin’? Doormat made from PVC and coconut brush.

How You Doin’ Friends Mug


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How You Doin’ coffee or tea mug.

How You Doin’? Hoodie


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Friends hoodie with front pocket. Available in 6 sizes.


Pivot! PIVOT!
— Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Friends, Season 5: The One With The Cop

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