Gifts For 14 Year Old Girls

Finding the right gifts for 14-year-old girls can be a challenge as teens can be fickle and subject to trends.

We have selected over 50 gifts for 14 year old girls that will score major points, whether it’s for Christmas or birthdays.

Gifts For 14 Year Old Girls

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Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker


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This Sony XB12 speaker is hot! It’s portable, wireless, water resistant, has a 16 hour battery life, extra bass and there are 6 cool colors.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case


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These latest model Apple Airpods are on the top of the wish list of every 14 year old girl this year. They charge fast and provide hours of listening, connect automatically without issue and have crystal clear sound.

HP Sprocket 200 Portable Photo Printer is a Cool 14 Year Old Gift Idea


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A 14 year old girl loves to take pictures and post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But what about those really precious photos she wants to keep forever?

Well with this smart little printer (which is no bigger than a cell phone!) she can print out images on the sticky back paper which she can then share or stick wherever she likes. Available in 4 colors.

Adelaide Monogram Journal

Adelaide Monogram Journal


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This Adelaide Monogram Journal is a thoughtful gift, it has a personalized touch and even a stylish pen is included. Definitely a lovely gift for a 14 year old girl.

PANDORA Shine Heart Bracelet


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What a lovely gift this is! This Pandora charm bracelet features a 14K rose gold plated heart clasp and is the perfect gift for a charm bracelet beginner.

Preserve memories, milestones, hobbies, loved ones and other important moments in live. There’s a ton of beautiful charms to go with Pandora bracelets, no doubt a fantastic gift idea for a 14 year old girl.

Pandora Heart Highlights Multicolored Dangle Charm


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A  loving Pandora heart charm just one of the many beautiful charms in the Pandora collection.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera


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Another winner when it comes to gifts for 14 year old girls. A cool looking instant camera that prints high-quality instant pictures for her to capture those precious moments in life. The Instax Mini 9 camera comes in five trendy colors and is also available with awesome accessories packs.

Neewer Ring Light Kit – The Ultimate Tech Gadget


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This complete ring light kit is an awesome gift for a vlogger, Youtuber or for someone who loves to make the perfect pictures and selfies.

This kit includes an 18″ dimmable LED light ring with white and orange filters. A lightweight, portable light stand, a hot shoe adapter which can hold most DSLR cameras and a smartphone holder that is adaptable with most smartphones.

A cool carrying bag is also included, making this the ultimate gift for a tech and gadget lover!

Victoria’s Secret PINK Leggings


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Stylish legging by teen brand favorite Victoria’s Secret PINK with mesh inserts and bling details.

Sephora Once Upon A Night Makeup Palette


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Beautiful makeup palette by Sephora with over 130 eyeshadow, lipgloss, bronzer, highlighter and blush colors to create many looks from day to night.

Spalding Girls Basketball


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For the girl who loves basketball, this NBA basketball in pink/purple will have her shoot many hoops!

Under Armour Girls’ Favorite Backpack


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The hottest backpack at the moment and this is the one that girls love! Rock-solid, highly water-resistant, loads of space and available in 8 cool designs.

Sonic Alert Sweetheart Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker


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That’s one cute looking alarm clock, isn’t it? However don’t let looks deceive you, as this little cutie can blast out 113db of mayhem!

No way she’s gonna sleep through that!

They even added a powerful bed shaker for the real hardcore over sleepers, this will shake them out of bed for sure.

Cupcake Shaped Pillow


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Teen girls love decorating their bedroom, so she will love this fun cupcake shaped pillow.

It’s not just cute to look at–it’s also comfy and squishy!

Game For Fame – The Most Hilarious Board Game Ever!


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An absolute winner on game night and loved by both teenagers and adults. Do the most hilarious challenges to win this game, the less talent you’ve got the better it is!

JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


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The tech gift every teenage girl would love to get. This quality JBL pulse Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and highly portable.

It has a rechargeable battery that provides a whopping 20 hours of playtime and combines awesome sound quality.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with 3D Glass Color Changing LED Lights

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This spectacular 3D glass  color changing essential oil diffuser will look great in her room. This new 3D LED technology will give her room a really cool and ambient vibe. There are 8 different models available.

Love Encounter Swarovski Crystals Bangle Bracelet


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An elegant white gold plated bangle bracelet with six pink Swarovski crystals. A lovely jewelry gift for a 14 year old girl.

This affordable bracelet is available in 4 other crystal colors.

Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens


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A great book for teen girls that helps them deal with self-esteem issues. It comes with practical exercises that focus on self-doubt, setbacks,  dealing with criticism and more.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette Spray

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A fragrance that young women love! A sophisticated, bestselling eau de toilette spray from the popular designer Tommy Hilfiger. If a new fragrance is what she wants, you can’t go wrong with Tommy Girl!

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer


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Getting her hair done in half the time, it’s all possible with the Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer.

It has the power of a dryer and the volume of a styler, 1100 Watt, a cool design and tufted bristles for detangling.

A great beauty gift for a teenage girl indeed!



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A highly effective sonic cleansing brush that gets rid of 99.5% of all impurities. Suitable for all skin types leaves the skin perfectly clean and a blessing for acne-prone skin.

Hygienic, 8 adjustable intensities, 3 brush zones, no more replacement brushes and you can choose from 5 trendy colors.

SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers With LED Light Show

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These water speakers offer great sound quality but they also have another totally cool feature. When the music is playing the water inside the speaker jets around and the LED lights put on a pretty spectacular light show.

They connect via Bluetooth but can also make a wired connection, colors available are black, blue, white and pink.

Fashion Gifts

Teen girls love fashion and spend a lot of money on it. However, buying clothes as a gift is tricky, even if you do know someone’s size.

Accessories are always a safe option, so stick to scarfs, wallets, and bags for a gift that’s sure to make any 14 year old girl really happy.

Gadget Gifts

Looking for gifts for a 14 year old techie? Choose items like phone accessories, cameras, tablets and fitness trackers for some extra brownie points this year!


Teens are forever doing their hair and experimenting with different styles. Give them the right tools to work with, it will add to the fun at the next pajama party!

Music Gifts

If your 14 old is into music, she will love these music gifts! And yeah the retro-looking record player is totally cool again!

Numark DJ2GO2 | Ultra-Portable Two Channel DJ Controller


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We believe that this probably is the coolest item on our list of gifts for 14 year old girls. If your 14 year old loves her music and dreams of being a DJ who rocks the party then this portable  DJ Controller would make for a tremendous gift.

This is one of the smallest fully functional DJ controllers on the planet at just under 14 inches wide!

It features an on-board 16-bit / 44.1 kHz audio interface with 1/8-inch headphone output and 1/8-inch main output for connection to mixers & PA systems.

Not to mention 2 channels outfitted with a crossfader, jog-wheels, pitch faders and much more!

DJing For Dummies


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An excellent gift that goes well with our previous gift idea. Any list of gifts for 14 year old girls is going to have a few music-based items on it, so that is why we have another one for you here in, DJing For Dummies.

If your child loves music and has an interest in DJing, then this is a book that they will really be inspired by.

The information in this book is given by a top DJ and what’s really cool about it is that it talks about old school vinyl DJing and modern digital DJing as well.

It really is a great book that will not only teach important stuff about how to become a good DJ it will also be something they find very interesting and cool.


When you’re looking for gifts for 14 year old girls, you can’t skip jewelry! Girls love jewelry, so give them some Instagram worthy jewelry to show off.

Anything rose gold will do and it does not have to be expensive.


14 year old girls love perfume, so give them a fragrance from their favorite celebrity or a nice fruity scent. Scented candles and bath goodies are also a welcome idea!


Looking for a gift for a sporty 14 year old? Cool workout gear and equipment are very popular gifts for 14 year old girls.

Gifts For Foodies

Great gifts for a foodie loving 14 year old include appliances, so she can make her own food or a big version of her favorite candy.


14 year old girls can spend hours perfecting their makeup, watching video tutorials and Instagram pics. Give her some great makeup products to experiment with and give those Instagram girls a run for their money.

Nail Polish Kit

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You really cannot go wrong with nail polish when it comes to gifts for 14 year old girls! This incredible nail polish kit features 24 different colors of nail polish.

There is a great variety of shades in this set. You have 5 glitter shades, 4 pearl shades, 4 neon shades, and 11 matte shades. So there really is a fantastic selection here.

These are quick-dry so there is no need for your child to spend ten minutes blowing on them or even getting the hair dryer out!

Room Decor

Girls love to decorate their own space. A bedding set, bean bags or throw pillows are great gift ideas for a teenage bedroom.

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