25+ Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Ideas

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Ideas

Today we are sharing some fun ways that you can throw the ultimate Winter Wonderland Christmas party! This is a fantastic theme for a Christmas party as it gets everyone in the Christmas spirit.

It also has a bit of magic and whimsy about it that can help turn a Scrooge into a Buddy the Elf!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Theme

Getting The Winter Wonderland Theme Just Right

Throwing a winter wonderland party is awesome but what makes up this theme is really open to interpretation.

To help you get a bit more focus and a few ideas about how you can make this winter wonderland Christmas party theme something that is going to wow everyone we have some great ideas for you.

A Magical Holiday Attire

While you do not want to invite people to a winter wonderland Christmas party and they give them some strict party attire that they have to stick to, a few ideas or guidelines can be helpful.

The best thing you can tell people is to wear something that is whimsy or magical and when you get about 50 replies asking what the heck does that mean!

Just tell them that something shiny or something like Elsa wears in Frozen and they will have an idea of what this theme is all about.

How To Decorate For A Winter Wonderland Party!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Ideas


Now, this is where the real fun of a winter wonderland Christmas party theme comes into play! You can get very creative with how you decorate for this kind of theme.

Starting with a white Christmas tree, but you can get all kinds of trees around the holidays that are full of LEDs that shimmer and shine.

Table centerpieces that do the same thing. Stuff like this is a sure-fire way to get people to feel a magical kind of feeling as they walk in.

Projecting The Stars

If you want to really wow your party guests, think about getting a projector. No, not so that you can watch movies! We are talking about a projector that will project the night sky and other Christmas-type imagery on the roof and walls.

This is a fantastic and easy way to add that little bit of extra magic to your shindig.

Blue, White, And Silver

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party DecorWinter Wonderland Christmas Party Decor


This may sound strange, but you can go a very long way when you are decorating your winter wonderland paradise just by using tinsel that is light blue, white, and silver.

There is just something about the combination of these three colors that just screams winter wonderland!

If you feel like your party is lacking a little in the magic department then this color of tinsel and even a few decorations of the same style can go a long way.

Let It, Snow!

Snow is an essential part of a winter wonderland party! You may think that getting one of those snow machines that shoot fake snow all over the place is the way to go and that could be pretty awesome.

However, just having a bunch of fake snow around the place is a great way to get people feeling all wintery and magical.

The Magic Of The Movies!

If you want to add a bit of A-list class to your party, you may want to consider getting some images or posters of classic Christmas movies.

Stuff like, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Muppets Christmas Carol, Elf, and movies that have a lot of heart and make people smile are the kind of things you want to go for.

Krampus and Die Hard may be cool, but are they all that whimsical?

The Soundtrack Of The Evening

When it comes to what kind of music to play during your winter wonderland Christmas party, you cannot go wrong with the Christmas classics. You can also add some of the other party favorites to create the perfect party vibe to get everyone on the dance floor. However, be sure to have a good mixture of all kinds of music.

Ask a good friend or family member to play the DJ or hire one to keep the crowd dancing and singing!

What Kind Of Games To Play?

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Games


In this day and age, people need a bit of entertainment. You cannot decide to have a winter wonderland Christmas party theme and not offer anything for people to do.

Sure, you have a keg and a tub full of ice with some Bud Light in there, but having some fun games is sure to make people laugh, smile, and remember this part for a very long time to come.

Well, they will remember it as long as they have not had a few too many to drink if you know what we are saying.

A Magical Christmas Movie Quiz

What is neat about this and what makes it perfect for a winter wonderland Christmas party theme is that it is so easy to do.

You just print out a bunch of quizzes based on Christmas movies, you can jazz them up a bit if you like to make them more “magical” and fitting with the theme.

You can hand them out and collect them later, seeing who the winner is. Or, you could do this pub quiz style and have people in teams and make more of an event out of it.

Humming The Classics!

Now, this is ideal for a bit later into the party when people may have had a drink or two! There are so many Christmas songs that most people will know a few of them.

People split into teams and one player draws a card that has a classic Christmas song, it could be something like Last Christmas by Wham or something more traditional like Good King Wenceslas.

The player has to hum, clap or make any other noises that are not actual singing so that their team can guess the name of the song.

Christmas Wonderland Art Contest

This can be fun and get people working as a team. The idea is that each table is their own team and has to create a Christmas winter wonderland centerpiece for their table.

Now, how you go about this is up to you. You can just have some paper and a few sharpies and let people draw something. You could also have some Play-Doh and have people sculpt something or you could even have random art supplies and let people get really creative.

What is good about this activity is that those on the table that want to do it can and those who do not, well, they can just sit back and let the creative types takeover!

Beer Goggles

Next up we have a very fun game for a winter wonderland Christmas party that is sure to get people laughing. This is kind of like the classic game Pictionary.

You have teams and one player has to draw something that is related to Christmas, it could be something simple like a snowman, or something really hard like the movie Home Alone!

The twist on this is that they either have to do this blindfolded or you can get some special glasses that make everything they see all jumbled up! Of course, you could always just play this without the “gimmicks” if you wish.

Holiday Charades

When it comes to any kind of Christmas party, charades are always going to be a winner and something that everyone can get behind!

You can have people play as teams or you can just have one person go and then who gets it right goes next. This is just the classic game of charades, but all of the things that people have to act out are related to Christmas.

Of course, having some whimsical Christmas music playing while the game is going on can help people get into the spirit more. Oh, a few alcoholic beverages can also help with that!

A Magical Evening Of Food And Drink

One thing you have to get right when you decide to go for a winter wonderland Christmas party theme is the food and drink! Thankfully, a theme like this is actually pretty easy to cater for. As long as you have a nice selection of stuff for people to have during the party, people will be happy.

Here we have a few ideas for you guys of food and drink that you can serve to keep your guests happy.

Nibbles For Nibbling

When you host a party like this, you need to have a good selection of nibbles or appetizers if you prefer. What kind of food and snacks is great to serve here?

Well, you cannot go wrong with the classics like cheese and crackers, breadsticks, garlic bread, meatballs, shrimp, chicken, and other little bits of food that people can pick at and eat for the duration of the party.

It can help keep things fresh to change up the food that is on offer for the duration of the party. For example, if things are winding down, bringing out a huge bowl of Doritos is sure to make people go nuts.

Should You Have A Main Course?

In theory, having the main course at your winter wonderland Christmas party is a great idea. People will think it is one heck of a shindig if there is a main meal being served.

The problem is, keeping everyone happy. It would be great to serve up a nice steak dinner, but that takes time and money. Hey, if you can pull it off more power to you!

However, you may want to go for a more buffet style of food. Things like pizza, burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and so on are always a winner.

Plus, you can winter wonderland it up by having fun Christmas plates that fit the theme of the party and making sure the food area is well decorated.

Time For Dessert

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Desserts


One of the best things about Christmas party food is the dessert! For a winter wonderland party have cupcakes with blue, white, and silver frosting.

You could also have a large cake with party sprinklers and that would be quite the spectacle, but it’s also more work as you have to make sure the cake is cut up.

You can also offer vanilla ice cream pimped with gold and silver sprinkles, Christmas-style cheesecake,  gingerbread men, classic Christmas sugar cookies, and more. Hey, as long as it is sweet and has a bit of the same color as the rest of your theming, you cannot go wrong with it.

What Kind Of Drinks To Serve?

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Drinks


Beer and lots of it! Ok, so that was a joke, but truth be told, you may be tempted to go a bit fancy here with all kinds of cocktails with cinnamon, apple, and so on.

That would certainly fit our winter wonderland Christmas party theme, but you also need to have a bartender when it comes to cocktails! If you do, then go for it, people will love it.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Eggnog


If not, having a good selection of Christmas-themed beers and alcoholic drinks is sure to be a winner. Another Christmas favorite is Eggnog, have a big bowl of eggnog and Christmas-themed paper cups.

Self-service makes getting the party ready so much easier for you. Again, like the food, dress up the bar area with some winter wonderland decorations and lights.

You Have To Offer Hot Drinks!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Hot Chocolate


Some other Christmas parties can get away with just offering cold drinks, but that is not the case with a winter wonderland party! You need to offer hot chocolate, that is pretty much a must!

Tea and coffee can be offered too, but a variety of hot chocolate with marshmallows, cinnamon sprinkles, and maybe a little rum is perfect for a winter wonderland Christmas party theme.


So, there you have it some fun ways that you can host the most awesome winter wonderland Christmas party! This is such a great theme and the kind of theme that everyone loves.

It also gives you a lot of freedom in how you do things too which is why so many people pick this as their theme as it lets them get creative and there is no real wrong or right way to do this.

Just make sure people are having fun and that there is no one driving when they shouldn’t be. Arrange some kind of carpool to get all your guests home safely, or call an Uber for those who had a few too many.

We are confident your party will be a huge success!

Merry Christmas folks, have a good one!

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Winter Wonderland Christmas Party


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