Best Toys & Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

Looking for the best toys and gifts for 5 year old girls can be tough. You want to get them something nice and cute, but at the same time, they all think they are 15 years old! But do not worry as we have scoured the internet and found 20 of the very best gift ideas for 5 year old girls that you will ever see.

So save yourself the headache of dealing with the madness that is Toys R Us or Walmart. Have a cup of coffee or if the kids are in bed, a glass of wine and check out these awesome gift ideas.

Top 20 Toys & Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

Kids Desks – Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk

Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk for kids that love arts and crafts. Girls age 5 will love this gift for her birthday or Christmas.

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Kids desks are great gifts for 5 year old girls! They can use it to draw, paint and write while developing their fine motor skills.

This desk by Step2 features a large work area with compartments where they can store their pencils, paints and other supplies. The vertical compartments and storage bins hold books, tablets and everything else kids need for their arts and crafts projects.

A push button light and a sturdy chair are included.

Hairdorables Dolls

Hairdorables Dolls - Hot Christmas Toys 2018



One of the Hottest Christmas Toys for 2018 are Noah and the Hairdorables Dolls! A collectible doll squad with “Big Hair, Don’t Care” attitudes all with unique hairstyles in beautiful colors.

The dolls are based on the Youtube series Hairdorables and have their own accessories, fashion, hair styles and surprises. There are 36 dolls to collect including 2 rare and 1 super rare!

Cute Backpacks for Girls

Cute Cat Face Bow Diamond Bling Waterproof Pink School BackpackCute Cat Face Bow Diamond Bling Waterproof Pink School BackpackCheck Price on AmazonVbiger Casual School Bag Children School Kids Backpacks for Girls (Blue-Bow tie)Vbiger Casual School Bag Children School Kids Backpacks for Girls (Blue-Bow tie)Check Price on AmazonNickelodeon JoJo Siwa Purple Bow Backpack with Insulated Lunch Kit School BagNickelodeon JoJo Siwa Purple Bow Backpack with Insulated Lunch Kit School BagCheck Price on Amazon


These cute backpacks are fun gift ideas for 5 year old girls. They can use them for school, sleepover and pretty much anything!

Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Playset

Peppa Pig Lights and Sounds Playset - Kids love to play with Peppa Pig's Family home where they experience all the lights and sounds - It's a great gift idea for kids age 3-8 that love Peppa Pig!

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Girls age 5 who love Peppa Pig will love to play with her home! This play-set features 7 rooms with 3 figures.

All rooms have furniture, but you can expand the Peppa Pig home with expansion packs called “little rooms”. These include light up accessories, figurines and furniture.

The house comes with sound effects like songs and sounds from the TV series.

Dance Code Belle Doll

Dance Code Belle Doll

STEM Toy – Best Toy Awards by Good Housekeeping!

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STEM toys can be fun and interesting for kids. The Dance Code Belle Doll is a perfect example! 

Using a free app kids can create dance routines for Belle to perform. If you prefer to not use the app, Dance Code Belle can also perform 10 dances without the app.

Just touch the Belle Doll’s necklace!

The Dance Code Belle Doll has lots of other standalone activities including phrases and songs.

Zoomer Show Pony

Zoomer Show Pony with Lights, Sounds and Interactive Movement



The Zoomer Show Pony is a fantastic gift idea and one that all 5 year old girls will be super into. No doubt your child loves a pony it is ingrained in their DNA. But the Zoomer Show Pony is unlike any pony they have seen before.

You see, Zoomer can do all kinds of cool stuff. She can go really fast all over the house and she can even spin around and change direction. She even comes with some really fun interactive accessories like a sugar cube, which your child can use to have even more fun with her.

One of the things that we really like about Zoomer Show Pony is how it is an interactive toy that offers just a ton of fun. Your child is going to be laughing all the time as she chases her around the house and gives her a sugar cube as a special treat.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Fisher Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle offers fun, education and exercise all combined into one toy!CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Offering racing, driving and gaming modes, the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy is sure to be one of the coolest interactive gifts a child can get!

While they are peddling and steering, a child is going to be learning about different letters, spelling and words in general. If they do not feel like learning then they can have fun in the gaming section and if they really want to push themselves they can have fun by racing the cute little animal characters.

The way you do all of this is by connecting the Smart Cycle to a tablet or even to your TV (if you have something like an Amazon Fire TV Stick). A smart TV with Bluetooth can also connect to the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle.

Your child is going to love racing against the characters they see on TV and as well as being educational and fun, the Smart Cycle is also fantastic exercise as the harder the work on the cycle, the better they do in the game.

If you want a truly awesome and fun gift for a child aged 3-6 (the bike is fully adjustable), you cannot go wrong with this.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag MoviCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Interactive toys are all the rage these days and we think that one of the best is the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi.

He is just so adorable and has the cutest little face which has over 60 different animated expressions.

Movi is going to be a child’s best pal and is going to offer them six different fun games to play. We really like how the games are in different categories, Think & Move, Alpha Fun Actions and Learn And Play Games.

Your child will be doing all kinds of fun things like playing Red Light Green Light and being challenged to name different shapes.

Movi is just one awesome interactive educational toy and one that will get your child up and moving around, thinking about the world around them and of course have a lot of fun.


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Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars

Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars



The Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars is one of the most adorable and affordable play tents you will ever see. If you have a little girl who loves pretending to be a princess, she is going to have a lot of fun with this.

We think this is one of the best gifts for 5 year old girls as it really does encourage imaginative play. The large castle shape of the tent gives them a lot of room to play inside and the way it just pops up and folds down makes it incredibly easy for the parents to set up. There is an actual floor to this tent so you do not have to worry about them sitting on the dirty floor.

Inside the tent is some lovely heart decorations and stars that actually glow in the dark. They look really cool and your child will be begging you to let them sleep in there. This would be a great place for your child to play with her soft animal friends or even her little buddies from school.

Plus it is being sold for a really low price so it is well worth considering.

Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box

Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box



What we really like about the Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box is the way that it is something that your child will think is very pretty now, but it is something she is going to be able to use for many years to come.

We are very impressed with the quality of this jewelry box. It is made from metal and covered in white decorative padding and it really does give it some personality and it just looks generally adorable.

When you open it up, you are greeted with a dancing ballerina and a small mirror.

Inside the jewelry box, there are seven different compartments for them to put all their adorable costume jewelry or even little toys.

If you want to get your child a gift that is not just fun, but also something that may grow to have a little sentimental value, we think this would be ideal.


Smart Gear Pony Cycle

Smart Gear Pony Cycle Brown Horse Riding Toy



For those of you who are looking for a bit more of an extravagant gift for a 5 year old girl, we have this epic looking, Smart Gear Pony Cycle. This is a ride on toy, but it is one of the more high end ones on the market.

The idea of the Smart Gear Pony Cycle is that your child will sit on top of it and then by simply bobbing up and down, the pony will move forward. They will feel like they are riding on a real pony!

Only this is way cheaper and your living room will not smell like a barnyard!

We love how it has a kind of old school vibe to it, but at the same time, the pony is very soft and cuddly thanks to being made with some very high quality materials. It really is gorgeous and it actually comes in three different colors.

You can have your pony in chocolate, light brown or a darker brown color. The wheels are kid safe as they can only go forward which we think is a nice touch.

Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger

furReal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger | Plush Interactive Toy



Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger is one of the coolest and most adorable interactive plush toys you can buy. We would bet there is not a 5 year girl who would not instantly fall in love with Tyler.

While you child can snuggle and cuddle with Tyler, the real fun is with the different actions he has. There are over 100 different things that Tyler can do and say, your child is going to really like this as it makes it pretty unpredictable in regards to what Tyler is going to do next.

It helps keep play time fresh and fun.

The parents are really going to enjoy watching their child play with Tyler and he even comes with a little bird that is his friend. In all, if you’re looking for an interactive toy that is actually going to offer your kid a lot of different actions and possibilities, you really cannot go wrong with Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger.


Barbie Dream Horse & Black Hair Doll

Barbie Dream Horse & Black Hair Doll | Barbie doll with interactive horse that responds to actions and touch.



Even if your child already has a couple of Barbie dolls on the go, we are certain that she will really love the Barbie Dream Horse. We know that there are a lot of different Barbie doll sets on the market, but this is one of the most advanced ones out there.

The reason for this is that the horse which is part of this set is fully interactive. Your child can pop Barbie on it and the horse can ride all by itself. Your kid’s mind is going to be blown by this and she will really enjoy tagging along as Barbie goes on a horse ride.

The horse has around 30 different actions that it can do, so Barbie as well as riding it can interact with it by petting it and looking after it.

The Barbie doll that you get with this set comes with a riding jacket, jeans, boots and a riding helmet that will not mess up her hair. If Barbie is your little girl’s thing then she will love this.

Also if you are looking for that first Barbie set, this is a good place to start.


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Stick’n Style Crystal Clutch

The Orb Factory Stick 'n style Crystal clutch



For those that are looking for gifts for 5 year old girls that are more arts and crafts based, we have the perfect gift idea for you here. The Stick’n Style Crystal Clutch is a set that will allow your child to make her very own clutch purse.

This is pretty easy to do, but she may need a little help from mom or a big sister to do some of the more tricky parts. There are over 600 different pieces that she can choose from ranging from sparkly jewels to pretty flowers.

If your child wants to do it all herself, she can follow the numbers and that is easy enough to do.

Or, she can show off her creative side and come up with her own design.

In all this is a really fun set and we think the asking price is very reasonable. Kids love to make things and she will look super cute carrying this around next time you guys go shopping.

Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch with Rotating Camera

Orbo Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch with Rotating Camera



When we were five we played in the mud, but 5 year olds these days have more gadgets than a James Bond villain. The Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch with Rotating Camera is a great little device that is age appropriate and easy enough to use for any child.

It is made from very strong and durable plastic, so you will not be as worried about it breaking as you would with an actual smart watch.

The kids smart watch has a ton of different features like games but one of the best things about it is the camera which they can use to take pictures of their friends and their toys! If you want you can even connect this via Bluetooth to your phone and they can answer calls.

Your child will think it is super cool that they are able to talk to someone through their watch.

For the price this is a great gift idea as it is fun, useful and it will give them lots of entertainment.

CATWALK 3 Wheels Kick Scooter with Adjustable Handle,LED Light-up Wheels and Sprayer

CATWALK 3 Wheels Kid Scooter | Kick Scooter with Adjustable Handle,LED Light-up Wheels and Sprayer for Boys&Girls



The CATWALK 3 Wheels Kick Scooter is ideal if you have a child who loves to play outside and has a need for speed! There are so many kids scooters on the market it can be hard to know what one to pick.

But this one from CATWALK is one of the coolest we have ever seen.

It is a 3 wheel scooter so it is ideal if your child has not quite found their balance yet. It can be adjusted to three different heights as well so they are going to be able to use this for a good few years.

Adding to this is the fact it is made with strong metal and hard durable plastic so even if they ride it pretty hard, you will not be worried about it breaking.

While the basic functionality of this scooter is great, it is its extra features that really make it awesome. The wheels have LED lights in them and they are super bright, it also somehow (we think probably through witchcraft) beams the light out of the back of it and sprays it while making awesome sound effects.

It really is a cool effect and something your child will love.

Disney Frozen Double Sided Activity Easel with Storage


Disney Frozen Double Sided Activity Easel with Storage



Next up we have the Frozen Double Sided Activity Easel with Storage we had to put this on our list of best gifts for 5 year old girls as it is just perfect!

All little girls like Frozen and this easel is a fantastic way to encourage their creative side. It is made of very strong wood and feels super durable so it is going to last a very long time. On the top is a lovely image of Elsa and Anna which the kids will really like.

One side of the easel is a dry board, where your child can use markers and as it is a large magnet they can stick magnets to it as well.

This easel actually comes with a set of magnets and a Frozen magnetic puzzle that they can use on this side. The other side has a large chalk board. Here your child can have fun making works of art with chalk.

Underneath are two fabric storage bins which they can use to keep all their chalk, paints, magnets, marker and other art accessories nice and tidy.

LEGO Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck


LEGO Juniors Emma's Ice Cream Truck - This cool toy for 5-year-olds features an ice cream truck with open roof and side, room for a mini-doll to stand or sit, cash register, toppings bottles, ice cream cone holder and a freezer.



We have really been impressed with the Lego Juniors range and it is great to see them bringing the Lego Friends series into it.

With the LEGO Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck set your child gets all they need to have fun with Andrea and Emma, who are heading to the ice cream truck for a snack. Or perhaps they are the ones who are working there?

That is the great thing about sets like this, your child can really let their imagination run wild and play however they want.

You get the ice cream truck, the two figures, a puppy and a ton of little Lego accessories such as ice cream as well. There are 136 pieces to this Lego set, but as it is part of the Lego Juniors series it is fairly straightforward to build.

It is actually a really fun thing that you guys can do together!

We feel this would make for a great first Lego set or even as an extra part to go with their Lego Friends collection.

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen – Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen - The Little Bakers Kitchen is compact, upscale and colorful, perfect for your little chef. This kitchen features an electronic bruner, oven, microwave and refrigerator.



Watching your little girl play house is one of the cutest thing ever and with the Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen, you can watch them prepare their own meals for them, their friends and their little dolls. Most girls love to play make believe and this kitchen is really feature packed so they will love it.

There is a sink, oven, fridge, a lot of storage space and even a phone for when they burn what they are cooking and need to order pizza!

One of the best parts of this is that there is a baby seat attached to the side. This means they can sit their favorite doll there while they are making them some tasty lunch.

Also included is a 30 piece accessory kit which has things like plates, cutlery, bowls, cups and everything else they would need to make sure their kitchen is fully stocked. It even has a ton of different electronic sounds for things like the phone which just add to the fun.

We think this would make an awesome gift and any little girl would be over the moon to get this.

Height Adjustable Children’s Desk & Chair Set

VIVO Height Adjustable Childrens Desk & Chair Set



Here we have something that we feel is really cool, this Height Adjustable Children’s Desk & Chair. This stylish pink set is made with a solid steel frame so it is incredibly sturdy and long lasting.

The chair is nice and comfortable and the writing desk can actually raise up, which can come in handy if your child is into art as some kids prefer to draw or paint this way. When the desk lifts up, it gives your child a very nice amount of storage space that they can use to keep all their school work and art supplies in.

This prevents them from being left on their bedroom floor!

As the height of the desk and the chair can be adjusted it is not unrealistic to say that your child is still going to be able to use this writing desk when they are 10 years plus old! So you are getting many, many years of use out of this.

We are super impressed with this multi functional set and think it is that perfect practical, but also a cool and fun gift.

New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display, 16 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case

All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

The Fire Kids Edition Tablet is also available in an 8 inch version. See info and reviews here.



When it comes to tablets it is really hard to know what is the best one for your child. We really wanted to have a tablet on our list of gifts for 5 year old girls and we feel that the New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is the best you can get.

To start with this is designed with kids in mind and it is easy for you to set it so that they can only access things that you deem appropriate. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Life and everything else they love is available on this tablet, not to mention the tons and tons of apps and games that they can download.

The 16 GB of storage space should be more than enough for a five year old. The tablet is nice and bright, this is because it comes with a kid proof case. This will keep it safe when they no doubt drop it down the stairs or off their bed.

Speaking of which: the 2 year worry-free guarantee that comes with the Fire kids tablet is pretty amazing. Should your child break it, Amazon will replace it, no questions asked!

You really cannot get a better kids tablet for under a 100 bucks. Your child will really freak out and be super stoked if they get this as a gift.

Kids Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Headphones by Puro Sound Labs

Kids Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Headphones



We are sticking with technology for this next gift idea. Kids love their gadgets be it a tablet, phone, game console or whatever. To go with these you need a great set of headphones and the Kids Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Headphones by Puro Sound Labs are some of the best headphones aimed at kids on the market.

What we love about this is that they offer not just amazing sound quality, but they also have a sound limit on them. So your child will be getting movie theatre quality sound, but they are designed so that they cannot go too loud and damage their ears.

These headphones are available in four different colors: black, white, blue and purple.

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection



When it comes to art supplies, you really cannot go wrong with crayons and this is the most epic, Ultimate Crayon Collection in the world! This is a huge box of crayons.

How huge, we can hear you ask. Well, it has 152 crayons. How crazy is that?

Your child will really be able to let their imagination fly with these as they will have all the colors they will ever need to create all kinds of wonderful artwork which can go on your fridge. All of the crayons can be easily kept inside the included storage case so you do not have to worry about them going missing under the couch, being stomped into the rug or being eaten by the dog.

One thing that is really super awesome and is sure to be something your child loves about this set. Is that as well as there being standard crayons, there is also some metallic and glitter ones.

Crayola makes the best crayons on the market and we have no doubt that this is a gift all five year old girls would be happy to receive.

Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush



Getting your kid to brush their teeth and be excited about it is brutal, we all know that. But the idea of the Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is to make brushing time as cool and fun as possible.

Ok so let’s get the boring stuff out the way first. This is a high quality electric toothbrush that is going to make sure their teeth get a good clean.

What makes this fun is that first of all the toothbrush comes with different covers these have cute things like clouds and little characters on them.

There is a built in timer that lets the kids know when their two minutes of brushing is up and there is even a free app they can download onto a tablet or smartphone where a cute little character will brush along with them.

Brain Flakes Stem Toy

VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set | Great STEM Toy for Girls AND Boys



You may be wondering just what on earth Brain Flakes are, but we feel these are a very fun and rather unusual gift idea. Brain Flakes are little disc shaped pieces that have slits in them.

You can connect them together via these slits and make all kinds of cool and interesting things. Flowers, dinosaurs and all kinds of other interesting ideas.

If your child likes to create things and has used Lego and K’Nex before they will find Brain Flakes a lot of fun. With this set, you get 500 Brain Flakes and there are many different colors so if they can imagine it, they can build it.

We feel that this is the perfect gift if you are looking for something that is a little bit different.

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam



As this is advertised on kids TV about a million times per day, we are sure you have a basic idea of what the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is. We feel this is one of the most popular gifts for kids, even kids as young as five.

It is a camera that is aimed at kids who are on the go. They can attach it to their bike or scooter and film themselves riding along. They can take it off the mounts and use it as a regular camera so they can take pictures of their toys, friends and even make their own little movies.

It is just so easy to use and it can take a real beating. It is designed with kids in mind so being dropped and even getting wet is not going to break it.

With a battery that lasts over two hours and a lot of internal storage space (expandable if you buy a micro SD card), this is one of the best kiddie cameras out there.

It even has games and apps that they can mess around with. Best of all this can be bought for under fifty bucks so it is an awesome gift that is also very affordable.

Best Friend Max by Secret Life of Pets


Best Friend Max by Secret Life of Pets



Kids loved the movie, The Secret Life Of Pets and that is why we have for you this awesome (or should that be pawesome?) Best Friend Max interactive toy.

Max looks just like he does in the movie and your child can take him for a walk and she never has to worry about him running away and getting into all kinds of shenanigans like he did in the movie. This adorable dog can walk on his own and he even wags his tail when he is happy.

Max can be played with or without his leash and he can say many different phrases from the movie. Kids are going to have a great time playing with Max and if you are not keen on having a real dog in the house this is the next best thing.

We really think that as this is so much fun and it is very reasonably priced that it is one of the better gifts for 5 year old girls.

So these are the best gifts for 5 year old girls, we hope you liked them.

Best Toys and Gifts for 5 year old Girls - Awesome toys and gift Ideas for Girls Age 5 #giftideas #toysforgirls

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