Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck – Gift For Girls

num noms lip gloss truck

If you’re looking for a gift for a little girl that can’t stay away from your makeup stash, maybe it’s time she got some of her own!

Or maybe you know little a scientist-to-be who loves to mix her own cosmetics.

Have a look a the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck. This cute pastel colored ice cream truck has all the ingredients on board for kids to make their own lip-gloss!

Toy’s R US have featured the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck on their Christmas Toy List for 2016, so you know this will be a sell out!

In a hurry?

Check all prices and deals for the Num Moms Truck here!

Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Features

The Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck carries all you need to make your own lip gloss:

  • 1 Lip gloss base
  • 2 Lip gloss flavors (cherry and vanilla)
  • 1 glitter sprinkles
  • 1 cupcake making tool with cherry spatula
  • 1 Scented Num: Cherry Scoop (Special Edition)
  • 3 Lip gloss sundae container Noms

How to use it:

  1. Pick the flavors you like and mix with the glitter.

2. Pour the lip-gloss in to the truck dispenser and dispense into the container.

3. Wear it and show it off!

num noms lip gloss truck


  • Kids love making lip gloss together with their friends and it’s a great addition to the Num Moms Toys collection


  • The recommended age is for kids age 3 to 15. I would not let a 3 year old play with this unsupervised, so keep an eye on your 3 year old at all times.
  • I can imagine a 15 year old would have moved on to more grown up makeup by now. Take a look a at our Gift ideas for makeup lovers!

What are Num Noms Toys?

If you’ve never heard of Num Noms Toys before, let me bring you up to speed: Num Noms look like little scoops of ice cream each with their own unique scent.

You can collect them and stack them to create more unique scents. There are more than 1,001 combinations to be made. Kids love this and it’s fun to do.

Check out starter packs for the Num Moms here.

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