Great Stocking Filler Ideas for Kids

Stocking Filler Ideas for Kids

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The tradition of hanging a stocking on a shelf or near a fireplace on Christmas Eve continues to thrive through many homes. Children get so excited the night before Christmas as they patiently await the arrival of dear Santa Claus.

So what are great stocking fillers for kids that won’t break the bank? Have a look at our favorite picks below!

Stocking Stuffers For Little Girls

Little girls who love playing dress-up or adore watching mommy get ready in the morning, would love their own makeup kit.

No, not the entire foundation, eye shadow, and blush kit, but a simple one that you can make yourself.

Many stores sell non-toxic lip glosses for little ones in different flavors. You can purchase a few flavors, wrap them individually, and then tie together with a big bow.

Other popular stocking stuffers for girls are small toys like Fingerlings, Hatchimals, and Candylocks.

A mini Bluetooth speaker is also a great stocking stuffer idea.

Stocking Stuffers For Little Boys

Boys want toys. The more toys the better, so whatever you do, do not fill your child’s stocking with socks or a t-shirt.

That’s not the usual exciting item that your child would expect from Santa. Depending on what your little boy is into, it will determine what you purchase, but it would be nice if it can fit in the stocking.

Many little boys love toy cars or the latest super heroes. Buy the miniature versions and wrap them individually and tie them with a nice bow.

If your child loves to build things, another option is mini Lego sets.

You can purchase a few that relate to each other, and wrap each one individually.

The more children have to open the happier they are!

For both boys and girls, some homemade gingerbread people or another of their favorite cookies, can be placed in a decorative Christmas bag with a special note that says, “To …. From Santa”.

Children know how much Santa loves cookies, so with Santa sharing some with them, it also gives them a nice treat on Christmas morning.

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Crafts also make great stocking stuffers for both girls and boys. For girls, there are many small kits for making your own jewelry, soap, plushies and more!

Boys may love something more direct to create, like a door hanger that says something like “John’s Room.”

You know your child best, so these are just a few ideas to make Christmas an exciting time for your child.

Think about your child’s interests and likes, and create your stocking stuffers with that in mind – you can’t go wrong with that.

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