Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Christmas

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Christmas

Everybody knows that Christmas is the time for gift giving, but do you really want to spend a fortune on commercial gifts that have a negative impact on the environment?

Why not give green gifts that will delight the recipient while reducing your carbon footprint. There are lots of great Eco-friendly gifts available these days!

Take note of these Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas:

  • Wooden gifts made from sustain-ably grown and harvested sources.
  • Gifts made of recycled plastics, metals or other materials.
  • Truly organic health, beauty and personal care items.
  • Grow your own gifts, such as windowsill herbal gardens, seeds, plants, etc.
  • Potted plants rather than cut flowers.
  • Non-animal product snacks such as organic fruits, nuts, teas, nut butters and so on.

Remember that it is important to avoid products connected with animals because animal care and feeding consumes massive amounts of resources.

Fair Trade Gifts

When you buy fair trade products, you are making a positive ethical and ecological statement. Fair trade products are produced under a worldwide system that guarantees that all participants in the process are fairly treated and compensated for their labor and products.

While these products are not always Eco-friendly, they usually are.

By purchasing only goods that bear the fair trade logo, you take a positive step toward ensuring respect for human rights.

Give Special Services

You can avoid the waste of wrapping paper, boxes and plastic packaging by purchasing gift certificates for services such as spa days, meals in favorite restaurants, movie and theater tickets and so on.

These are gifts that everybody is sure to enjoy and remember.

Buy Local

No matter what you purchase, be sure to buy local. This helps reduce the amount of resources used to get the product to you. It also helps your local economy.

Avoid huge chain stores and buy from small shops and individuals instead.

Bake Your Own Sustainable Gifts

Baking is traditional, economical and eco-friendly. Buy all local, organic ingredients and give unique, delicious, thoughtful gifts that all your recipients can enjoy with a clear conscience.

Be sure to include the recipe so friends and relations can carry on the tradition.

Give The Gift Of Time

If you have more time than money, there is no better gift than time. Make attractive coupons your loved ones can redeem for chores and favors.

A few ideas include errand running, house and yard care, pet care, cooking, massage or whatever you know your recipient is sure to love!

With a little thought you can give fantastic, memorable gifts that save you time and money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Follow the tips presented here to have a joyous and Eco-friendly holiday season.

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