Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

eco-friendly christmas decorating ideasWe all know that a great deal of waste can result from decorating your house for the Holidays. While the most of us use many of our decorations year after year, many of the new items now being stocked by popular chain stores are made of inexpensive plastic that is not very durable.

As a result, it becomes necessary to purchase new things each year and send the old items off to the landfill.

We have some more eco-friendly Christmas decorating ideas for your home.

Look To Nature For Decor Ideas

If it is time for you to come up with some fresh holiday decorations, do not hesitate to look outside to find incredible inspiration. You will soon see that there is a wide array of usable items that can lend natural appeal to your decorative design scheme.

Then, after Christmas has come and gone, these biodegradable items can be allowed to break down on their own, just as nature intended.

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Pine-cones are plentiful all over the ground during the colder months, and you can acquire large quantities of them for no cost at all. Not only that, your decorative bounty results in no damage to the trees themselves. You can put pine-cones to countless uses, including wreath-making, tables-capes and mantelpiece decor.

Leaves can also provide a fresh infusion of nature to your Christmas decorating plans. For instance, ivy makes a particularly appropriate addition to arrangements that can also incorporate holly berries, native twigs and pine boughs.

Nuts and berries have long been traditional elements of decorative Christmas arrangements, and are favorites of frugal, environmentally conscious folks wishing to add some holiday flair to their homes. Take advantage of the abundance of these items and set to work executing your own creative ideas for centerpieces, ornaments and other seasonal projects.

Not only do natural items such as those discussed above lend a rustic, yet elegant touch to your holiday decor, the experience of gathering them yourself in the great outdoors is something not to be missed. By spending some time outside, you and your family can bask in the glory of nature while also gathering useful items for your ecologically friendly crafts.

Other Eco-Friendly Ideas

Recycled paper can be put to use as the foundation for lovely, homemade Christmas ornaments. You and your children can enjoy some quality time together sitting by the fire making snowflake cutouts, paper garland and other festive decorations.

The best way to decorate with trees during the holiday season is to select those that are able to be replanted after Christmas is over. Further, purchasing LED strings is the best way to minimize electricity use while still getting the beautiful illumination everyone wants to see during the holidays. Tree decor can be simple as well as environmentally friendly when it incorporates recycled materials such as old compact discs and fabric scraps and new items such as organic candy or popcorn.

To achieve Christmas decor that is as environmentally sound as it is truly beautiful, make the most of natural elements and biodegradable items that can be found just outside your door. If you do decided to purchase items, make certain they are made to a high standard and will last for many years. If your house is full of old decorations that you do not plan to re-use, consider donating them to someone else instead of simply throwing them in the trash.

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