Baby’s First Christmas Ideas: How To Make It Memorable

It’s never too early to start planning for a baby’s first Christmas! Here are some ideas to make the holiday season extra special for your little one.

From Santa pictures to handmade gifts, these tips will help you create lasting memories of your baby’s first Christmas.

Baby's First Christmas - Tips for making it memorable


Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

Making your baby’s first Christmas special is one of the exciting “firsts” for your child that will have lasting memories for both of you. With our helpful tips, you will be sure to not miss anything or have any regrets in years to come.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Nothing makes memories more than a keepsake item, such as a baby’s first ornament for your Christmas tree. You can have the date and your baby’s name imprinted on the ornament, or some even allow you to place a picture of your child inside.

Each Christmas, you will be reminded of this special “first Christmas”. Your child could be 25 years old, and you will look at that ornament and immediately remember the wonderful memories.

Baby’s First Christmas Engraved Glass Ornament

Baby's First Christmas Engraved Glass Ornament


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This glass ornament is the perfect way to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas! The beautiful etching is sure to be a cherished keepsake for years to come. The premium glass is sturdy and looks great on any tree.

Plus, it comes in a velvet bag for easy storage.

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Snowman Ornament

Baby's First Christmas Personalized Snowman Ornament


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This beautiful Baby’s First Christmas snowman ornament is the perfect way to commemorate your little one’s first holiday season.

The glittery accents, poem, pom-poms, and personalized snowflake charm make it a truly special keepsake.

And with the baby’s name and birth year inscribed on the front, it will be a cherished memento for years to come.

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Purchase Baby’s First Holiday Outfit

There are so many cute Christmas outfits specially made for a baby’s first Christmas. You can dress your little bundle of joy in “first Christmas” clothing, which you can hold onto for years to come.

These outfits are also great when going on errands or family or friend parties, as it reminds everyone that your little one is celebrating his or her first Christmas. The love felt by everyone will create that special memory to hold with you always.

My First Christmas Outfit for Baby Girls

Baby Girls My 1st Christmas Outfit Romper Top+Dot Tutu Skirt+Leg Warmers+Headband 4Pcs Clothes Set (Red-Green, 6-9 Months)


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This adorable My First Christmas Outfit is perfect for baby girls. It includes a romper top, a red tutu skirt with gold dots, leg warmers, and a red headband with a green glitter bow. It’s perfect for holiday photos and parties!

My First Christmas Outfit for Baby Boys

Newborn Baby Girl Boy Snowflake Coat+Romper Playsuit Christmas Outfits Clothes (0-3 Months, White)


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This adorable snowflake coat romper playsuit comes with a red bow tie, making your little one the most dapper dude at the holiday party. He’ll be comfortable and cute all day long in this festive outfit.

Professional Christmas Pictures

Nothing captures a perfect memory like a photograph. Dress your baby in his or her best Christmas outfit, and schedule an appointment with a professional photographer for a Christmas picture. Try to schedule the picture after your baby’s nap, or at a time when he or she is most likely to be up and happy to make this moment, not a difficult one.

Each year, you can schedule a picture to be taken and create a display in your home of how much your little one grew each year.

It’s usually nice to do until they are at least in the fifth grade, or 10 years old.

First Christmas Personalized Photo Clip Block

First Christmas Personalized Photo Clip Block


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Celebrate your baby’s first Christmas with a personalized photo clip block! Printed with the name and 1 line of text on the block base, this woodblock makes a unique and special gift.

Choose from penguin, snowman, sloth, reindeer, or polar bear designs.

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Frame

Baby's First Christmas Personalized Frame


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This beautiful Baby’s First Christmas frame is the perfect way to commemorate your little one’s first holiday! The farmhouse-style frame is made of distressed, white-washed wood and features personalized text at the top and bottom.

The holly branch design adds a festive touch.

Have a Cookie Baking Night

Invite the grandparents over and aunts and uncles that you are close with, and have a cookie baking night. Nothing hard, just simple, basic recipes where, depending on how many months old your baby is, your little one can participate in decorating sugar cookies.

Take lots and lots of pictures with your baby and all the people who are close to you. These pictures will be wonderful memories for you and your child, as so many of these moments can easily be forgotten.

It’s amazing how a picture can rekindle that memory.

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Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Your baby may be too young to know, or maybe he or she was born earlier in the year to be old enough to recognize the relationship between Santa and a stocking.

Create your own Christmas stocking. Buy a plane, old-fashioned red stocking with white fur on top. These are the easiest to decorate with your baby’s name and other things that remind you of your little one.

Have your baby hang up the stocking with you. This will be one stocking that may only be used once but will hold many memories for years to come.

Alternatively, you can fund many cute Baby’s First Christmas stockings that are personalized and really cheap too!

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Christmas Stocking

Baby's First Christmas Personalized Christmas Stocking


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Introduce your little one to the joy of Christmas with this special stocking. Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Christmas Stocking is made from plush velvet and can be personalized with any 2 lines of text underneath the words “Baby’s 1st Christmas”.

It’s the perfect way to make sure your baby’s first holiday is extra memorable.

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