Best Train Sets For Kids

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Kids love trains and that’s never gonna change. That’s why today we will review 10 of the best train sets for kids.

We are looking at some of the best train sets for kids and toddlers. We have cute wooden train sets for toddlers, slightly more realistic ones and everything in between on our list that you can check out just down below.

VTech Treasure Mountain Train Adventure

Vtech Treasure Mountain Train AdventureCheck Price On Amazon

First on our list of best train sets for kids is the VTech Treasure Mountain Train Adventure which is a fantastic train set that’s just jam packed with features.

This is a good sized train set that makes use of VTech’s Smart Wheels Technology. When the train goes to certain parts of the track it will make a sound, play a song or even teach them a little something. It is a good sized track and the little motorized train will go round bends, up the mountain and even go pretty fast!

There is a crane, a crank, building blocks and much more with this set. While you get all you need with this train set it is compatible with the other Smart Wheels and Smart Animals sets from VTech.

Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set with Table

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set With TableCheck Price On Amazon

What we love about the Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set with Table is the way that it manages  to have an old school kind of vibe to it. This sure is one of the best train sets for kids that comes on a good sized play table.

This set contains over 100 different pieces so little train enthusiasts can have a lot of fun making their own town. It comes with buildings, a train, vehicles, an airport and everything else you would need to build your own little city. The creativity that this promotes is great and that is sure to be a huge part of the fun.

Under the table are three plastic storage bins so once playtime is over they can put all of the pieces away so the table is nice and tidy.

The Waterfall Mountain train set is for children who are aged 3 and up and would be ideal for kids who are more on the creative side. This is a great set, especially considering the size, what comes with it and the quality of this set.

LEGO DUPLO My First Train Set

LEGO DUPLO My First Train SetCheck Price On Amazon

You really cannot go wrong with Duplo so we knew that we had to have the Lego Duplo my first train set on our best train sets for kids list!

The LEGO DUPLO My First Train Set is one of the larger duplo sets that we have seen. It comes with an impressive amount of track so your child can make a fancy shape or just a single track so the included train can go really fast.

The Lego Duplo train set also comes with some pretty cool accessories. You get the train driver, a passenger, a goat and a few other fun things as well.

Aimed at kids who are 2 – 5, DUPLO is not only a great way for your child to have fun with trains, but also introduces him/her to the exciting world of building blocks.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train SetCheck Price On Amazon

The Melisssa & Dough Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set is one of the larger train sets that we have on this list. You are getting a high quality, whopping 130 piece wooden train set for your child to build their own dream track.

The 130 pieces do include trains, cranes, people, vehicles, a bridge and all the accessories that you can see in the picture. They actually give you 100 pieces of track to use which is more than enough to build an awesome layout.

This is a high quality wooden train set made by the renowned toy maker Melissa & Doug so it is going to last a very long time. We really like train sets like this as they do encourage kids to use their creativity to design their own little world.

This is the kind of toy that will last for years and as they can always change the track they will not easily get bored with it.

Paw Patrol Train Set

Paw Patrol Train SetCheck Price On Amazon

The Paw Patrol train set is a fun little train set set that comes in at a little over 20 bucks and that’s gonna be loved by little Paw Patrol fans.

Kids aged 3 and up will easily be able to help the heroic Rubble as he rides the train and avoids the rock slide, the barrier and anything else your child can imagine. The actual train has two carriages with some important cargo and it is up to Rubble and your child to make sure they make it to the station safely!

There is actually a series of Paw Patrol vehicle sets that all connect together to make one big town. Do not worry though as a lot of fun can be had even if you just have the Paw Patrol Adventure Bay Railway Train Track Set all on its own.

This is one of the more basic train sets on this list. But as Paw Patrol is so popular we are sure this is a fun way to introduce your child to train sets.

KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set

KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train SetCheck Price On Amazon

Next on the list we have the Bucket Top Mountain Train Set by KidKraft which is priced at just over $30 which actually is a great price for all the awesome stuff your child gets with this. This has 61 pieces of wooden track for them to come up with their own incredible railway line.

While the train is clearly the start of the show here, there’s lots more. This set also comes with a a police station, a fire station, a police car, fire engine, an airport with a plane and a helicopter and and many more cool accessories.

One of the main features of the set is the mountain. This mountain has 2 waterfalls and a lake and conveniently doubles as the lid of the bucket the train comes in.

Made from quality wood this train set is going to last many years and can handle some rough play as well. The Bucket Top Mountain Train Set is for children aged 3 and up and once playtime is over they can put all the pieces away in the handy little bucket this set comes in.

LEGO City Cargo Train Set – Best Train Sets For Kids

LEGO City Cargo Train SetCheck Price On Amazon

Next up we have the epic LEGO City Cargo Train Set. This is for older kids as the recommended age is 6 – 12 and we would say that a younger child will most likely need a little help from mom and dad as in total there are 888 pieces.

What really makes this train set stand out is the huge number of accessories it comes with, like we mentioned before this set features 888 pieces. The train itself comes with three different cargo wagons (a fuel wagon, a cattle wagon and a cable drum wagon) to move around the track.  To name just a few of the other cool things it comes with, there’s a crane, a number of vehicles, lots of smaller items and a good amount of little Lego people to help keep the whole thing running.

One of the coolest aspects of this Lego cargo train set is the fact that it comes with a seven speed infrared remote control that your child can use to control the train.

This Lego City cargo train set comes with  a good amount of track so they can make the large circular layout just like the instructions suggest. For a more complex track design you would need additional tracks and switch tracks.  Additional track sets are being sold separately.

This is one of the more elaborate and best train sets for kids out there, we must say that this set is not one of the cheapest on the list. However with the amount of stuff you get, we do feel that the price is actually in line with what other Lego sets are priced at. Plus it is Lego so your children can use all the other Lego they have with this set.

Power Wheels Thomas Train With Track

Power Wheels Thomas Train With TrackCheck Price On Amazon

Ok so this Power Wheels Thomas Train With Track is a little out of the box and you may wonder how it has taken us this long to put a Thomas The Tank Engine on this list, but do not worry, Thomas is now here.

The Thomas the Train ride on toy by Power Wheels is not like the other trains on this list. This is a ride on train set. If your kids love Thomas then they’ll sure be ecstatic over this! As they actually get to ride on Thomas. This is for kids aged 1 to 3 years old and the fact that it comes with its own little track is just fantastic.

There’s another thing that makes this toy really special, this Thomas is not confined to the tracks like he is on the TV show. Your child can actually ride this around the garden as well. The train goes at 1 mph on the track and 2 mph off track which is more than enough speed for little kids. You can also make a bigger track by buying an additional track set, these are being sold separately.

The asking price of this is not bad at all as we have seen other ride on electric vehicles being sold for a lot more.

100 Piece Triple Loop Wooden Train Set

100 Piece Triple Loop Wooden Train SetCheck Price On Amazon

The 100 piece triple loop wooden train set is one of the best train sets for kids, that when assembled offers three huge looped areas for the different trains that the set comes with to ride around.

This high quality wooden train set though does not stop there. A huge part of the fun here is that your child gets to use their imagination to build their very own track. It comes with more than enough track pieces so they can come up with many different designs.

As well as the trains there are cars, houses, a bridge and a lot more little accessories they can use to bring their train track to life. The recommended age for this train set is 3 and up and it is compatible with most other wooden train sets that are out there.

We feel that this is one of the best train sets for kids as it really offers a lot of value for money.

LEGO City Trains High Speed Passenger Train

LEGO City High Speed Passenger TrainCheck Price On Amazon

Last but not least on our list of the best train sets for kids is this amazing Lego High Speed Passenger Train set. This is kind of similar to the Lego cargo train set we talked about just above, but it is designed to be a more modern, faster kind of passenger train.

The Lego passenger train comes with a full circular track made of 16 curved and 4 straight tracks. For a more adventurous track design and layout there are additional track sets which also include switch tracks, they are being sold separately.

Like the Lego cargo train this set is operated by a cool infrared 7 speed remote control for very precise speed adjustments. The Lego high speed passenger train comes with a platform a crossing, lights, a train driver, a traveler, a cyclist and some other cool items.

This is for children aged 6 – 12, but like other larger Lego sets a younger child may need some help building it so do not be surprised if you get called off the couch to come and assist your child.

This is a lot of fun and the price tag is right in line with other similar sized Lego sets. If your child loves Lego, but you want them to have a set that is a bit more interactive, we feel that this one would be ideal.