Top 8 Moon Christmas Ornaments

Moon Christmas Ornaments are an all-time classic when it comes to Christmas tree ornaments. A moon ornament has had a prominent place in Christmas trees for centuries as the moon plays a big part in the legends of many cultures.

Inuit for example believe that the Moon is the keeper of the souls of man and animals and the Chinese believe that the Moon unites lovers by using invisible cords.

May this list of the best Moon Christmas ornaments be of help in deciding which one to choose. Merry Christmas to you all!

Murano Glass Moon Christmas Ornament

GlassOfVenice Murano Glass Moon Christmas Ornament - Blue


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Murano glass is handmade in Venice, Italy and it’s the biggest name in the (1,000 years) history of glassmaking. Murano glass decor is a worthy collectible, since the value increases as the years go by.

This beautiful Moon Christmas Ornament is pure craftsmanship comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Owl in Moon Ornament


Owl in Moon Ornament for Christmas Tree


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Beautiful glass blown ornament in rich gold and dark blue colors. This ornament is perfect for Christmas as well as Halloween.

Man In The Moon Christmas Ornament

Man In The Moon Christmas Ornament


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This man in the moon Christmas ornament comes from Old World Christmas and is hand crafted, mouth blown, hand painted and painted. A Christmas ornament made using traditional techniques that originate from the 1800’s.

Isn’t this how a Christmas ornament is supposed to look, it has charm, it’s delicate and really feels like Christmas, so much better than the mass produced soulless Chinese stuff they make nowadays.

Silver Moon with Engraved Hearts

Silver Moon with Engraved Hearts & Crystal

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A stunning silver moon with engraved hearts and crystals.

This is a beautiful personal ornament that will make a great gift for that special person, this Christmas, Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day and more.

The inscription on the hearts read: “I Love You to The Moon and Back.”

Celestial Moon Ornament

Celestial Moon Ornament Decorated with Sparkly Stars


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This Celestial moon ornament is decorated with sparkly silver and gold stars.

Crystal Studded Moon


Crystal Studded Moon Ornament with Star


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A crescent moon, a romantic and beautiful sign with a five pointed star keeping it company; Crafted with quality materials like Silver and studded with precision cut Matashi crystals.

Santa on Crescent Moon Christmas Ornament

Santa on Crescent Moon Christmas Ornament


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This hand crafted ornament was designed by Jim Shore it features a Santa sitting on a crescent moon holding some presents on a string.

The ornament is hand crafted and shows beautiful detail and has a kind of Scandinavian feel to it.

Makes a lovely present too!

Snowman On A Crescent Moon Christmas Ornament

Snowman On A Crescent Moon Christmas Ornament


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A charming hand crafted retro moon ornament designed by Jim Shore, featuring a sleeping crescent moon with Frosty the Snowman standing on it.

This ornament has a kind of Scandinavian feel to it and shows great detail, it also has beautiful colors.

Definitely an ornament the kids or grand-kids are gonna love.

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