15 Most Beautiful Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

Who doesn’t love birds? Bird Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas trees; they are a perfect match! From a pair of turtle doves to elegant humming birds they all look so good in a Christmas tree.

And how about the American national emblem the bald eagle? Shouldn’t that be part of every American Christmas tree?

This list shows some of the finest bird Christmas ornaments ever made. I hope you like them as much as I do. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Pair Of Cardinals Christmas Tree Ornament

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One of the finest bird Christmas tree ornaments I’ve come across! This stunning pair of Cardinals is made of mouth blown glass and then hand painted and hand glittered.

The techniques used to craft these Christmas ornaments originate from the 1800’s. Quality at its best!

Hallmark Western Tanager Bird Christmas Tree Ornament



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A beautiful bird ornament from Hallmark’s Beauty of Birds line. The Western Tanager comes from the 2015 collection and I don’t know how much longer you can lay your hands on one of them.

These will sell out sooner or later when they will be replaced by new collections. Makes a lovely gift for a bird lover as well!

Red Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

Red bird Christmas tree ornaments are much loved for their vibrant colors and are also used to decorate a wreath or to use in crafts.

Red Cardinal Ornament


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Set of 2 Turtle Dove Ornaments

Set of 2 Turtle Dove Ornaments - As seen on Home Alone 2!
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The Doves of Friendship, one for you and one for a friend, as featured on Home Alone 2. Two romantic turtle doves tree ornaments made by Kurt Adler.

One for you and one for that special person.

Birdhouse Christmas Tree Ornament

Birdhouse Christmas Tree Ornament
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What a charming birdhouse ornament this is, it’s one of those ornaments you directly fall in love with. Made by Old World Christmas from mouth blown glass, hand painted and hand glittered. Makes a cute gift for a bird or garden lover.

Hummingbird Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hummingbird Glass Christmas Tree OrnamentsBuy This set of ornaments here

A set of 3 wonderful hand blown hummingbird tree ornaments that will look fantastic in your tree. Crafted from hand blown glass, then hand painted and given glitter accents on the tail and wings.

The hummingbird tree ornaments are gift boxed which makes them a wonderful gift for a hummingbird lover.

Blue Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

Reed & Barton Two Turtle Doves Christmas Tree Ornament

Reed & Barton Two Turtle Doves Christmas Tree OrnamentBuy This Beautiful Ornament Here

This is stunning perfection in every detail, a genuine piece of art! Something you wanna give to the love of your life as a token of love. This turtle doves Christmas tree ornament features two hand blown turtle doves and a delicate hand blown pink heart.

A hand blown, hand painted Reed & Barton original.

Bald Eagle Christmas Tree Ornament

Bald Eagle Christmas Tree OrnamentBuy this ornament here

Our National Emblem! This Bald Eagle tree ornament should be a proud part of every American Christmas tree. A hand crafted little gem, hand painted and hand glittered.

Made using traditional techniques that originate from the 1800’s.

Santa Bird Christmas Ornament

Santa Bird Christmas Ornament
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The kids and grand kids will love this Santa bird Christmas tree ornament. This hand crafted, hand painted and hand glittered ornament proofs that birds do have their own Santa!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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