Farmhouse Christmas Signs – Rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas Signs

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Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Signs for Every Decor

Farmhouse Christmas Decorations are getting more popular every year and these farmhouse Christmas signs are just perfect for it!

Merry Christmas, Shitters Full Sign

Merry Christmas, Shitters Full! - Hand Painted Wood Christmas SignCheck Price on Amazon


That famous line from Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation still cracks me up. We watch that movie every Holiday season and we never get tired of it.

Put this sign up on your wall this Holiday season and guests will smile as soon as they get through the door!

Vintage Christmas Wood Sign

Vintage Christmas Wood SignCheck Price on Wayfair


Christmas sign made from white wood with a vintage car loaded with a Christmas tree. I love the white wash look and I think this will look great in modern Farmhouse decor.

Vintage Christmas Truck Sign

Vintage Christmas Truck Wall Art Sign #christmasdecor #farmhousechristmas

Check Price on Wayfair

This is one of my favorite farmhouse Christmas signs! First off, I like the vintage red Christmas truck and the Christmas lights.

Also the sign is the perfect for my taste and the colors pop right off. Love it!

Check Farmhouse Christmas SignCheck Farmhouse Christmas SignBUY FROM WAYFAIR


A beautiful wooden Farmhouse Christmas sign in a wooden frame. The word “farmhouse” is painted in a plaid pattern and really pops out.

Farmhouse Pick up Truck Christmas Sign

Farmhouse Pick Up truck Christmas Sign #farmhousedecorBUY FROM WAYFAIR


One of my favorite farmhouse Christmas signs is this wall sign with a red pick up truck! The red and green colors are really vibrant and I love the Merry Christmas banner.

Nativity Christmas Sign

Vintage Christmas Sign with Nativity Scene Made From Wood



A vintage style wood sign with a nativity scene with quote ” Oh Holy Night”.

Chalkboard Christmas Sign

Chalkboard Christmas Sign



This chalkboard Christmas sign will look great in any room, but I would hang this over the mantle or in the dining room.

Note that the color in the picture looks dark blue-ish, but the sign is actually black with a white rustic frame.

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Vintage Sign

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Vintage Sign Made From Wrapped Canvas #christmassigns



Spruce up your wall with this rustic looking Christmas sign. It’s not made from wood, but from wrapped canvas painted in understated colors.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry Christmas Sign

Eat Drink Be Merry Holiday Sign - Christmas Signs



Bring some Holiday cheer to your home with this Eat, Drink Be Merry sign made from MDF wood.

It’s All Fun and Games Sign

It's All Fun and Games Sign - Farmhouse Christmas SignsCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


I got a chuckle out of this sign! The quote says: “It’s all fun and games ’til Santa checks the naughty list” I sure hope, I’m not on it!

This Christmas sign is made from wood and has a nice rustic look.

Snowy Christmas Wood Sign with Mason Jar

Snowy Christmas Wood Sign with Mason Jar - Farmhouse Christmas Signs



I am so in love with this sign! It’s simple chic decor piece with a mason jar attached to it.

The mason jar is filled with (battery operated) fairy LED lights and a floral piece.

The sign is sprayed with snow, has a jute hanger and simply says Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Heaven Wood Pallet Sign

Christmas in Heaven Wood Pallet Sign - A Christmas sign to remember the ones who are no longer with us during the Holiday season #christmassignsCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


When you have lost a loved one, holidays like Christmas can be really tough. This sign is like setting a place in memory of that person now missing from your Holiday gatherings.

It has a beautiful quote that says:

Christmas in heaven and what do they do? They come down to earth to spend it with you. So save them a seat, just one empty chair. You might not see them but they will be there.

Red Christmas Car with Tree Sign

Red Christmas Car with Tree Sign - Christmas Wall Sign for farmhouse style Christmas decor #christmassignCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Christmas wood sign with red vintage car  carrying a tree on top. The sign has a rustic look with flocked accents.

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Farmhouse Christmas Signs - Rustic Farmhouse Themed Christmas Signs

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