Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Looking for Christmas bedroom decor ideas? Discover how to add warmth and cheer to your sleeping space this holiday season.

Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Deck the halls of your bedroom with these magical Christmas decor ideas. Turn your sleeping space into a cozy winter wonderland.

Cozy Cottage Christmas Bedroom


Cozy Cottage Christmas Bedroom

Credit: Liz Marie Galvan

Festive and Cozy Christmas Bedroom

Festive and Cozy Christmas Bedroom

Credit: Hymns and Verses

Deck The Halls Christmas Bedroom

Deck The Halls Bedroom Decor

Credit: The Old House On Main

Boho Vibes Christmas Bedroom

Boho Vibes Christmas Bedroom

Credit: The Farmhouse Life

Cottage-Style Neutral Christmas Bedroom

Cottage-Style Neutral Christmas Bedroom

Credit: Victoria At The White Cottage

Cozy Plaid

Cozy Plaid

Credit: The Christmas Market_

Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom

Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom Decor

Credit: The Old House On Main


Cozy Minimalistic Christmas Bedroom Decor

Credit: Annannala

Neutral Christmas Bedroom Decor

Neutral Christmas Bedroom Decor

Credit: mieszkanie_na_poddaszu_

Red, Green and White Christmas Bedroom


Red, Green and White Christmas Bedroom


Credit: Velveteen and Grace

And To All A Good Night

And To All A Good Night

Credit: My Christmas


Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas FAQ

How can I make my bedroom Christmassy?

– Hang Christmas lights along the headboard or windows for an instant holiday look.

– Use Christmas bedding like flannel sheets and quilted bedspreads.

– Set up a mini Christmas tree on a dresser or bedside table.

– Display festive mugs, a cookie platter, or stockings for a cozy vibe.

– Add greenery like garlands, wreaths, or a live Christmas tree.

What are the colors for a Christmas bedroom?

– Traditional Christmas colors like red, green, white, gold, and silver are ideal for bedrooms.

– Plaids, checks, and stripes in these colors make festive bedding.

– You can also use wintry blue and copper accents.

How to decorate a guest bedroom for Christmas?

– Make it cozy with a plush holiday throw, pillows, and warm lighting.

– Add a small decorated tree, garland over the headboard, and a classic Christmas book.

– Provide holiday towels and slippers for a welcoming touch.

– Display a plate of Christmas goodies for guests to enjoy.

How to decorate a bedroom for Christmas on a budget?

– Use what you already have – raid closets for plaid blankets, string up lights you have.

– Shop dollar stores – they have mini trees, ornaments, gift boxes, and more for little cost.

– DIY decor – make pom pom garlands, salt dough ornaments, and paper snowflakes.

– Facebook Marketplace and thrift stores can have great deals on holiday decor.

– Stick to a color scheme so you don’t need a lot – just add pops of that color.


More Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas:

1. Hang Christmas lights along the headboard or around the windows. Twinkling lights immediately add holiday cheer.

2. Use Christmas bedding like flannel sheets and a quilted bedspread in classic patterns like Buffalo Check or Fair Isle. Add accent pillows too.

3. Set up a mini Christmas tree on the dresser or bedside table. Opt for a small tabletop tree decorated with mini ornaments.

4. Display a collection of Christmas mugs on a shelf or dresser. Fill them with candy canes or mini treats.

5. Arrange a garland along the headboard, either plain greenery or with red berries and pinecones added.

6. Place a platter of Christmas cookies and milk on the nightstand for a fun touch.

7. Hang wool socks from the mantel or bedposts for a cozy, old-fashioned vibe.

8. Set up a little holiday village on the dresser, using miniature houses, trees, and figurines.

9. Add a plush Christmas throw blanket at the foot of the bed.

10. Use an advent calendar as part of the d├ęcor, either hung on the wall or displayed on a tabletop.

11. Put classic Christmas books on the nightstand like ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

12. Fill a bowl or vase with shiny Christmas balls/ornaments for an easy decoration.

13. Hang a wreath on the bedroom door for a festive welcome.

14. Place a Santa hat on a bedside lamp for a whimsical accent.

15. Display stockings hung along the fireplace or bedposts for each family member.

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