10 Cute Cat Christmas Ornaments for a Purrfect Tree

This selection of Cat Christmas Ornaments is specially made for the total cat lover. If cats are your life and if your Christmas tree needs some serious purr, then have a look at this collection of cat Christmas ornaments.

The Hallmark Mischievous Kittens special editions, the Hello Kitty Christmas ornaments and Garfield to name just a few. It was a delight putting this list together.

I hope you love these cat Christmas ornaments as much as I do, have a purrfect Christmas and may your life be filled with kitty love!

Old World Christmas Santa’s Kitten Glass Glass Blown Ornament

Old World Christmas Santa's Kitten Glass Blown Ornament

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A traditionally hand made mouth blown cat Christmas ornament. The making of this ornament is a centuries old labor intensive process, all ornaments are hand painted and hand glittered. This Christmas cat ornament is a true labor of love.

Cats and Dogs Christmas Ornaments


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How sweet are these 2? If only we could see dogs and cats together like that way everyday.

Cat Christmas Ornament Set of 4 By Kurt Adler

Cat Christmas Ornament Set of 4

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Four lovely cats to complete your purrfect Christmas tree. Set features one Black and White, one Tabby, one Grey and one Ginger cat.

Hallmark 2015 Mischievous Kittens With Bird Feeder Ornament

hallmark 2015 mischievous kittens with bird feeder ornament

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Another quality ornament by Hallmark, this cat ornament is part of the Mischievous Kittens ornaments collection. A new ornament in this series is being released every year which makes them great collectors items for cat lovers.

The Hallmark Cat Christmas ornaments will pass down through the generations.

Hallmark 2016 Christmas Ornaments Mischievous Kittens Computer Mouse

Hallmark 2016 Christmas Ornaments Mischievous Kittens Computer Mouse

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What a joy it is to have these cat ornaments hanging in your Christmas tree, this is the Hallmark 2016 Mischievous Kittens cat Christmas ornament and as always it’s totally adorable.

Hallmark guarantees great quality products which are sought after by collectors. Every year a new addition to the Mischievous Kittens collection is being released and they are much loved by cat lovers all over the world.

Garfield Christmas Ornament 2015

Garfield Christmas Ornament 2015


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Who doesn’t love Garfield? Carlton releases a Garfield Christmas ornament every year as a special edition and this is the 2015 ornament.

Like all special editions these ornaments will run out of stock and will never be released again, this makes them much loved collectors items.

I just want to hang this Garfield Christmas ornament in my tree and enjoy looking at it!

Hello Kitty Gingerbread House Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament



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A cuter than cute Hello Kitty Christmas ornament by Hallmark. It shows the adorable kitty dressed to the nines looking out the window of a cute gingerbread house.

Makes a great gift for a Hello Kitty lover as well!

Calico Cat Christmas Ornament

Calico Cat Christmas Ornament


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Another masterfully hand crafted, mouth blown traditional cat ornament made by Old World Christmas.

Christmas ornaments made the way they did it in the old days, all cat Christmas ornaments are mouth blown, hand painted and hand glittered.

Old school beauty from Christmases long time ago.

Three Little Kittens Christmas Ornament

3 little kittens Christmas ornament


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Three cute little kittens, hand crafted, mouth blown, hand painted, hand glittered. Old school Christmas cheer at its best for the total cat lover!

“Oh Christmas Tree” Cat Christmas Ornament

Oh Christmas Tree Cat Christmas Ornament


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“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, your ornaments are HISTORY.”


This must sound familiar to most cat lovers: Cats climbing trees, broken ornaments and trees falling down.

Just look at it as part of the Christmas cheer!

This cat Christmas ornament put a big smile on my face. Got to love those mischievous little rascals!

Aristocats Christmas Ornament

Aristocats Christmas Ornament


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Duchess and O’Malley in love with intertwining tails: How sweet and adorable this is!

If you love Disney, if the Aristocats is one of your favorite Disney movies or if you’re simply totally smitten with cats, then this ornament needs to be hanging in your tree this Christmas.

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