15 Hygge Christmas Ideas for a Cozy Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of joy, laughter, and giving. However, for many people, the holiday season can also be stressful or sad. The Danish word “hygge” is said to describe this feeling of comfort and coziness that we all crave during the winter months.

So how do you get hygge? We’ve got 15 hygge Christmas ideas that will help you make your Holiday season more meaningful and cozy!

Hygge Christmas

What is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) or Hyggelig is a Scandinavian lifestyle concept that means a feeling of comfort, warmth, and feeling content.
Hygge is not just a trend but a philosophy that people live by.

This philosophy has also become popular in the US. It’s not surprising, as living a cozy lifestyle is appealing to many people, especially during the holidays when winter comes and makes us crave coziness.

But how do you make your Christmas more Hygge?

Hygge Christmas Ideas

Below we have listed 15 ways to add more hygge to your holiday season.

Light Candles

Light Candles

Candles can create a cozy atmosphere when they’re lit during dinner time, reading time, or any other special occasion!

In Scandinavia, the candles are lit in anticipation of lighter days ahead after a long dark winter, so get out your best candles and enjoy.

Better yet: make an advent wreath with 4 candles and light the first one on the first Sunday of Advent.

Handmade Hygge Gifts

Handmade Hygge Christmas Gifts

Create handmade gifts for family members, neighbors, and coworkers this year. You’ll have fun putting together thoughtful presents while saving money!

Wear Christmas Pajamas

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and warm fuzzy clothes. Get some Christmas pajamas for the whole family!

Snuggle up with loved ones

What better way to spend the evening than by cuddling up on your couch or bed with someone you love?

This will allow you to take part in both hygge and traditions like watching holiday movies together.

Make Glögg


Glögg (pronounced glue-GH) is a Swedish drink regularly enjoyed during the Holiday season. It’s a mulled wine made from red wine, sugar, and spices.

Decorate the Christmas tree

Hygge Christmas Tree

This may already be a tradition for some- but hygge is about creating memories with loved ones this holiday season!

Decorating your own tree will give you plenty of opportunities to reminisce on past Christmases while also making new memories each year.

Enhance that hygge moment by using homemade ornaments like handprints from family members as well as decorations made from natural from natural materials such as pinecones and ribbon.

Make sure to use white lights so any warm glow can illuminate the space without feeling artificial.

Celebrate Advent

Celebrate Advent

In Scandinavia, it’s an unwritten rule that the Christmas season starts the first Sunday of Advent. Invite friends and family over for Advent and light up a candle, pray or read from the bible, offer a hymn or carol.

Afterward, celebrate with some homemade hygge treats or make an Advent calendar together.

Another good idea is also making hot chocolate with marshmallows while reading a book aloud as you all snuggle up around the lit fireplace.

Celebrate Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

St Lucia’s Eve (December 13) marks one of Scandinavia’s most important celebrations in December. St Lucia’s Day is a pre-Christian festival when Scandinavians commemorate the arrival of light into darkness.

This day is celebrated with long processions of people in traditional clothing singing carols.

You can start your own tradition by singing carols with your family at home or in the neighborhood and have a look at the Christmas decorations at the same time.

Use Natural Decorations

Natural Christmas Decorations


Create a Hygge Christmas decor by using pine cones, evergreen branches, hydrangeas, and white candles.

A hygge Christmas decor is perfect for creating a lasting winter wonderland that gives off cozy vibes to the holiday season.

This can be achieved by using faded reds and soft blues in your decorations with no hard edges or harsh colors.

Minimalistic Christmas Decor

Don’t clutter your room with tons of Christmas decorations.

Instead, think of hygge Christmas decorations in terms of drawing inspiration from nature and its grace.

A hygge Christmas decoration is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere without feeling like you’re suffocating inside your home.

Make Your Own Cookies or Candles!

Hygge Christmas Cookies

One hygge tradition that many people partake in during the holiday season is baking homemade cookies with their loved ones to create a time-honored family memory with each other while they enjoy delicious treats together.

You can also make candles by using old tins as molds to pour melted wax into: it’s an easy DIY project that will fill up your house with wonderful aromas, making these cold winter nights feel warmer than ever before.

Create a Cozy Nook

Create a Cozy Nook

Make a Hyggelig nook for reading by the fireplace or sitting in front of a window looking at snowflakes’ fall.

Choose cozy furniture like pillows, couches, and chairs for your hyggelig nook to add some extra comfort during this cold wintertime.

Hygge Christmas Ideas

Add Fairy Lights

Light up the hyggelig nook and other spaces in your home with fairy lights.

The soft yet bright colors from these tiny lit bulbs will cast a warm glow over your cozy space and provide extra warmth on cold winter nights.

Burn a Yule Log

The tradition of burning a Yule log is originally a Nordic tradition that started back in the Middle Ages.

A Yule log is typically burnt during the 12 days of Christmas as a symbol of the sun’s return and rebirth of the fertile land.

Take Long Walks

Take Long Walks

Enjoy the winter scenery by taking long walks in the snow. Connect with nature and you can even make snow angels!

Hygge Christmas Wrap-Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our ideas for a more hygge Christmas. We have so many opportunities to find comfort and joy in our lives at this beautiful time of year.

Take a moment for yourself while making these 15 hygge Christmas ideas happen and remember what makes your heart sing during this holiday season. It’s all about being intentional with how you spend your days!

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Hygge Christmas Ideas for a Cozy Holiday Season

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