Lenox The Christmas Pageant

This is so sweet! Lenox the Christmas pageant which was inspired by the TV special a Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. This still is one of my all-time favorite Christmas TV specials. Back in the seventies when Christmases were magic!

When I danced around that fantastic-smelling Christmas tree, bought from Frank’s yard. Hot chocolate, marshmallows, and Charlie Brown on TV.

This Christmas pageant brings back all those wonderful memories.

Peanuts 7-Piece Christmas Pageant Figurines


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Lenox The Christmas pageant is a seven-piece set, hand crafted, hand-painted, and made of ivory fine china with 24 karat gold accents. These are the collectibles of the future.

Charlie Brown has lots of fans and this is a pretty unique nativity set. Makes a lovely Christmas gift as well.

Peanuts 7-Piece Christmas Pageant Figurines

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Lenox The Christmas Pageant Set Features:

  • 7-piece set inspired by “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown”
  • Crafted of ivory fine china
  • Hand-painted
  • 24 karat gold accents
  • Snoopy on drums
  • Woodstock in a manger
  • Charlie Brown as Joseph
  • Lucy
  • King Linus with a golden crown
  • Shepherd Sally with a golden stick
  • Christmas tree with golden star
  • Perfectly crafted, highly detailed
  • Makes a wonderful gift, very collectible

The set is very detailed and very true to the comic and the Nativity story. Get one for yourself or for the ultimate Charlie Brown fan!

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