Gifts for New Moms From Husband


What to buy for your wife when she gives birth? These gifts for new moms from husband are what she wants and needs. You don’t need to buy her a ridiculously expensive push present, but find something that shows your love and appreciation.

Gifts for New Moms From Husband - First Time Mom Gifts from her Husband

Gifts for New Moms From Husband

These push present ideas will make a new mom very happy whether she loves material, practical or sentimental gifts.

Gifts for a New Mom from a New Dad – Jewelry

1 cttw Diamond Wedding Band 14K White Gold Channel

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Yes, this is the number one gift 99% of women want after they have given birth: a nice sparkly piece of jewelry.

A beautiful ring or necklace made from sterling silver or gold with diamonds that she can pass down one day.

Baby Footprint Personalized Sterling Silver Name Necklace. Customize with Child's Name, Date or Special Wording

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Or something more sentimental to mark the occasion like an engraved pendant or bracelet. Whatever you decide make sure it’s a quality piece, so she can treasure it forever.

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Meal Delivery Service

Gifts for New Mom From New Dad - Meal Delivery


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With a new baby in the house, the new moms world will be upside down. She’s tired, frazzled and sore, so unless you’re able to prepare healthy meals give her a subscription to a deliver service like Freshly.

Freshly delivers meal that are nutritious and not filled with sugar or other questionable ingredients. It’s a huge time saver, so yeah it’s a gift that you will benefit from too!

Cleaning Service

New Mom Gifts from Her Husband - Cleaning Service


Cooking and cleaning the house while nursing is to much for a new mom. Hire someone to clean the house for a few weeks, so she can stop stressing out over these things.

Pampering Gift for New Moms

Pampering Gifts for New Moms


A gift certificate for a massage or 2 or a day at the spa makes a great pampering gift for a new mom. Meanwhile, you can have some daddy/baby bonding time.

Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SX540 Digital Camera w/ 50x Optical Zoom - Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled

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When you’re nursing and nurturing a baby, time just flies by in a big haze. Capture those important moments with a quality camera instead of a blurry smartphone camera.

She will love that you captured those precious memories during those first few weeks, so pick up that camera and snap away.

New Mom Personalized Photo Frame

New Mom Personalized Photo Frame


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Frame mom and baby’s first photo in a special keepsake frame like this one. Choose from 4 quotes and add 2 names to make this a special gift that she will love and cherish.

Rocking Chair and Ottoman

Rocking Chair and Ottoman


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A rocking chair is a wonderful addition to the nursery as it’s a comfy place for mom to nurse your baby, or just rock the little bub to sleep.

The rocking motion is very comforting and soothing, both for mother and child.

Self Care Basket


New Mom Self Care Pack


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There is nothing a woman loves more than a self-care as it will make her smell and feel beautiful.

Get her some cleansing oils, hand cream, shower gel and body cream to make her feel pampered and to restore the glow after the stress her body has been through.

Mommy Coffee Mug

Mommy Needs More Coffee Mug, Great Gift for a New Mom,

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If she’s been skipping or reducing caffeine during her pregnancy, she’ll look forward to the first cuppa in her new role as a mom.

A fun coffee mug like this one will get her smiling and it’s a sweet gift if she’s still in hospital.


If you can take some time off from work to help your wife with the baby and to also bond with the little one. Time is precious and flies by so fast that in a few months you will wonder what happened.

So live in the now and make sure you fully enjoy it. Be the best dad you can ever be!

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Gifts for New Moms From Husband - Gifts for a New Mom from a New Dad

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