21 Adorable Gifts for Hedgehog Lovers

You can never accuse a hedgehog of being soft and cuddly, yet there’s something about them that makes them so adorable and much loved. If you’re looking for cool gifts for hedgehog lovers, you’ve come to the right place.

Featured below we have some cool, cute, cheap and funny hedgehog gift ideas. Enjoy!

1. Spunky Hedgehog Plush

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While you can’t cuddle a real hedgehog, this plush version is really soft and fluffy.

2. Watercolor Hedgehog Pillow Case


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A classy pillow that looks great in any home decor style. It’s made from cotton and linen with a hedgehog painting on it.

3. Hedgehog Airpod Case


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A perfect case to protect Airpods from dust, scratches and shocks. Suitable for Airpods 1  & 2.

4. Hedgehog Slippers


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These slippers are really comfy thanks to the memory foam and look so adorable!

Suitable for men. women and kids.

5. “I’m Just A Little On Hedge Today” Mug


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This mug is fun to look at and a great size for coffee, tea or chocolate.

6. Hedgehog Ceramic Travel Mug


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The commute to work just become a whole more fun and interesting. This mug keeps a beverage warm for hours and fits into car cup holders.

We love the cute hedgehog with his bright red tie and glasses.

7. Hedgehog Journal


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For the person who loves hedgehogs and journalling, this journal is a must-have! It’s sturdy with thick pages (no bleeding) and has a great design.

8. Hedgehog Necklace


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This hedgehog necklace makes a beautiful fashion accessory. It’s also the perfect gift for a 15th wedding anniversary (crystal)!

9. Hedgehog Cookie Cutter


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A cute gift for the person who loves to bake cookies! This hedgehog cookie cutter is sturdy and made in the USA.

10. Calico Critters Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family


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The Calico Critters are very popular with kids and this Hedgehog family is no exception.

This family of 4 are so cute, have fluffy hair and moveable head, legs and arms.

11. Hedgehog Hideout


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Someone who owns a hedgehog will appreciate a gift that’s for their pet like this hedgehog hideout.

It’s a comfortable and warm home that pets love to snuggle in.

12. Southern Attitude Shirt

Southern Attitude Hedgehog Classy But Rough Around The Edges Coral T-Shirt


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A fun coral shirt with a small hedgehog at the front and a large one at the back that says: “Classy But Rough Around The Edges”

13. Hedgehog Statue


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This adorable hedgehog statue looks great in the garden or indoors.

14. Beware of Hedgehog Vintage Metal Sign


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We’re not sure this metal sign will keep the bad guys out, but people reading this will be in stitches anyways!

15. Baby Blanket


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This hedgehog blanket makes a sweet baby shower gift. It’s made from a soft and warm fabric with Sherpa backing and measures 30 by 40 inches.

16. Hedgehog Backpack


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This waterproof back is super roomy, comfy and suitable for a variety of activities including school, hiking and shopping.

17. Woodland Nursery Wall Art

Woodland Animals Nursery Wall Art Prints | Hedgehog Wall Art


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Another cutesy gift for a baby shower is this Woodland nursery wall art. You’ll get 6 quality prints in soft pastel colors that measure 8 by 10 inch each.

18. Flower Pot

Hedgehog Flower Pot | Housewarming gift for hedgehog lovers


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These flower pots are so beautiful and so creative. They make a great housewarming gift for a hedgehog lover.

19. Hedgehog Mat


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This sturdy hedghog mat makes whiping your feet much more fun!

20. Hedgehog Trinket Dish


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A beautiful catch-all tray with hedgehog design that holds jewelry, keys, paperclips and more.

21. Hedgehog Shower Curtain


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Shower in style with this shower curtain with Woodland animals. Available in 3 sizes.

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