Lenox Holiday Dinner Plates

Can this be more Christmas-y? These Lenox Holiday Dinner Plates are like fine china from times long gone by. The six dinner plates make a wonderful set, the legendary holly design and the classy gold accents make it a true Christmas winner!

Lenox 835217 Holiday Dinner Plate Set, Buy 3 Get 6



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This will be the beginning of a fantastic holiday tradition. Whether you start with the Lenox Christmas dishes and add a few pieces every year or start with the complete setting. The Lenox Christmas dishes are also perfect for special occasions like Thanksgiving.

The dishes are dishwasher safe but can’t be used in the microwave. That’s because you can’t put anything metal in a microwave and these dishes have 24 Karat gold accents.

All Lenox Christmas china comes with the famous lifetime breakage replacement guarantee. It’s pure American craftsmanship, made in the USA for over 125 years.

Lenox 835217 Holiday Dinner Plate Set, Buy 3 Get 6



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Lenox Holiday Dinner Plates Features

  • 6 Lenox Holiday dinner plates
  • 10.5″ D
  • Crafted of bone china
  • 24 Karat gold accents
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Don’t put in the microwave
  • Comes with the Lenox lifetime breakage replacement program
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Makes a fantastic present, highly collectible

The Lenox Holiday Dinner Plates are also available in other settings. Find them all here!

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